Title: Her Owner
Prompt: Livejournal a_writing_muse Prompt #1 – Owner
Character/Pairing: Bellatrix, insinuated Bellatrix/Voldemort
Rating: PG
Word Count: 258


When Bellatrix was a little girl, she had been told that she belonged to her father, that she was his property, and that she was to submit to him. Always.

She had not.

Andromeda and Narcissa could submit when they were required to, but that was beyond Bellatrix – it was not only that she did not want to submit, she could not. And she suffered for it – not only taken the slaps and beatings and, later, curses that were direct punishments, but also endured the constant accusations of being a bad daughter.

Of course she was a bad daughter. What did he expect from her? Did he expect her to kneel and take whatever he gave her the way Andromeda and Narcissa did? No, Bellatrix had resolved when she was scarcely more than a child, she would never do that. She would never let anyone own her.

But then…

But then there had been the Dark Lord.

His ownership over Bellatrix was completely different from her father's – at least, as she saw it. Where her father had given her no reason to cooperate besides that he ordered her to, the Dark Lord used promises of power – and of other things – to feed Bellatrix's ambition and desires and draw her to him.

The Dark Lord's methods were far more effective. For the first time in her memory, when she was with him, Bellatrix allowed herself to submit.

She allowed him to have ownership over her.

And, to the shame of one small, secret part of her, she enjoyed it.