"Bella hurry up I don't have all day!" Charlie yelled at me. I ran to the car as quickly as I could. But it wasn't fast enough because he punched me in the face. I didn't say anything at all, just like always.

"We're going on a trip." I nodded slowly. He started the car and I flinched. He laughed at me and backed out the driveway. It was silent for the most part and I thanked God that I wasn't being punched right now. We started to pass signs saying things like, 'You are now leaving Forks' and 'hope to see you soon'. I was worried about where exactly we were going. Then he stopped the car right by a sign marked 'The Canadian Boarder' I was very afraid now. I swallowed hard. We got out and Charlie pushed me into the woods we started to walk in the forest.

I was about to ask where we were going but when I turned around Charlie had stopped walking. He pulled his arm back and punched me as hard as he could in the face. As I fall to the forest floor he repeatedly kicked me in my ribs.

I heard something crack and I wailed out in pain. He stopped turned around and started to walk away but something made him turn around and he broke one of legs,one of my arms and he hit me in the face once more and left me there.

EPOV(Edward POV)

I felt the grizzly's weight under me as I pounced then I smelt it the sweet smell of human blood…

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