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Jo smiled her usual charming smile as she stood in the door of Mac's office. He smiled when he saw her.

"Lunch?" she offered enjoying the slow day at work. They were warmly welcomed after more than a month of sleep deprivation and meal skipping.

"Sounds great, I know a place," he replied already reaching for his coat. His hand fell on her lower back fiving her goose bumps. This had been their playful relationship and it was growing more intense by the day. Especially most recently, since he had been there and held her in the back of the ambulance. She would forever be in his debt and he'd forever be in her heart.

He led her to the elevator and even admired her reflection in the glass. She was beautiful, completely and utterly beautiful. More than anything he wanted to pull her into him and kiss her. But he knew he couldn't. He knew better.

When the cold New York air hit her skin she immediately pulled her coat tighter around her and moved closer to Mac hoping to stay at least a little warmer. Putting an arm around her waist he also tried to help.

They nearly jogged around the corner until Mac pulled Jo into a small café and she shivered against him. "You know, when I decided to end my career with the FBI you think my hatred for cold would have sent me further south. I don't know what sent me here."

"Fate," Mac teased earning a knowing look from his female coworker.

As they took a seat in a booth by the window, Jo opened the menu and smiled. Mac had chosen well. A greasy burger sounded delicious and that's exactly what she was going to get with the largest order of fries they had and a diet coke.

Mac couldn't help but silently praise himself for putting that smile on her lips. He would do anything to make her smile. He laid down his menu and watched her, willing her eyes to meet his. And of course they did.

Her eyes twinkled as she also put her menu on the table to study him. "What?" she asked finally.

"Nothing," he replied simply with a hint of mischief in his eyes.

Jo was just about to argue when her phone rang. She sighed grudgingly, knowing that this was going to interrupt her quality time with Mac, but of course she answered it.

"Jo Danville," she said professionally realizing she had forgotten to check the caller ID.

"Ms. Danville? This is Nurse Riley from school, Ellie is in my office saying she doesn't feel well. She isn't running a fever but it's completely up to you if you'd like to come get her or send her back to class," the woman said kindly.

Jo looked at Mac and without hesitation replied. "I'll be there as soon as I can."

She closed her phone and gave Mac and apologetic frown. "I have to go get Ellie. Apparently she's not feeling well."

Mac stood just as she did. "I'll go with you."

"Mom can't I just go home?" Ellie groaned in the back of Mac's vehicle as she leaned her head against the cool window. She exhaled and let her breath fog against the glass. Her entire body ached.

"Sweetie, I just have to get the paperwork. Beside Mac is going to be kind enough to take us home so we don't have to take the subway," Jo replied as they pulled into the parking garage of the crime lab.

Ellie grudging followed her mother and Mac into her mother's office. She fell into one of the chairs in her mother's office and pulled her knees into her chest and hugged them. She may have not been running a fever but she felt like crap.

Jo was gathering her paperwork when Adam came in. "Hey Jo-" he stopped seeing Ellie. "Oh, um, never mind. You going home early?"

"What do you need, Adam?" Jo replied with almost a maternal voice she had often found herself using with him.

"I just thought you and Mac would want to see the final results on the Hampton Case, I found something on the wife's voicemail," he replied awkwardly taking his eyes off Ellie afraid he was interrupting something.

"I'll go and fill you in on the ride," Mac offered to allow Jo more time to search through her mess of sticky notes for the remainder of her paperwork. She smiled at him gratefully and watched them leave.

Ellie continued to sit there silently, her head resting on her knees and praying she could just go to sleep as another wave of nausea rushed over her. She groaned and looked up to see her mother holding loads of paperwork in her arms and sighing in relief.

"Ok let's-"

Ellie looked at her mother as a sound like firecrackers erupted throughout the building. Immediately, Ellie hit the floor as screams rang through building. She felt somebody grab her by the shoulders and yank her up. She looked up to see her mother pulling her around to the opposite side of her desk.

The gun shots continued as Jo drew her gun and looked at Ellie silently telling her not to make a sound.

Mac came running across the floor, his gun drawn. He glanced into Jo's office and looked her in eye, a silent question that was answered with a small nod. Jo pulled back to where she was unable to be seen from the hall and pulled Ellie closer to her.

More gun shots blared and Jo took a deep breath. She held Ellie's chin to make her meet her eyes. "Stay here," she demanded before kissing her daughters forehead and getting up. Ellie shuffled to watch her mother, but only allowed her eyes to follow her for a moment.

Jo came racing up behind Mac and they both watched in horror as a man stood on the balcony and pointed a gun at a young lab tech's head.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Come out Jo Danville or me and my buddies will just keep going!"

At that moment he pulled the trigger. The lab tech fell over the balcony and landed on the white tile with a soft thud. Blood escaping the tiny girl's body through the gaping head wound.

The man laughed cruelly as he raised his voice and it boomed through the silence. "Come on, Jo. Don't you remember me?"

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