Hello, Devil Survivor fandom! This spawned from a rally drabble I'm doing with my friend, so it's really short.

Solitary Freedom
By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: General
Rating: G
Characters: MC, Naoya
Story Type: Drabble

Summary: It's not in your nature to be hateful, but for once, you wish you can be.

Disclaimer: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor is the intellectual property of Atlus.

Spoilers: Eh, my little headcanon for after Naoya's/Kaido's route.

Notes: This is from Toki's prompt: "demons."

You stare at the COMP, watching it flicker like a television not receiving its satellite signals correctly. It's now an obsolete machine, but you keep it by you for old time's sake. Someone approaches you quietly, standing behind your throne, but you don't notice until a hand is on your shoulder. You look up, and Naoya's deceivingly kind face swims into vision.


The older man nods in response, otherwise silent. You wonder what kind of thoughts are running through his mind right now, but it is impossible to see past that passive mask. You don't try hard anyway, because Naoya has the ability to make you squirm uncomfortably in a matter of seconds, under that observing gaze of his.

At Naoya's urging and aid, you overthrow God and become the Overlord, controlling demons at your beck and call. Life becomes different, the first evident sign being your social circle diminishing; people are terrified of you, no matter how you insist and defend your unchanging values. It becomes terrifyingly lonely, until Naoya comes around to draw you out of your shell.

A spark of hate and reluctance fires up inside you when Naoya is acting the role of a good guy, because you know he's the cause of everything right now. He is the reason why you are powerless with all this power, alone amidst demons and humans and angels. You feel you should hate him. You know you should.

Yet you can't, because despite being his pawn in his plans and his enemy right from the start, he's all you have left.

- Owari -

Authoress' Notes: Devil Survivor is such a difficult fandom to write for. D: