A Battle with Time

In the world of Pokémon, there are as many stories as there are amazing creatures. Heather, Free, Deka, and Clover are all trainers sharing adventures through this wonderful world. Joined together by the great binds of destiny, our heroes will take on life and death situations. Whether it be a simple stroll to another city or fighting the evilest of evils, these trainers will find a way to hunt down adventure. Today we are going to share a tale of our four friends who begin one of their greatest adventures. Little do they know, it began twenty years ago. Let us start the story from the very beginning.

Twenty years ago, there was an evil organization by the name Team Sky. They set out to catch legendary Pokémon and use them for evil. Team Sky planned to one day rule the world. Not only did they want the world, they wanted to rule all times of the world. This is there story.

A submarine in a vast ocean can be seen speeding towards a few islands. On the submarine was a giant golden "S" the submarine was huge and could hold many people. It sped by so quickly that it seemed to have dragged some of the ocean with it. The ship created a few waves that forced certain water Pokémon to float away. The instant that it was in vision, it was gone.

"Doctor Mako, is there any sign of the legendary Pokémon?" A young woman asked an older man behind the Doppler radar. She had brown hair and pale skin. Her eyes were a clear blue color that could pierce one's very soul. She wore a white skirt that was complimented by grey boots and a white blouse with a green undershirt. The same golden "S" that was on the side of the submarine was displayed off of her bust.

The man simply looked down at the shining green radar. It was as though he was trying not to listen to her or he was deaf.

"Answer me old man before I get my dad in here," the young woman threatened.

"Calm down Rika… Whenever I find the legendary Lugia I will inform you right away. There is no use in trying to rush something that cannot be rushed. I bet that we will find it in no time," Mako a man with white hair and a sarcastic grin replied. He wore a white lab coat and glasses so the smart vibe could be felt.

"My father wants that Pokémon as soon as possible if you don't find it you'll be out of this job!" She snapped towards the doctor. "I don't even understand why you're here. We don't need you and you haven't done anything besides build a couple of machines."

"I highly doubt that without me-" Mako began to reply but then the Doppler began to beep an annoying loud screeching noise. "Well, well Rika, it looks like I found Lugia after all. I think someone owes me an apology."

They looked down at the Doppler and the legendary Pokémon was straight ahead. "Begin the chase!" "Rika commanded quickly towards a man behind a desk.

"Yes ma'am," a man's voice replied from the back. The man had on a suit that was very similar to Rika's but only instead of a skirt he wore silver pants. He quickly grabbed ahold of a lever and pulled on it making the submarine move at a faster speed.

Mako squinted at the radar and sighed. "If we open up the screen right now, we can get a better look at Lugia than through the radar."

Rika smiled, "Looks like you do have some brains." She then waved her hand towards the same man controlling the speed of the submarine.

The man then pushed a button and a television screen lit up with a picture of the sea from under. Lugia could be seen swimming casually across the bottom of the seafloor. The silver Pokémon that had the appearance of a silky dragon looked back, saw the chasing submarine, and began to dash away, but the submarine was too fast for it.

"It turns out you're not as useless as you look, Mako," Rika turned to the doctor. "But let us test out these new machines you have been bragging about. I should warn you though that my dad did make a few adjustments."

Mako glared at the persistent girl, "Rika, let me focus!" He then turned to the man who seemed to be pushing all of the buttons, "Lugia is now within range; fire torpedoes!"

The man nodded and pushed another button at his desk.

The submarines bottom revealed two torpedoes and they fired into the blackened abyss at the legendary Pokémon. One connected into the Pokémon's back and the other into its right leg. The Lugia let out a loud shriek and began to sink down into the ocean more. Eventually it could barely be seen on the television set.

"It hit dead on! Fire again!" Mako commanded, with an evil grin on his face. "Soon Lugia will be within my grasp!"

Rika scowled at Mako, "Within Team Sky's grasp!"

The soldier watched the two bicker but again, he nodded and pushed the button again.

Two more shot out even faster than before connecting with Lugia and making it shriek again.

"Now capture it!" Rika yelled impatiently into the doctor's ears.

"Shut up Rika and let me do my job! Two more torpedoes!" He sneered, "It is hard to do this with a brat like you hanging around!"

Another two shot out with incredible speed but this time the Lugia mustered up enough strength to turn around and shoot an incredible beam into the both of them destroying the torpedoes completely. The little explosion of the torpedoes caused the television screen to give out a few sparks of static and Lugia tried to make its escape.

"That was Hyper Beam!" Rika again yelled at the doctor.

"I know what it was! Now that we know what it is capable of, this'll be easier!" The doctor snapped back clearly getting annoyed. "Prepare to fire the stun-torpedoes. They should be more effective towards a capture."

"Yes sir," the same voice replied from before. The soldier lifted up a small square of glass and pressed a yellow button that was concealed under it.

Two more torpedoes shot from beneath the submarine but this time they had static emerging from the tips. Lugia dodged the first one and shot another Hyper Beam at the second destroying it.

"You missed! How could you be so stupid?" Rika screamed at Mako. Her shrieks caused Mako to grab at his ears.

"I did not miss. If you'd keep looking, then that would be clear to you. I never miss," Mako explained. He then pointed at the screen to show that the girl was wrong.

The torpedo that was dodged came to a stop and darted back to strike Lugia in the back paralyzing it. Lugia suddenly came to a stop and began to float towards the top of the sea.

"Alert my father now! We've got Lugia exactly where we want it," Rika commanded the other soldiers.

"Rika… prepare to catch one of the mightiest Legendary Pokémon that has ever existed," Mako told the girl. "I guess that a thank you is in order?"

"A thank you can be issued after the job is done," Rika snapped before walking out of the control room.

The submarine began to become afloat and went above the water. It met the paralyzed Lugia at the top. A door opened at the top of the submarine. Five Team Sky grunts ran out and formed a line. A man with the same kind of suit Rika has walked out. He had light blue hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. As he passed the grunts, they saluted him. He continued to walk and got near the edge just close enough to see Lugia at the top. He stopped and smiled at the Lugia.

He crossed his arms and his smile never ceased. "I am Sky, master of Team Sky. I am the reason that all of this is happening. One day you will help me rule this world and all of its times: past, present, and future. You will help me complete my goal. Behold, the mighty Lugia! You are about to become mine. I guess they call you great beast of the sea; I will use that power for my own needs," the man walked to the edge of the submarine. "Ha, surrender to me or we will have to kill you, almighty Lugia."

"With all due respect, Master Sky, but it was my inventions that are going to enable you to catch Lugia. Killing it would not be smart. We should catch it soon; it looks as though it's about to perish at any moment now," Mako told him while walking up behind him. "It'd be a good idea to get it healed up."

Sky just glanced at him and grinned then pulled out a black and grey Poké Ball. "It is time…"

"Daddy, may I do the honors?" Rika asked while pushing Mako out of the way, "I would be so happy to capture this Lugia for you."

Sky turned around and smiled at his daughter. "Of course Rika… here take this." He handed the black and grey Poké Ball to Rika. "Make me proud."

Rika walked forward near the Lugia and looked at it in the eyes. It began screeching and rustling about. Rika stood there scared and in shock. She could not move a muscle. It was as though the screeching from Lugia had paralyzed her.

"Catch it now, Rika!" Sky screamed at his daughter.

Rika took a deep breath and inched her arm into the air to try to throw the ball.

Make reached into his pocket slowly to grab something but Lugia caught his eye.

The Lugia opened its mouth and a light began to shine fairly blinding the people atop the submarine.

"That's Hyper-" before Mako could finish the beam was shot from Lugia's mouth hitting direct contact with the submarine and setting it aflame. Lugia then shot an additional beam running it across the side causing more flames. The flames hit the engines at the bottom causing the submarine to explode near the back. Bodies flew in the air and hit the ocean. Bits and pieces of the submarine were scattered everywhere. When some of the damage cleared the ocean was stained with blood. It appeared that every member from Team Sky was dead from the blast. Almost no human could survive such a blast.

Lugia struggled to turn its body around but made an effort and began slowing swimming away. It wanted to get as far away from the destruction as possible. The Lugia was too hurt and injured and only being around the debris would remind it of the pain. The torpedoes were not normal attacks it was assault. It let out a shriek and began to fall to the bottom of the see. Lugia opened its eyes and let out a shriek. It then closed its eyes and stopped moving. Lugia sank near the bottom of the sea… The Legendary Pokémon of the sea was dead.

From the flames of the destroyed submarine, a body was floating away. It was the body of the daughter of Team Sky's leader, Rika. She continued to float and hit the shore of one of the islands. She squinted one eye then closed it from exhaustion.

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