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Jack watched Rose sadly as she was in the lifeboat and lowered away into the water. In his heart, he knew he would never see her again. It broke his heart to even think about that... Goodbye, Jack. I love you. Rose said with tears in her eyes. She saw Jack and Cal talking silently among them and shooting glances in her direction.

Rose looked away as tears began leaking down her porcelain cheeks. Suddenly, she saw a woman speaking a foreign language, maybe French, stare in her direction and thrust a small bundle in her direction. Rose watched, horrified, as the woman started to fall. Everyone made a grab for her, but the woman fell off anyways. Rose was so shocked she nearly fainted when she heard the bundle start to cry. She looked down and saw a baby.

The small child had pale skin and sparkling electric, gray-blue eyes and thick, long eyelashes. As soon as her gray-blue ones met Rose's green ones, she stopped wailing. The child's ruby lips curled into a soft, understanding smile and that made Rose lose it. She started to cry. She was so sad and mad that Jack wasn't here to see this gorgeous baby.

No matter how hard she tried, Rose couldn't block out the sounds of the screams of fear and anguish. Rose couldn't even tear her eyes away from the sinking ship. She knew Jack was among the people. I hope you survive, Jack...

Then, she began to feel mad. Why did she have to board this stupid ship anyways? Then, she remembered that she wouldn't have met Jack, the most wonderful person in the world.

Rose looked around the hordes of people. She didn't picture New York like this. She didn't think it would be so glum. Well, the RMS Titanic did just sink not even a mere few hours ago. They were lucky to have the Carpathia come rescue them…

"Miss.," can I have your name?" An officer asked. Rose looked at him, then back at the sleeping baby in her arms. She needed to have hope that she and this baby were going to be okay. She needed to hope that Jack was okay. I'll find you Jack, she vowed.

"Dawson. Rose Dawson." She beckoned to the baby. "This is my daughter."

The officer got her name down, and Rose went to wander around. She looked around and saw that the child had a golden chain around her neck. She studied it more closely, and to her surprise, it appeared to be a locket. Rose pried open the locket and saw a picture of a beautiful woman and a man. To the right of the picture, it said: TO OUR DAUGHTER, HOPE AMELIA DELACOUR

Rose went back over to the officer. "Excuse me, but are there any survivors with the last name of 'Delacour'? Rose asked.

"No… Sorry Ma'am," He said.

"What about, Dawson?"

"No, you're the only one so far…" Rose closed her eyes. Jack couldn't be dead. She'd find him…

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