"No!" Heather screamed while running over to Free's body. She fell down onto her knees next to him. Tears streamed down her face. "Please no, Free. Don't be dead!"

Deka and Clover looked over and saw his limp body. They only got a glimpse of the vicious Slash attack. They both ran over next to Free and also got down on their knees.

"Get up, Rust. This is no time for games," Deka said with tears arising. He tried to hide his tears by putting his arm in front of his face.

Charles began to walk up to them with an evil smile on his face. "It's no use kids; your friend is dead." He paused. "And soon you will all be too."

"Don't you dare, Charles," Mako's voiced called. "C'mon out, Celebi!" Mako threw a Poké Ball in the air and revealed the legendary Pokémon.

"Poor, Mako. You hid so much from us this whole time. It's unfortunate you were never on our side," Sky said while he walked closer to the action. "My turn! Go, Celebi!" A Celebi appeared, only this one had a dark pink hue instead of Mako's green Celebi.

Both of the Celebi locked eyes with each other. The dark one grinned and the other one just smiled and flew closer to it. The dark one glared as the green one flew right up to it.

"Bi," the Celebi said with a smile on its face. It reached close to its head and poked where a nose would be if the dark Celebi had one.

Heather gasped. "Could it be? Is that the Celebi from before?" Heather asked herself while she stared in aw.

"Celebi, if you'd be kind enough. I'd like you to defeat and let us capture that Celebi," Sky said to his dark evil Celebi with a smile.

"…Bi," it quietly said with a blank stare.

"We won't let you-" Deka began to say but was cut off.

"Please, children let me battle this one out. Your Pokémon are worn, so I figured I'd help you now," Mako said with a smile. "Besides, I am not a bad trainer myself."

"Don't fail us, old man," Deka growled.

The Celebi suddenly charged at each other and bounced off with a sort of force field around them. They began doing this constantly as a test of strength to one another.

The kids focus was turned back to Free though. "Flaaffy and Jolteon, come on out," Heather called. Her Pokémon were released from the balls and took a fighting stance. "Take out that Feraligatr with your strongest electric attacks!"

Jolteon and Flaaffy ran up next to each other and touched. They shot out a strong electrical surge towards the Feraligatr and landed a direct hit. The Feraligatr fell to the floor completely knocked out.

"Aw, my poor Feraligatr," Charles whined while returning his Pokémon. He then looked at Free's body and smiled. "I did well today."

"You punk!" Deka screamed while running at Charles with a clenched fist.

Suddenly the dark Celebi flew down and tackled Deka away. "Bi," it quietly said then it charged back at Mako's Celebi.

Charles walked up to where Deka lay. "You're gonna get it kid," he lifted up his boot and was getting ready to stomp on Deka's chest, before coming to a sudden stop.

"Woopa!" Free's Wooper looked at him with a blank look.

Charles stared as though he has never seen such cuteness. "What is that?" Charles asked, looking stupidly at the small blue Pokémon.

"Woopa!" Wooper said with a smile on its face. It looked back at Free with a huge smile "Woopa…" Seeing that Free didn't reply, its smile faded away. It looked back a Charles.

"That's right! I killed him!" He boasted. He grinned at the Wooper.

Wooper began glaring at Charles.

Charles laughed. "What're you gonna do, you wimp!" He lifted his leg to kick Wooper, but Wooper jumped on his leg and ran up it.

Wooper reached his neck. "Woopa!" It screamed before its tail glowed white, and he spun around hitting Charles in the face. Charles hit the floor with a thud. He was completely knocked out cold.

"Was that Iron Tail? Did… Wooper just do that?" Heather asked aloud but not directly to anyone.

Wooper turned around and ran towards Free's body. It attempted to climb onto his head but kept falling down.

"Let me help you…" Clover said, picking up Wooper and lifting him onto Free's forehead.

All the sudden Free's Poké Balls began shaking and Quilava and Umbreon came out. Quilava still injured from earlier was holding its side.

"Bre," Umbreon cooed sadly while looking at Free. It nudged Free's shoulder with its nose. "Umbreon…" It began to tear up.

"Qui… lava…" Quilava quietly moaned out still very hurt. He began nuzzling under Free's arm. Quilava started to cry but tried to hide its face under Free's armpit.

"Even the tough Quilava," Heather said also beginning to cry again. "This isn't really happening…" she tried to convince herself.

"Chika," Chikorita said while running up to Free and onto his chest. "Chikorita…" Chikorita began licking Free's chin. "Chika." Tears began running down Chikorita's face.

"Chikorita…" Clover quietly said looking at her Swablu with sad thoughts going through her head.

Wooper didn't even have to say anything. It was one of the first times that Wooper was sad. Its tears were falling onto Free's forehead.

"Ha, what wimps, crying of the dead child like he actually meant something!" Sky said while walking towards them, stepping over Deka who was sore from being tackled. "I'd love to see him get killed again atleast three more times," he chuckled.

Wooper looked up with the angry face that appeared before. "Woopa!" It screamed while running down Free's body and to Sky. "Woopa," it said, looking furious with Sky.

Umbreon and Quilava followed but Chikorita stayed behind snuggling with her master. "Chika!" It cried out.

"So, what is the trio of shame gonna do?" Sky asked the three Pokémon who glared at him. "Celebi, get rid of these three," Sky commanded. The dark Celebi charged down and looked at them.




The three Pokémon took poses and were ready to fight.

Quilava shot flames from its mouth barely missing the Celebi as it took to the skies. It then charged back down and tackled down the hurt Quilava.

"Heather, I know it may be wrong of me, but this may be our chance to go and try to save Lugia," Clover said looking at Heather with tears in her eyes. "We can't let Free's sacrifice be in vein, right?"

Heather before saying a word looked at Chikorita then wiped the tears from her eyes. "Agreed. Let's go, Clover." She stood up and began running. They passed Sky, who seemed too focused on the battle at hand to really see anything. They then ran to the front of the submarine, looked down, and saw the enraged Lugia. "It's weird seeing a legendary Pokémon that's so huge," Heather said in a kind of aw.

"What you girls are looking at is the exact view of what I saw 20 years ago," a voice exclaimed from behind.

Clover and Heather spun around to see who it was. It was Rika and behind her was the teenage Rika.

"This time though, we won't suffer the same fate," the teenage Rika said. "And even if we did, I would just revive Team Sky and repeat these same actions."

"That's enough," the older Rika snapped. "20 years ago, I was the one who was the reason for Team Sky's misfortune. Gladly though, I was the only survivor. It is though, looking in the eyes of the one who killed my father," she explained while looking at the Lugia. "As long as there are pure hearts on board though, Lugia would not destroy the ship, and that, children is where you on board comes in handy." She smiled evilly.

Clover clenched her fists. "I bet that if Lugia had the right mind to, he'd take all of our lives. If it means defeating Team Sky, then I encourage it." Clover said with an angry look on her face.

"You're bluffing!" The teenage Rika chuckled. "You wouldn't give up your life for anything," she said while looking back at Free then into the sky.

Both of the Rika's turned around and looked at the dark Celebi. "Soon, we will have more legendaries," they said at the same time.

Umbreon opened its mouth and a ball appeared. It fired the ball from its mouth, trying to hit the Celebi, but it was too fast and tackled Umbreon down to the ground just as it did to Quilava.

Wooper was one of the last hopes for a win in this battle. "Woopa!" It began yelling while running at Celebi.

Celebi merely smiled and tackled it away with ease.

"Those Pokémon of your friend's were weak and spineless," the older Rika said with a smile on her face.

"Shut up!" Heather screamed at her while running and tackling her down. Clover did the same, but with the younger Rika.

They began struggling on the floor rolling around. Flaaffy and Jolteon stared and had no idea what to do so they began to power up electricity and shocked them all.



Both of the Pokémon ran up to Heather and began pulling her away from the knocked out older Rika. When Heather gained full consciousness, she looked over and saw the two Celebi going at it again. The dark Celebi knocked Mako's Celebi into the floor. It then floated above it and used its psychic powers to throw Celebi into the ocean. It turned around and started towards Heather.

It got half way to Sky whenever something grabbed ahold of its leg. The dark Celebi turned around and saw a vine attached to its leg pulling it back. The vine was that of Chikorita's.

"Chika!" Chikorita screamed angrily at the Celebi. All the sudden Chikorita's leaf atop its head began to glow.

Totodile stood next to Chikorita. Both Pokémon took a deep breath and opened their mouths. Chikorita shot a strong yellow beam from her mouth hitting the Celebi. Nearly the same second as Chikorita's move, Totodile shot a strong crashing wave of water from his.

"That's Solarbeam and Hydro Pump!" Clover said in amazement. "They mustered up great moves for you and Free."

Celebi's body took off into the air and out of sight. Both of the attacks combined were too much for it.

"No! My Celebi! What have you done?" Sky asked angrily at the Pokémon.

"Chika," Chikorita replied, knowing that Sky didn't have a clue what she was saying.

"I'll have to hurt you-" Sky started to say whenever something grabbed his pant leg from behind. "Huh?" He turned around and saw Quilava. After looking around for a bit, all of Free's Pokémon were surrounding him. "I'll take you all on bare handed. I don't need weak and spineless Pokémon!"

Lugia screamed into the air loudly drowning out all of the extra noise that came from Sky. Heather looked at Lugia with a sad look on her face. "Why are they doing this?"

Clover didn't answer but tried to get her mind off of it. "Heather, let's go on up there," Clover said while standing up. Heather and Clover dashed their way over to where Sky was.

Sky turned around and looked at them. "You two call these Pokémon off now!" He yelled at them. Veins popped from his forehead.

Heather glared. "Sorry, I can't. Their trainer is dead," Heather said with a smile but it quickly faded. "Free is dead," she whispered to herself.

A screeching noise all the sudden began to take to the sky. Everyone had to stop and cover their ears to attempt to block out the dreadful noise. It wasn't enough though. It still bled through.

Heather turned around and saw the Lugia struggling.

"Guys! We have to get out of here!" Deka screamed at the two girls. He grabbed ahold of Clover's hand and Clover grabbed ahold of Heather's. They ran off past Free's body and to Mako. "Alright Mako, what do we do now?"

"C'mon Lapras," the doctor yelled out while throwing a ball into the air. A large blue Pokémon with a grey shelled materialized. "Everyone, get on now."

Heather looked back at Free's Pokémon. "C'mon we have to go!"

Free's Pokémon scurried about, tripping over Sky and knocking him out. They ran to the Lapras and jumped on.

"Wait! Free's body!" Heather began to yell then all the sudden a shriek was heard and a beam of light shone destroying the submarine.

The shock waves from the explosion sent Lapras surfing away and out of sight from the submarine. The last thing that they saw was Lugia dive into the ocean. Lugia was covered in scars and blood from all the things Team Sky had done.

Free's body began to sink towards the bottom of the ocean whenever the Lugia dove towards it. Lugia nudged at Free but there was no movement. Lugia grabbed ahold of Free by its foot and began to swim towards the shore. It reached the shore and laid there with Free halfway in the water.

"We have to go back and find his body, Mako," Deka said calmly to the Doctor.

Heather looked at Mako with pleading eyes. "Please, we have to," Heather said with tears flowing from her eyes.

"Alright children, calm down," Mako said before he directed Lapras towards the wreck.

When they got back, everything seemed like it was set aflame. There was nothing left not even bodies. Everything was destroyed completely.

"Children, I think it's about time I send you home," Mako told them with sorrow in his eyes "There is nothing—"

"No, wait, look over there!" Clover said with a smile on her face.

They looked over and found the Lugia with Free's body. Lapras swam over quickly and the children all hopped off of Lapras and ran over to Free's body.

Lugia looked at the children and then at the sea. The Lugia began to crawl towards the sea and once it was in the ocean it disappeared.

Mako looked. "Maybe your life will turn out different now." He paused "Lugia was waiting for us," he stated.

"What do you mean?" Deka questioned.

Mako looked into the sea. "Lugia knew we were going to come back for your friend, and Lugia kept guard until we came back."

"Mako, is there anything we can do to bring him back?" Heather asked knowing that Mako was intelligent.

Mako stood still but then raised his hand to his chin. "Hmm. Celebi, we need you."

His Celebi soared down next to Mako. "I know your hurt Celebi, but if you could, would you please put your energy into this young man to try to restore him?"

"Bi," the Celebi said with a smile on its face. The Celebi flew over, sat on top of Free, and began to glow. The glow fed off into Free's body. After three minutes of doing this, nothing had changed.

"I'm sorry to say, kids, but-" Mako said with sorrow on his face. He then looked over and saw Chikorita running towards Free.

It began glowing and started using Synthesis onto Free. "Chika!" It cried out for a long time trying to revive her dead master. Slowly it seemed as though Free's stomach would move up and down to look like he were breathing.

"Bi," the Celebi nodded and began doing what it was doing previously.

The children stood in awe, watching the miracle take place. After awhile the Pokémon stopped and stared at Free.

Free sat up and opened his eyes. "Where-where am I? What happened?" Free asked, looking around. "Where is the submarine?"

"Free!" The trainers all shouted at once. They ran over and gave a group hug to their friend.

They stood Free up, who was shaky and could barely stand. "Guys…" is all that Free could say.

"Children, it's about time you return now. Celebi, can you do one last thing?" Mako said with a smile on his face.

"Bi-Bi," Celebi began chanting as a howling noise took over the friends' bodies. They flew in the air and a bright light shown just as it had before, blinding them momentarily.

A faint voice echoed, "Goodbye, children."

When they were able to see again, they looked around and saw the old man from before, standing in the same spot at the forest.

"Why, hello, children. How was your adventure?" The old man asked.

"Adventure?" Free asked still having no clue on what's going on.

Heather giggled at Free. "Sir, may I ask you a question?" Heather asked.

The man smiled. "Why yes, young lady."

"Thank you for helping us out and all, but with all due respect, what is your name?" Heather asked.

He smiled even bigger, "Why, my name is Mako, children."

The End

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