AU So basically this story takes place after Leo and Piper are married. Andy is still alive. Paige is 16 instead of 17 in this story and we know what happened when she was that age. This story takes place a few months after Leo and Piper get married in mid season 3. At the moment in the story we are let's say in between episodes. I haven't decided if Prue will die at the end of season 3. This first chapter is all in third person point of view.

Chapter 1

It was the first time in weeks that the sister had been able to spend a bonding day together. Just to hang out and have some fun. They were laughing and taking a walk when they heard the screech of tires on the road. A teenage girl orbed out of the car right before it got hit.

She had dark hair, and was wearing jeans and an olive green top, landed rolling on the pavement slowly rolling to a stop.

"She orbed!" Piper exclaimed. The girl screamed and got up to run to the car that was in flames. Piper tried to freeze her but she remained unaffected. Prue rushed into action grabbing the girl around her waist holding her back.

"No! No! Let me go! Let me go! Ah! Let me go! I need to save them" The girl struggled to get free but Prue was stronger and held her tight.

"Mom! Dad! No, no, no! No, no! Come back, come back!" she screamed again tears streaming down her face.

"NO! LET ME GO!" the girl continued to scream. She shrunk to the ground, Prue didn't let go of her, she continued to cry and she comforted her rocking the girl back and forth, she shook as she cried.

"Piper, call Andy," Prue said. The police squad cars had already started to arrive along with a fire truck and ambulance. When Andy arrived Piper explained the situation. The firefighters started spraying the car down. The girl screamed.

"No! My parents are in there! You have to save them!" She tried getting out of Prue's grasp but it didn't work. Andy saw the girl try to get out of her grasp.

"So is she a witch?" he asked Piper.

"We don't know, but she's an innocent. We'll protect her; can you please cover up for us?"

"No problem," he said going back to talk to the other cops.

Prue asked the girl what her name was but all she did was let out a whimper and started to cry again. Prue rubbed her back making shushing sounds. The girl soon fell asleep in Prue's arms. Piper called for Leo and he orbed them to the Manor. He gently put her on the couch, Piper and Phoebe sat in adjacent arm chairs while Prue sat on the couch.

"Prue, she orbed and she wouldn't freeze, who-what is she?" Piper asked.

"Piper! She's not a what, ask Leo if he can ask the Elders if a whitelighter couldn't know they are one," Prue said. Piper called for Leo and gave him a cliff notes version of what happened; he soon left to talk to the Elders.

"What are we going to do about her? What do we know? How will we protect her?" Piper asked.

"She orbed out of that car when it crashed, we can use a crystal cage, if she's a witch then we can train her, to stay away from demons at all costs," Prue said.

"Prue she's a teenager, she won't listen to us and besides she'll think we're nuts!" Phoebe said.

"The Elder's don't know anything, sorry," Leo said returning.

"I think it's time we summon Grams," Prue said.

"Leo, watch her will you," Piper said as the sisters headed toward the attic. Fifteen minutes later Grams arrived in a swirl of lights.

"Girls," Grams said hugging them.

"Grams, do you know anything about a whitelighter, not knowing who they are?" Prue asked.

"No, I haven't what's this about?"

"We found a girl; she's on the couch asleep downstairs. She orbed out of a car when it crashed," Prue said.

Recognition flashed across her face.

"Grams, what do you know?" Piper asked.

"I don't know anything," Grams lied.

"Grams, you're a horrible liar," Piper said.

"I can't tell you anything, I've been sworn to secrecy," she said.

"By whom?" Phoebe asked. Before Grams could answer there was a scream downstairs.

Prue was the first to get downstairs. She saw the girl holding a lamp as a defensive weapon.

"Who are you? Where are my parents?" she asked turning to Prue.

"I'm Prue, and these are my sisters; Piper and Phoebe. That's Leo he's Piper's husband. We won't hurt you, you can put the lamp down," Prue said edging closer to her. She still held the lamp up and she started backing away.

"Where are my parents?" she asked again.

"We'll tell you but we need to know your name first," Piper said.

"Why should I trust you?" she asked.

"You were asleep on our couch, unharmed," Phoebe said.

"My name is Paige," she said still holding the lamp.

"Paige what?" Phoebe asked.

"Paige Matthews," Paige said, "Where are my parents?"

"Sit down first," Prue said getting closer to Paige. She didn't back away this time but she lowered the lamp.

"Why?" Paige asked.

"It'll be better if you're sitting down," Prue said.

"They're- They're dead aren't they?" Paige asked her voice cracking. Prue guided her to the couch as the news sunk in.

"I'm so sorry," Prue said.

"But I don't I don't- the car please you- you have to take me back there I can still save them," Paige said.

"Paige you can't," Prue said.

"You don't understand, please I can still save them," Paige begged.

"Paige they're dead, you can't do anything," Prue said. Tears started forming in Paige's eyes.

"You're lying," Paige said, "They can't be dead." The tears started to fall as Prue pulled her into a hug.

"Why am I here?" Paige asked looking around after crying.

"Let's just say it's somewhere safe" Phoebe said. Paige just nodded lying back down on the couch.

"Are you the cops or social services or what?" she asked them.

"Our job is to protect the innocent, I'm Phoebe," Phoebe said sitting at Paige's feet, her (Paige's) head was on Prue's shoulder.

"Then why are my parents dead? They're innocent, I'm the reason they're dead," she said crying.

"That's not true," Piper said.

"How do you know? You weren't in the car, you weren't fighting with them, I was too late," she said her voice rising.

"It'll be okay," Piper said.

"No, no it won't," Paige said bringing her knees up to her chest, putting her face into them crying. Grams came downstairs and saw the sisters and Leo surrounding the crying girl. Patty followed her. When Patty saw Paige her heart broke. She slipped past her mom and Prue let her take her place sitting next to Paige. Paige soon fell back asleep.

"Girls," Patty said, the sisters and Leo all looked at her.

"Paige is your sister," she said.

"What?" Prue said.

"Well your half-sister," Grams said.

"But by my half, so she's a sister witch," Patty said.

"You kept a sister from us?" Prue asked standing up.

"It was for her own protection," said Patty.

"If the Elders found out, we feared you'd be denied you're birthright as witches," said Grams.

"Piper before you and Leo a whitelighter and witch was forbidden but a child was unthinkable," Patty said.

"So because of our powers a sister was kept secret? Her parents just died! I honestly don't think she'll be welcoming of a new family," Piper said.

"But she'll learn her birthright and you can be keep her safe," Grams said.

"What about the Elders?" Leo asked.

"They won't take her away will they?" Phoebe asked grabbing on to Paige.

"We don't know yet, we don't even know if they know about her," Grams said.

"Piper when she wakes up again, she'll be hungry can you go make her some soup?" Prue asked.

"Yeah, Pheebs can you come help?" Piper asked.

"Why?" she asked.

"Come on Phoebe," Grams said leaving the room with Phoebe following Piper.

"Paige has another family, how are we going to fight the legal system, or even prove that we're her own family?" Prue asked.

"There are documents and there's always magic," Patty said.

"Where are they?" she asked.

"Right here," she said as two pieces of paper flashed into her hands. Prue read them over.

"So she's sixteen then? Have you watched her from up there?" Prue asked.

"She's had a very rough start. She'll turn herself around I'm sure," Patty said.

"So is she into drinking, smoking, sex?" Prue asked.

"Smoking and drinking at the moment, she's done some vandalism," Patty said.

"What about sex? Any boyfriends?" Prue asked.

"She's had some boyfriends, none right now though. Her best friend is a guy name Glenn. The sex though, I have no clue you'll have to find out for yourself," Patty said.

"She looks so… broken," Prue said watching her baby sister sleep.

"She's in for a long road. You'll do fine though," Patty said. Paige began to stir.

"Hey, you have a good rest?" Prue asked.

"Um Yeah, I should be going though. I've caused you enough trouble," she said getting off the couch. She saw Patty.

"Hi, who are you?" Paige said yawning a little.

"Someone from your past," she said.

"Oh, well bye," she said.

"Where do you think you're going? You're not leaving," Prue said.

"My parents will start to," she started to say, "I have to go." Prue grabbed hold of her and took her back to the couch.

"Not until you eat something. We, my sisters and I, have something to tell you," she said.

Piper, Phoebe, and Grams came in with a tray of soup, tea, and some crackers.

"I'm not hungry," Paige said. Sadness filled her, why should she eat?

"You'll feel better if you eat," Piper said,

"Nothing can make me feel better," she said.

"Well have some tea, please," Piper said. Paige gingerly took the cup. She slowly took a sip. She drank a bit more as the sisters watched her. Soon the tea was gone; Paige ate the crackers but didn't have any soup.

"Paige this might come as a bit of a shock okay?" Prue asked. Paige didn't nod or say anything she just looked at Prue.

"You're our half- sister," she said.

"No, I'm an only child," Paige said, "I'm adopted, but I don't have any siblings."

"Here," Prue said handing Paige the adoption paper, "Our last name is Halliwell." Paige absorbed the information.

"I just want my parents," Paige said tears spilling down her face.

"I know sweetie," Prue said. A demon shimmered in and threw a fireball at Paige, who orbed out in fear. Prue deflected the fireball to the demon, who burst into flames. Paige orbed back in complete fear.

"What are you?" Paige asked standing up.

"We're witches and so are you," Prue said looking at Paige.

"I'm leaving." Paige said.

"Leo!" Piper called. He orbed in front of Paige who was at the door. She jumped back shocked. Paige darted to the back of the house trying to find another door or window but Leo orbed right when she found opened a window. She let out a small cry of fear covering her mouth with her hand. Prue was behind her in seconds to catch her as she tripped backwards. Paige swung around and backed away from her. In doing so she stumbled and fell to the ground.

"Stay away from me," Paige said.

"Paige we aren't going to hurt you," Prue said kneeling in front of her.

"Just let me go home," she said, "Please."

"Paige you're safer here," Prue said.

"Then who the hell was that? The one who just attacked?" Paige asked.

"We'll explain that, just come sit down," Prue said. Paige sat on the couch, Phoebe handed Paige some water.

"You have a power just like we do," Phoebe said.

"A power? What was that thing that threw that fire thing at me?" she asked.

"That was a demon, and what he threw was a fireball. You orbed out before it could hit you and I used my power to deflect it at him," Prue said.

"So he's gone?" Paige asked.

"Yes but unfortunately there are more," Piper said. Paige pulled a blanket, that which on the couch, around her.

"I have a power? I don't want a power," she said, "I just want to go home."

"Paige this is your home now," Phoebe said.

"Home is a place I know, with people I know, like my parents," she said, "I don't want to be a witch. It saved me but it didn't save my parents."

"Paige everything happens for a reason," Grams said.

"Then why didn't magic save my parents?" Paige asked, "I'm the reason they're dead!"

"Paige you are not the reason they're dead," Prue said.

"Yes I am, if I hadn't had," Paige started to say, as she was reliving the moment before the crash and started crying.

"It'll be okay," Patty said holding her youngest daughter as she shook crying.

"Is there anyone we can call?" Prue asked.

"My friend Glenn," she said. Prue picked up the phone as Paige told her the number.


"Hi, this is Prue Halliwell. I'm a friend of Paige."

"Is she okay? I heard what happened? The police said she got out all right but nothing more."

"She's safe."

"I'll come and get her," he said, Prue heard a sound of keys and a door opening.

"She's safe here," Prue said.

"Can I talk to her please?"

"I don't think that," Prue started to say but Paige snatched the phone out of her in a swift motion.


"Paige, I'm so glad you're safe."

"Please come get me," she said.

"Where are you?"

"I don't know. Um The Halliwell," Paige was saying before Prue grabbed the phone and turned it off.

"Hey!" Paige said.

"Paige you're safe here," Prue said.

"A demon came and tried to kill me. That's not exactly what I call safe," she said.

"You orbed out though, and we were here. What would you do out in public? Run? Demons are faster. Orb? There's the exposure risk. Being around Glenn could put you both in danger," Prue said. She knew she sounded harsh but Paige let the words sink in.

"I can't see Glenn again?" she asked.

"We never said that, you can but here. Just for now don't leave the Manor," Piper said, "Do you want that soup now?"

"No, I'm not hungry. I just want to be alone," she said.

"You can stay in my room for now. Until we can get your room set up okay?" Prue said. Prue guided Paige up to her room. Paige sat on the bed not wanting to say anything. Prue asked her if she wanted anything to drink but Paige merely nodded no. The rest of the night was quiet. Grams, Patty, and Leo left to talk with the Elders while Phoebe, Prue, and Piper talked about bringing Paige back into the family legally.

"Can we call Andy to help out?" Phoebe asked.

"We'll need a lawyer but I'm sure there is something he can do to help," Prue said.

"There's always magic, it's not exactly personal gain to use it," Piper said.

"We'll have to wait to see what the Elders say too," Prue said, "We can work with legal documents and everything while they're up there."

"Do you really think they wouldn't allow Paige to stay with us?" Phoebe asked.

"They're the Elders, we can't do much, though I'm sure Grams will have her say," Piper said.

"I'll stay down here in case Paige comes down," Prue said.

"Good night Prue," Phoebe and Piper both said as they went upstairs.

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