From my rally drabble I'm doing with my friend. This is really short!

Spousal Material
By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Characters: Kisa x Yukina
Story Type: Drabble
Summary: There's no shame in being pampered and loved.

Disclaimer: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi ~Kisa Shouta no baai~ is the intellectual property of Nakamura Shungiku.

Spoilers: Pretty much nothing at this point, since the anime and manga are on even footing; just fast forward to one year later.

Notes: This is from this week's theme: "kitchen".

Every time they have sex, Kisa always, always thanks his gods afterwards, despite being an anti-thesis of any religious ideals. It never fails to surprise him that he finds Yukina beside him in bed when he wakes up, even when they've settled into a steady relationship and such things should become natural. Yukina has more or less moved in with him, other than the days when he has to rush out his school assignments on campus.

Kisa feels a bit too pampered by someone nine years his junior, and at a sore age of 31, his pride refuses to let him get used to it. None of his previous relationships (if they can be called as such) have lasted long, never mind that he can wake up to a delicious meal. None of his previous partners ever cared about the romantic things. Both parties had approached each other with a touch-and-go attitude anyway.

That's why, when he wakes up and sees Yukina bustling around the kitchen in the apron (that he bought for him last birthday), his heart twists in all directions. Kisa feels loved, feels like he's being doted on, feels like there's something more he can do to make sure Yukina is reassured by his feelings – but at Yukina's smile, he's already done for.

Kisa shuffles to the counter and buries his face into the taller man's back. "I love you," he mouths slowly, letting the impressions sink into his partner. He's still shy, and it doesn't help that Yukina gives a low chuckle at his bashfulness and stops his cooking to treat him like what a true lover does.

- Owari -

Authoress' Notes: These two are just bowlfuls of mush, and I haven't done anything for Sekaiichi Hatsukoi yet, so here I am!