Harry is captured by Voldemort and has to watch as the ones who tried to aid his escape are brutally tortured and slaughtered for /song fic Three Days Grace get out alive, snape-bashing, narcissa-bashing, dumbledor of HP/GW, LV/BL. un-betaed

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No time for goodbye he said as he faded away,

don't put your life in someones hands they're bound to steal it away,

don't hide your mistakes, they'll find you burn you then he said…

Harry looked up as he heard foot steps nearing his cell door, and collapsed instany at the

thought that Voldemort was finally coming to torture him. It was due to this coures of thought that emerald orbs widened in shock as the familiar obsidian glinted, and the greasy haired prfessor put a finger to his lips. Harry was unsure what was going on until Snape undid the manacles and pulled him up, before signaling to run and telling him to leave no hesitations. Harry swore that he heard Snape say that Lilly wpold be proud, and apolygize for coparing him to his father, James was to stuck up to be Harry, Harry was the victim, not the bully. Before Harry could organize his jumbled thoughts Snape gave him a shove urging him forwardout the door

if you want to get out alive, run for your life,

if you want to get out alive, run for your life

The last thing Harry saw was what appeared to be a tear in Snape's eye, but he spared it nothought for he was already out the hall running as his whole life depened on his escape. He gasped and started as he ran into a black cloaked figure , fearing the worst he started to cry when the figure pulled him through a trap-door cleverly hidden behind a portrait of Tom Riddle senior, and, once inside, pulled off the hood of their shadowy cloak revealing the stress worn face underneath…

This is my last time, she said as she faded away,

It's hard to imagine but one day you'll end up like me,then she said…

the aristocratic features, and blonde hair of Narcissa Malfoy. She told him sobbing that wonce he was free, he must protect Draco, and sobbed out that this was the last chance she had of defying the dark lord. Harry was confused, he did not see the grim, sacrificial tone dripping from her words right then, nor could he comphrehrend it in later years when looking back at that day, the mind has an odd way of over exaggerating any memory or feeling, no matter how insignificant, all he knew was she was helping him and ran in the direction she pointed.

if you want to get out alive, run for your life,

if you want to get out alive, run for your life

if I stay, it won't be long till

I'm burning on the inside,

If I go I can only hope that I make it to the other side-

Harry ran, he ran until he could no longer breath, gasping he finally stopped in a dismal looking grove of trees to catch his breath unsure where to head next, but not about to head bck by anymeans. Then again wich way was back? Which was forward? The surrounding foliage was disorienting, the stars and all other familiar sights and celestial bodies blocked from his view, completely obscured by the shady leaves and oppressing trunk surrounding him. He was lost, confused, miles away from anything, or anyone, or so he thought until the very voice he'd been dreading filled his mind, high, cold and clear, it's very pressence was enough to shatter whatever hope he'd had as though it was made of glass. Harry flinched berating himself for not learning occlumency as his nemisis drug out the words, caressing his mind with an imperious, corrosive, dark, cloud of sheer power the cause of wich being the very mind of the dark lord himself. Harry found himself once more helpless and at the complete mercy of Voldemort, simply terrified.

"Harry, haven't you learned not to run in the woods unaccompanied, you should realize that is the best way to get yourself lost, surely Dumbledor has taught you such. But of course, it wouldn't have helped anyway, your mind is already mine… yes I feel your fear… you can not hope to win,I know your evey move before you even know it. Just like how I know you will sssuurender, won't you?"

"Why do you keep doing this, why is it always me your after I can'teven kill aflobber worm without help from others, so why me, what does it matter any way?" Harry started to collapse as a pale, skeletal arm cught him gently, holding him up as though he was a fragile piece of glass,his pleasure at the pain of the sobbing figure in his arms, strengthening the mental bond as he felt Harry nearing surrender.

"I feel your resolve weakining," he said tightening his grip, allowig the pain in the child's scar to increase it's intensity to an excrutiating volume extracting an agonized wimper from the boy. "I've got a little… sssuurprissse for you of coursearry fell h