A/N: So I've seen this plotline done before but I've always wanted to try it for myself. Here's my best go.


"Crap, my head is on fire."

"Move your feet Wally, you're hurting me!"

"Is everyone alright?"

"Does anyone know what happened?"

"Shut up!" Robin finally hissed. He carefully scanned the room around them. "We're in some sort of holding cell; we need to figure a way out of here."

"Holding cell? How did this happen? We would have noticed someone kidnapping us." Miss Martian wondered aloud.

"That's not what matters now. What matters now is that we get out of here alive." Aqualad studied the room closely. "Robin, hacking and escape techniques are your area of expertise. Do you have any thoughts on our current situation?" He asked. The team looked to their youngest member.

"I'm trying now but this one's tricky. It's almost exactly like Bat- got it." The cell's doors slid open and the six youths darted to freedom. "I'm working on the alarms but there's no way of knowing if they haven't already been set off." Robin warned.

"Then we keep moving." Artemis reached behind her expectantly only to find that her bow and arrows were missing. "Crap, I'm unarmed!"

"We'll make due." Aqualad said in his usually calm tone. They continued moving through the dark, carful to remain in sight of each other.

"Uh guys? We may not be getting back home as simply as we thought." Wally said. They had finally reached a window.

"Oh my god." He heard one of the girls gasp. They could clearly see the shape of the Earth orbiting so far away from them. They were in space.

Robin had managed to pull up a basic floor plan and hesitantly lead them through the maze of hallways and corridors.

"From the looks of this, there's a flight hanger in the north. We get there, we jack a ship and we jet outta here." He said. The team agreed that that was the best plan any of them had yet to come up with.

They got as close to the hanger as possible when their captors finally decided to put and end to their plans.

"After you break into our hideout you decide to just bail on us? How messed up is that?" They heard a familiar voice ask.

"Flash!" Wally cried. "Oh thank god, this is just some stupid training exercise that Bats is making us do." He almost seemed to be jumping for joy.

Robin however, had picked up on the older man's apparent confusion.


"Flash, you were supposed to take them back to the holding cell, not carry on a conversation." Batman came up behind the man clothed all in red, the other founders close behind him.

"Batman! Why are you putting us in a prison?" Artemis demanded angrily.

"Guys? Something is seriously wrong." They noticed Robin slowly backing away. "I get the feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." The team began to back away from their would be mentors, the threat of captivity almost too distressing to bear.

"Hey now, no need to get defensive. If you'll remember, you're the ones the suddenly appeared here." Superman stepped forward trying to appear as nonthreatening as possible. They were just kids after all.

"Scatter and take defensive positions! They're not the League!" Robin shouted. Kid Flash grabbed Artemis and the two disappeared in a yellow and green blur. Miss Martian turned invisible and Superboy charged the man of steel.

"Get the others and get out of here!" He shouted. Robin and Aqualad both broke into a sprint, Superboy was indestructible, if any of them was able to handle himself, it was him.

To say Clark Kent was surprised would be an understatement. He'd been enjoying a nice meal with the other founders when the six children had appeared seemingly out of thin air. Before a fight could even be fought, the youths had suddenly fallen into an unconscious state which bewildered them all. Batman had insisted on putting them in a holding cell until further notice. None of them had expected them to escape so easily.

So when the one wearing the all too familiar S shield charged him and managed to tackle him to the ground, Clark could barely contain his shock. He quickly regained his head and managed to throw the teen off him.

"Get after the others! I'll stay with this one!" He shouted. Flash took off after the yellow speedster, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern took after the green girl. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Hawk Girl chased after the last two.

Wally could feel the man dressed as his uncle gaining on him. He had to get Artemis to safety or at least find her bow. He knew she wasn't defenseless without it but she sure as heck was a lot better off with it.

"KF!" He heard Artemis yell at the top of her lungs. "Turn back, I saw my bow!" Wally didn't respond but turned around to show he'd heard. Artemis managed to direct him back to where he was sure they'd the started. Everything looked so much different with the lights on.

"There, there it is!" Wally snatched the bow off the wall and passed it behind him. "You can let me off, just slow down enough for me to tuck and roll. Set me up right in front him, Wally and I may be able to hit him."

"Got it! Get ready!" Artemis braced herself and as soon as she felt Wally slow, she slipped off his back and fell hard into position. She swung her bow up and released a flurry of arrows.

Flash had not expected the girl to jump, nor had he expected the sudden barrage of razor sharp arrows to come flying his way. He was able to dodge all but one which sliced deep into his left arm as it flew by. Still, he kept his footing as he passed the girl and continued his pursuit of the boy.

M'gann did not wish to fight her uncle J'onn, even if it really wasn't her uncle, she still had no desire to fight him. She stayed towards the shadows carful to conceal herself as she searched for a ship. They needed a way off the deathtrap satellite.

"There you are. Your camouflage requires work." She heard the man with her uncle's voice say. Miss Martian let down her invisibility and stared at the two men before her.

"Don't fight, we don't want to hurt you." The Green Lantern said.

M'gann touched her fingers to her temples and began a mental assault. The Green Lantern cringed under the force but the Martian did not.

'You are strong, no doubt. But you are raw and untrained.' He thought to her. M'gann tried to block him out of her mind but cracked under the sheer power of the older man's assault. She promptly lost consciousness.

"Robin, the others?" Aqualad shouted. He matched Hawk Girl blow for blow.

"I've lost Miss M and KF's down but the others seem fine!" Robin shouted back. He continued to dodge both Batman and Wonder Woman, jumping from rafter to rafter.

"He won't stay still!" Wonder Woman cried exasperatedly.

"Keep on him, he can't keep it up forever." Batman watched the boy skillfully dodge one of his batarangs with a gymnast's finesse. The boy seemed to know every move before Bruce made it, none of his gadgets were a surprise.

"Aqualad, Superboy's down!" Robin leaped past Wonder Woman and clean through Batman's legs. "We have to jet, now!" Suddenly, and arrow came flying only to be deflected by Wonder Woman's bracelets.

"I found a jet, let's get outta here!" Artemis took off past them. Robin and Aqualad followed. The three of them would have to regroup later. Maybe they could get Roy's help.

"I think that's quite enough." Unexpectedly, they were engulfed in green light and levitated off the ground.

"No way you're a legit Green Lantern." Artemis hissed.

"I assure you, I am in fact 'legit'." John said.

"This kid is fast, like ridiculously fast. It took me forever to get close enough to grab him." Barry Allen entered the main room of the Watchtower with the younger boy thrown over his shoulder.

"KF!" Robin shouted in alarm. J'onn soon appeared with Miss Martian and Superman with Superboy.

"You look worn out. He must have given you a run for your money." Hawk Girl commented.

"He just wouldn't go down."

"This is that last time we'll ask nicely. Identify yourselves and who you're working for Green Lantern commanded.

Robin and Aqualad glanced at each other before coming to a silent agreement.

"I am Aqualad, this is Robin and that is Artemis. You are holding Kid Flash, Miss Martian, and Superboy." He introduced.

"'Kid' Flash, whatda ya mean by that?" Flash asked.

"He is Flash's partner. They fight crime together." Aqualad explained.

"I don't have a partner kid. None of us do."

"You aren't the Flash. Our Flash would never attack his own nephew." Robin said. He carefully gauged the man's reaction.

"Nephew? I don't have a nephew." Flash said hesitantly.

"Oh he's just trying to get in your head." Green Lantern said.

"No I'm not, am I Barry?" There was silence in the room. The Boy Wonder instantly knew he'd been correct.

"How do you know my name?" Barry demanded crossly.

"You're my best friend's uncle. I've been to your house loads of times." Robin said. He studied the older man. "Kid Flash is your partner. You both work together in Central City."

"Perhaps it is magic. Maybe we should call Doctor Fate. He could tell us what is going on." Wonder Woman suggested.

"She could be right." J'onn agreed. "I will go call for him." He glanced at M'gann one last time before leaving. They would have a lot to discuss with the sorcerer when they saw him. There was simply no way the boy's story could be true. Right?