A/N: Hey guys! I'm still kinda new at this so be kind! This takes place right after 3x12 The Ties that Bind. I just thought since we have to wait until Feb 2nd for new episodes it would be fun to write a fic about what happens next. Hopefully you all enjoy this! Review Please!

It had been a long day to say the least. All the drama that went down in finding Bonnie's mom had really taken it out of me. Bonnie decided to stay at her mom's house in order to try to forge a bond with her and bring some of her magical abilities back, which left me taking her car back to my house. The drive was long and I was consumed by my thoughts. The same things kept running through my mind as if they were on repeat. The look on Stefan's face, in his eyes, when I confessed my betrayal to him.

I kissed Damon.

I saw his humanity rise up in his face, letting emotion escape, which left me with the slightest bit of hope. Not hope for us as a couple, but for him. Hope that he would one day revert back to the kind, honest, and caring man I knew him to be. But I refused to feel guilty after everything he put me through. Put everyone through. To a certain extent I think I was beginning to resent him.

Then there was Klaus. He was always a step ahead of us, and it was really beginning to enrage me. I could only hope that the text I sent to Damon warning him about Klaus gave him enough time to save the coffins. If Klaus got them again, we would have nothing...again. I worried for Bonnie too. I knew she was willing to risk her life for us, for me, just like last time. I just hope it doesn't come to that again. I hope her mom can help us. We need that coffin opened. But the real question was, who could possibly be inside?

I turned onto my street and just then realized the sun had gone down. I was absolutely drained. But finally I was home and could get some well deserved rest. I was dragging my almost lifeless body up the stairs of the front porch, and once I got my hand on the door knob a voice nearly made me jump out of my skin.

"So how was your day?" I rolled my eyes and turned to see Damon leaning up against the porch post smirking at me. "Very eventful to say the least, you?" "I've had better." Damon was always so suave. I sighed, knowing he wasn't going to like what I had to say next, "I told Stefan I kissed you." Damon smiled, "Yeah, I figured that when his right hook graciously collided with my face."

Great, Stefan didn't waste much time before retaliating.

I cringed, "I'm sorry Damon, but he needed to know." He took a smooth step forward while putting his hand through his hair, "Nah, I've had much worse in my day. Better him hear it from you than me anyway." He let that classic smirk cover his face, "I think we all know that wouldn't have turned out well. I definitely would have went about confessing my sins in a much more...entertaining way." He winked as the last words rolled effortlessly off his tongue. I couldn't help but crack a smile, "Damon..."

"Fine, I'll stop. But since we're on the topic of confessing, I've got something to tell you." I shivered at the thought that he wanted to have THAT conversation, "Damon, don't." "Don't get your panties in a twist, 'Lena, not where I was going." I let the tension leave my face then, relaxing and waiting for him to continue. "I got your text a little last minute, but I did manage to save one coffin before our friend Klaus made his appearance."

"The locked one." He nodded in agreeance. "There's more. I left him a little present for when he got the other coffins all back and settled." I felt my face begin to warm in anger, "Damon, what did you do?" "I undaggered Elijah." "YOU WHAT! Why would you do that?" "Don't worry Elena, I had a nice long talk with him before I gave him enough blood to actually be alive again. Elijah is more than willing to side with us. He's beyond disgusted with Klaus. He wants revenge. We can use him Elena...and even still he promised to keep you out of danger." He paused, shrugged nonchalantly, and let a cool smile shape his lips, "Plus, I wanted to be responsible for the look on Klaus' face when Elijah makes his grand entrance."

I smiled sleepily and then sighed, "I just hope we know what we're doing, that we can all make it through this." Before I could blink Damon was directly in front of me, his baby blue eyes pleading with mine. I found myself getting lost in them. He tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear then cupped my face with both of his hands, "Don't worry. We'll get through this, we always do, remember?" I saw the slightest hint of that crooked smile sneak on his face, and I couldn't help but smile back. I peeled his hands away from my face, but still held them in front of us. Then I did the most unexpected thing, I leaned up and gently kissed Damon's cheek. I smiled as I saw his face, excited by the fact that I was finally able to leave him in awe for once. "Goodnight Damon." And with that I turned and headed for the door, but before I went in I turned around, "And thank you, really, for everything." He smiled, "You're welcome, as always."

I never seem to get enough sleep these days, and the morning greeted me with just as much excitement...or lack there of, as the recently passed ones. I could tell the house was still empty from last night, the silence was deafening. I guess Ric never came home. He either crashed at his place or stayed with his knew lady friend. Either way I didn't care. I lazily got up from my warm bed, my hair falling down my sides in a long knotty mess. The sun coming through the windows had me squinting my way down the stairs and into the kitchen. I needed coffee. Once I was done getting the coffee brewing I turned and was shocked to see Damon sitting at the counter, "Hey there sleepyhead." I sighed, "What is it Damon, it's way to early for our petty banter." "You're just no fun in the early hours of the day are you?" I leaned over the counter across from him, cupping my chin in my hands and pouting, "Yeah, well you're never any fun."

"Someone's moody," He smirked, "And I could be a lot more fun than you ever know, princess." I sat back up and leaned against the sink, "Why are you here?" He spat out in a very matter-of-fact like tone, "Are you aware that your senior prom is coming up?" I rolled my eyes, "It's crossed my mind once or twice, haven't really put much thought into it though..." "So you think you're not going?" "Why, are you asking me to prom, because the answer is no." He stood then, his eyes gleaming and a smile appeared on his face, "I'm not asking. I don't care if I have to throw you over my shoulder and carry you there. And see, we've been that route before and you didn't seem to like it very much."

While he was ranting away I managed to fix myself a cup of coffee. I turned around to face him, taking a sip, "Really? I'd like to see you try." He was hovering over me in an instant. "Is that a challenge Elena, because we both know I can." I met him with an even more intense gaze and even dared to inch closer, "Really? Because I think you'd find it kinda difficult with my stiletto shoved up your..."

Just then a voice from the hall flowed smoothly in our direction, "I hate to interrupt this rather heated argument of yours, but I think it's time the three of us have a chat."

Damon and I both turned in the direction of the voice, and there, in the doorway stood Elijah. His stance was strong and his eyes were laced with seriousness.

"Elijah," I let his name quietly, yet smoothly, roll off my tongue as though I've seen a ghost.

He nods, "Nice to finally see you again, Elena."