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In the quietness of the huge library, the sounds of feet going up the stairs echoed. Kujo ran up the long, spiraling staircase to the only colour filled room in the bleak brown and tan place. The room with flourishing green plants, beautiful blooming flowers, and the one reason he ever went up and down these steps, the one person he spent his time with, and the only person who had the sweetest tooth he'd ever seen.

Kujo took those last couple steps and looked to the center of the round balcony where he saw a pool of gold. He ignored the way his heart beat when he saw her porcelain perfect face. The way her Emerald green eyes sparkled at the piece of candy she held in her small hands. And he ignored the way her nose looked like a cute button and her perfectly plump, red lips looked so soft.

"How long are you going to stand there?"

Kujo jumped, blushing as he realized she had been staring at him. He awkwardly scratched the back of his head and moved so he was standing right next to her. "Gomen. I was just.." He looked away. "Nevermind"

She raised an inquiry eyebrow.

'DING' The elevator doors opened, revealing the one person brave enough to walk around in public with his hair like that. "Good Morning my priecous baby sister!" Grevil almost sang and quickly wallowed Victorique up in a hug.

Never before had Kujo been so glad to see Grevil than now. He sighed in relief, catching the man's attention.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me" Grevil said, releasing his half sister. He backed a couple steps away and his face turned serious. "I need you two to help me out with this case I got a few days ago"

"Why don't you try doing it for a change?" Kujo asked. Grevil frowned.

"I have and I didn't get far. But this case will pay a lot of money so we need to solve it and quickly"

Victorique yawned. "I guess this will subdue my boredom for a couple of hours"

Grevil's face broke in a grin as he slowly inched back to the elevator. "Good! There's one thing I forgot to mention. The crime scene is in Paris"

"WHAT?" Kujo's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. He had the nerve to say 'no', that he wasn't going but he didn't get a chance before Grevil slipped in the elevator and the doors started to close.

"The information and tickets are on the table!" Grevil got out as the doors shut tight and the elevator started moving down.

"WAIT-" But he was gone. Kujo sighed and turned to the table with a light coloured folder laying atop it. He picked it up and shifted through the papers when two tickets fluttered to the ground. He picked them up. "He wasn't kidding"

"When is the flight?" Victorique asked coming up beside Kujo, sending a wave of orange mangos through his nostrils. He just barely was able to keep himself from stuttering.

"At 11:35 tomorrow morning"

She nodded and walked back to her piles of stacked books and candy wrappers. He followed her over and sat, criss-crossed beside her.

"You're serious about going?" He asked her, doubtfully. She yawned.

"Yes I am. This isn't the only place that needs chaos re-constructed, Kujo"

"I know, but going all the way through France to Paris for just another case. It seems a bit much"

She fixated her eyes on him. "We are going"

He opened his mouth to protest, but the way she looked at him said otherwise. He reluctantly sighed. "Fine" Then he saw class was about to start. "I have to get to class. I'll meet you here at 9:30 tomorrow to go to the airport, so make sure your completely packed by then"

Victorique nodded and popped a piece of candy in her mouth. She watched his running figure get smaller and smaller until he disappeared. She let her eyes linger on the place he was for just a moment before tearing them away and back on to the book in front of her.

The next morning like he promised, Kujo arrived at the library at exactly 9:30. He made sure to get up extra early that morning so he could notify the teacher he wouldn't be coming to class for some days, covering up 'Why's' with 'I'm coming down with a cold'. Either they didn't really care or just believe almost anything, either way, they bought it. He left his luggage at the door, not even attempting to bring them up the interlacing staircases, and made his way to the top.

His body stopped short after the last step with shock. A large pile of suitcases were grouped in the center of the floor, but no Victorique.

"Victorique!" He called out. The blonde came out from around the corner, pulling another big suitcase with her.

"What is all this?" He asked.

"Ah, you told me to pack and I did"

"I didn't tell you to pack the entire library!"

"And I didn't" She said, placing the suitcase with the others. "These are all packed with essencials"

"We can't bring all of them on the plane, your only allowed two free carry-ons and three undercarriage bags" He exasperately explained.

"Two? That won't do" She said, looking at the pile.

"Pick out two that you can bring on the plane, and two your okay to put underneath"

She contemplated her options. "How much does it cost to bring extra?"

"Wha.? With what money are you going to pay with?"

She realized his point and frowned. He chuckled as she looked like she was pouting. Was that a blush he saw graze her cheeks?

"Look, I'll pay for two more, so you can pick out four. Okay?"

Victorique cracked a small smile at him and it melted his heart. After sometime of careful re-packing, the two were off on their way to the airport. It took nearly thirty minutes but they finally arrived at the airport. Kujo payed the taxi driver and helped get the bags out of the trunk.

He loaded them on a cart and followed Victorique as she led the way to the desk. When it was their turn they lady behind the white counter greeted them with a warm smile.

"Good morning, how are you folks today?" She asked, showing her white, straight teeth in her smile.

"Good, thanks" Kujo politely replied. He handed her the tickets while a man checked the baggage in. Her mousy brown hair bounced on her shoulder as she expertly tapped away on the screen fixed in front of her. Her hazel eyes glanced between Kujo and Victorique before something printed out and caught her attention. The man finished their last bag as the lady scribbled something on their tickets.

"Here you go, all set. Enjoy your honeymoon" The woman said with a wink. Kujo blushed and glanced down to Victorique but her bangs blocked her face from his view. He opted to say they weren't on a honeymoon, they weren't even dating, but a small tug on his sleeve made him grumble something to himself before saying a thank you to the nice lady.

Security took a little longer than intended, and Kujo groaned in frustration when he saw their gate was on the other side of the terminal and they had a little less than five minutes to reach it.

"We're gonna have to run" He commented, already starting. Victorique's eyes bulged slightly but she didn't have time to say anything before he was out of ear shot. She took a hold of her dress in both hands and chased after her Springtime Reaper.

A couple gates away from their terminal, she was out of breath and panting hard. She stopped and put her hands on her knees, causing Kujo to stop as well.

"What's wrong?" He asked, his voice full of concern for her. She shook her head.

"I can't breath. I think I need to take a little break" She breathed out. He glanced between her and the gate and shook his head.

"We don't have time" He said, grabbing her forearm and helping her run the rest of the way. He kept an eye on her out of the corner of his eye and noticed her cheeks were red, but he assumed it was because of the constant running. They reached their gate in time and were the last to board the plane. Their seats were side-by-side on the big airplane, with a window seat, which automatically went to Victorique. Kujo didn't mind really. He had a more beautiful view sitting next to him than looking out the window, but he'd never tell her that's the reason why.

They sat down and their breathing was rigid, faces were flushed, and the biggest smile on Kujo's face. "Ah, we made it!" He said.

Around 5 o'clock, a stuwardess walked down the aisle with a cart. When she reached them, her smile that appeared was noticeably fake.

"What can I get you two to eat?" She asked.

"Um, I'll take the chicken parmesan dinner" Kujo told her, and she nodded before looking to Victorique for an answer.

"What do you want to eat?" He whispered to her. Her eyes continued to scan over the menu until she looked up at the woman waiting intently.

"Do you have any candy?"

Kujo facepalmed.

"I'm sorry we don't" She replied.

He looked over the menu and suggested the fettucine alfredo. Victorique's eyes slightly light up and she nodded. Soon their meals were placed in front of them, along with Kujo's gingerale and Victorique's water. He had eaten through half his dinner when he glanced over at her. She had a couple noodles in her mouth, trying to suck them in, the tip of one flew up and landed on her nose, leaving a bit of the alfredo sauce on it. He chuckled.

Kujo picked up one of his napkins and reached out to wipe it off. She pouted at him a little, making him blush slightly in return.

By the time 11 o'clock rolled in, they had been finished with their meals and the stuardess and been by to give them blankets and two pillows. Kujo was watching a movie on the small T.V screen in the back of the seats in front of them, when he felt a light thud on his shoulder. He took the ear plugs out and turned to see Victorique fast asleep with her head laying on his left shoulder. Suddenly he decided to turn the screen off and he shifted into a more comfortable position, careful not to wake Victorique.

He watched as her brows furrowed, and her eyes would twitch, he thought she was having a bad dream. He smiled lovingly when he gently tangled his fingers through her long hair and saw her features relax, a content sigh escaping her lips.

"Goodnight my Golden Fairy" He whispered in her ear.

The next morning, Victorique slowly stirred from her peaceful sleep. She didn't want her magical dream to end. Reluctantly, she opened her eyes and instantly a crimson blush took control of her cheeks. She darted up, realizing she must have snuggled up to Kujo sometime in the night.

She tried to look away but her eyes were glued to him. His hair was messy, but not in a bad way, and he looked in absolute serenity. The truth was, she never cared about doing this so her half brother would get more money or that it would cure her never ending boredom. The whole reason she insisted was because it meant she and Kujo would be going somewhere far from that library, together... alone. No Avril, no Grevil, no one. Just them two.

Her attention was directed to a voice that sounded through the airplane. "Attention ladies and gentlemen. Bonjour and welcome to Paris, France. We will be beginning our descent in a little while so please..-" She tuned the rest out. They were here. As if she didn't believe the person talking, Victorique looked out the window and a smile grew on her face. She turned around and smack Kujo with a book to wake him up.

"We're here! Look" She pointed out the window. Kujo shook his head to rid him of the sleep that lingered and looked out the window. They stared in awe at the Eiffel Tower.

Kujo looked at her. "Welcome to France, Victorique!"