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While chatting with my friend cherryblossom51, we come up with a lot of Taikyuu ideas. Of course, this sparks the desire to write them down. This is where they end up.


To many, the luxury penthouse apartment was a paradise. To the Amano children, however, this was just everyday life. Nene was tidying up around the house while her brother Yuu sat on the couch reading a book. Nearly a whole year had passed since the defeat of Bagramon and life had taken up a slower pace. Nene looked over at her brother after putting a stack of books back on the shelf. In that time since, he had grown very tall in such a short time. It must have been all the time he spent playing basketball with Taiki by the park combined with his incoming puberty that sparked his growth spurt. Indeed it seemed he was spenting more and more time with the goggle boy he had met in that other world although they hadn't had any time together for the past two months since Taiki had left on a family vacation to America. They were to be due back before school started, though. That suddenly got Nene thinking.

"Yuu, shouldn't you be getting ready for school? You start tomrrow, after all," she said, breaking the silence.

"I'm okay, Nee-san," Yuu answered as he turned a page, "But I can't say that I'm not excited."

Nene nodded in agreement. "It's your first day of middle school. Oh, that reminds me! I never asked which school you registered for."

"Oh, I'm going to Taiki-san's school!" Yuu said, "That's why I'm excited."

Oh really? Nene thought. She thought back to the events of the Digital World and everything that had happened since then. She had noticed it right off the bat, but Yuu was still completely oblivious. Perhaps it was time to take matters into her own hands.

"Hey, Yuu..." Nene said slyly as she approached her brother from behind and lifted the book from his hands. "How about we get you ready for tomorrow?"

"Eh?" Yuu blinked and looked up at his older sister. "W-w-w-w-what do you mean?" he stammered nervously.

Nene just giggled as she smiled, causing him to get even more nervous. She grabbed him by the shoulders and lifted him off his feet.


"Eh? Eh? EHHH?"

o o o

"Nee-san! I don't want a makeover!" The first place Yuu had found himself dragged to by the collar of his shirt was a beauty spa. It was clear that his sister had been here many times because the staff greeted her with such outward friendliness and openness.

"Hi, Nene-chan!" the woman at the desk said cheerfully, "What brings you in today? Manicure? Facial? Hair?"

"Actually, I'm here for my little brother," Nene answered nudging the boy in question.

"Wait a second, Nee-san!" Yuu protested.

"Oh, he's so adorable!" The lady leaned over the desk and just started fawning over him.

"He's starting middle school tomorrow and I thought I should get him a new look. You know, something that can get 'attention'," Nene explained.

"I'm sure we can work something out." The lady came around the desk and took Yuu by the hand. "Come on in! Oh girls! We got a little boy ready for a brand new look!" The other stylists instantly turned their heads. It was very rare that they got a boy in.

"Wait, wait, wait!" But it was too late. Yuu had already been pulled in and seated in a chair in front of a mirror. Several women came around him and started to inspect him.

"Now what shall we do girls?" the head stylist asked.

"Well first we totally need to do something about this hair," one answered as she flipped up the bottom of Yuu's blond locks.

"What's wrong with my hair?" the boy complained.

"I think it needs more body. Don't you agree girls?" Sounds of agreement could be heard among the stylists.

"Oh and his bangs? Totally gotta fix the color!"

"What's wrong with my bangs?" Yuu whined once more, trying to cover his hair with his hands. He was starting to get scared now.

"Those'll darken naturally as he gets older," a stylist pointed out.

"We can't wait that long," another said, "Dye job!"

"Dye job!" the others agreed.

"Nee-san, help me!" But Yuu's cries went unheard as he saw his sister setting up her own treatment for the day. Yuu's hand dropped and he slumped back.

"Well girls, let's get started!" Yuu quickly found himself covered up with a barber's cape and felt the chair rising.

First there was the wash. Yuu was taken to the sinks where his hair was wetted, lathered, rinsed, and conditioned. After he was brought back, his hair was towel dried and then combed. From there the stylists got to work. During his hair wash, one of them had mixed up a blond hair color and was now applying it to his bangs with a brush. Yuu found himself keeping his eyes closed for fear of the brush getting into his eyes. Meanwhile another one was putting the rest of his hair in curlers while also applying some sort of liquid solution. Yuu felt very silly. He was a boy and this was the sort of thing girls did. He wished he could see what was going on. After all, if he had to be subject to this he should at least know what happening.

After a tedious hour passed, he was finally allowed to move only to find himself sitting underneath a hair dryer. He asked how long he was going to be there, but all he was told was "until it's time." Yuu looked around for his sister but could find no sign of her. He crossed his arms over his chest and sighed. It wasn't long before he found himself completely and utterly bored. He looked around for something to do being careful not to move around too much, but all he could see was a basket next to his chair filled with women's magazines. Reaching down, he grabbed the first one he could get his fingers on and brought it up. It was an issue of Cosmopolitan from four months ago. He sighed. At least it was something to read. He opened the cover and started glazing over the articles.

Sometime later, a stylist approached Yuu and turned off the hair dryer. "Okay, Yuu. All done here." But he didn't move. Yuu was completely absorbed in the magazine. "Um, Yuu?" Nene approached. "Nene-chan, your brother can't seem to hear me." Nene just giggled when she looked at her brother and saw what he was reading.

"I think he's just on the road to self-discovery." She proceeded to prod Yuu with her finger until the younger boy looked up.


"Come on, Yuu. They're waiting for you."

"Waiting for me?" Yuu suddenly remembered the curlers and the foil in his hair. "Ohhh." A moment later he had everything on his head removed and he went through another wash. Once his hair was dry once again, he reached up to feel it. It felt...different. The back was definitely curlier now.

"Are we done here, Nee-san?" Yuu asked.

"Nope! We're just getting started," answered Nene. Her brother groaned, but then looked down at the magazine he was still holding. He had been in the middle of an interesting article and felt compelled to finish reading it. He looked up at his sister.

"What's next?"

For the rest of the day at the spa, Yuu was subjected to a facial, a manicure, and a pedicure. He was almost a teenager and the stylists agreed that his face would need the treatment for the future. As for his nails, they simply felt the need to work on them. He enjoyed the soothing massage he felt on his face, but then a quick clense followed by a facial mask came after. It was the most unusual feeling Yuu had ever had felt in his life. However it did give him time to keep reading his magazine. After that he went over to the nail tables for his manicure. First he was asked to place his hands in a container of liquid parafin. After he brought his hands out they were covered up and placed inside a pair of thumbless mittens to keep warm. After fifteen minutes had passed, they removed them and proceeded to file and buff his nails. Once his manicure was done, he moved onto his pedicure. Just as he had done with his hands, he was now being asked to place his feet in the parafin bath and then given a pair of slippers to wear to keep them warm. Once the parafin had been removed, he sat in an elevated chair and watched as the woman placed cotton in between his toes. As she worked, Yuu had picked up another copy of Cosmopolitan and read through it with great interest. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed another woman walking toward the back of the salon with a large bowl in her hands.

"Excuse me? What's in that bowl?" he asked.

"Oh, that's for waxing," answered the woman working on his toenails.

"Waxing?" Yuu was curious.

"It's a hair removal technique. Wax is applied to the skin and then later torn off, taking the hair right out of their pores." The boy winced. That sounded painful!

After what had seemed like an eternity, Yuu was finally done. His nails felt and looked amazing. He touched his face and was astounded by how soft and smooth the skin felt. But what really impressed him was what they had done to his hair. His bangs now matched the rest of his blond locks and the back curled upward, giving his hair a more voluminous look.

"Like it, Yuu?" asked Nene.

"I love it!" Yuu squealed with delight as they left.

"Come back again soon, Nene-chan! Yuu-chan!" the receptionist called after them.

"This is great, Nee-san! Thanks so much!" Yuu was happy and Nene was delighted. "You were right. This whole makeover thing was a great idea!"

"Oh we're not done with the makeover yet," Nene said mischeviously. Yuu looked up at his sister with confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"To the mall!"

o o o

At the mall, Yuu was being dragged all over by his sister to different clothing stores. "Your hair and nails are only part of your new look," she explained as she ran through racks upon racks of clothes. "What you also need...is a new wardrobe!"

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing now?" asked Yuu. He looked down at himself. He was wearing a grey dress shirt, purple plaid shorts, tall white socks, black loafers, suspenders, and a dark red tie.

"That was cute back in elementary school. But now, you need something new," answered Nene.

"New like how?" Yuu's answer came as Nene started piling clothes into his arms.

"Go try these on." The boy sighed. It was obvious now that he had no way of winning this argument.

A few minutes later, Yuu was in the men's fitting room while Nene sat on a chair right outside his door. "Come on, Yuu! Let me see!" She heard a click and the door swung in as Yuu came out.

"How do I look?" he asked. Nene looked him over. He was dressed in a pair of khaki slacks, a blue dress shirt, and a matching blue cardigan.

"That's...totally not the look for you," Nene answered, "Come on. We're going to another store!"


At the next store, Yuu was dressing himself in jeans and hoodies but it was a no-go; baggy clothes just were not his style. The next store provided him with shorts, T-shirts, and tank tops, but once again not fitting. Yuu did look in the window of a formalwear store, but Nene dragged him away from it rather quickly.

"Yuu, stay here for a minute," Nene said after an hour of being in the mall, "I'm just gonna duck into this store here." And with that she disappeared leaving Yuu all alone. The boy sighed and looked around. He was in the main atrium where some sort of event was being held. He looked over and realized that it was a fashion show. As he watched from his spot by the store, a man suddenly came forward and grabbed his wrist.

"There you are!" he said before dragging Yuu away.

"H-hey, wait! Where are you taking me? Let me go!" Yuu was quickly thrust through a black curtain into a room filled with clothes on racks.

"Oh excellent! There you are! Good timing. Quick, get changed! You're on in five minutes!" A woman grabbed an outfit from a rack and thrust it into Yuu's arms.

"Wait a second! What's going on here?" the boy demanded.

"Isn't it obvious, silly? The fashion show!"

"The fashion...?" Yuu suddenly realized what was going on. "You think I'm a model?"

"Let's go! Chop chop!"

A few minutes later, Nene came out of the store with two shopping bags in her hands. "I'm back, Yuu!" However, Yuu was nowhere to be seen. She looked around. Now where could that little brother of hers have gone?

Her answer came as a new spotlight shined down on the entrance of the fashion show's runway and a familiar blond boy stepped out. Nene blinked twice. "Yuu?" Yuu was walking along the runway wearing a pair of skinny leg-forming pants and a button-front shirt with a pair of fancy yellow shoes. He had a jacket slung over his shoulder with his hand to accentuate the look.

o o o

"Akari, slow down!" A despaired-looking Taiki Kudou was being dragged around the mall by his wrist by none other than his childhood friend Akari Hinomoto. His family had returned from vacation only two days ago and even though he wanted to call Yuu and let him know that he had come back, he was quickly swamped with preparing for school.

"If I slowed down, you'd be late," she said. It was obvious she had a destination set and she wouldn't rest until Taiki got there.

"But at least let me stop by the sports store first!" Taiki protested.

"Oh no! You're not getting out of this one, Taiki!"


As they made their way through the mall, they passed the atrium and the fashion show that was going on. Taiki glanced toward the show and saw a young blond boy walking down the runway. He blinked several times. "Is that... Is that...Yuu?" A small blush crept onto his face.

Suddenly he felt another tug on his arm. "Hurry up, Taiki, or you'll be late for your haircut!" Taiki nodded at her in acknowledgement and looked back toward the runway. The blond boy had disappeared. But he still could not get the image out of his head.

"Could it really have been...?" He shook his head. "Nah, it couldn't have been."

o o o

It didn't take long for Yuu to escape the fashion show. After that first walk it was clear that he had been mistaken for somebody else and he quickly returned to his sister. "I'm so sorry, Nee-san!" he apologized, "It's just that they thought I was one of their models and then..." Nene quickly silenced him with a finger on his lips.

"I saw the whole thing," she said, "And I've got the perfect look for you! Come on!" Shifting her bags into one hand, she grabbed Yuu's wrist with the other and pulled him along.

o o o

The chime sounded the next morning and students walked in through the front gates. The first day of school of the new year had started. Yuu walked in with his backpack. He was dressed in white leg-fitting skinnies, a yellow button-front shirt, and yellow and green shoes. He had to admit, the clothes suited him well especially with his new hairstyle. He went inside and walked up to the roster to find which class he was in. Once he found it, he nodded to himself once he memorized it and proceeded to head toward his new classroom only to bump into someone.

"Ah, I'm sorry!" he quickly apologized, but then he looked up at who it was and gasped. "T-Taiki-san!" Yuu looked up at the brunet. Taiki had gotten his hair cut. It was no longer as shaggy as it used to be; the back had been cut short and the top had also been shorted so now it stuck straight up. He was wearing new clothes: a red and white T-shirt, grey shorts, maroon high-top sneaker, red and blue sweatbands, and a shiny new pair of goggles.

Taiki looked down at the blond boy and a puzzled look appeared on his face. Then the voice that had said his name registered. "Yuu?" He then suddenly remembered that model he had seen at the mall's fashion show the day before. "Yuu, is that you?"

"Taiki-san!" Yuu wrapped his arms around Taiki, causing the other boy to blush.

"Eh? Yuu!"

"I'm so happy to see you again!" Yuu cried before letting go.

"Yuu, you look so different now," Taiki said.

"Yeah. Nee-san gave me a makeover. She said it was 'cause it's a new school so I needed a new look." The blond spun around. "What do you think?"

Taiki could feel a small blush coming on. "You look...great."

Yuu giggled. "Thanks, Taiki-san! You look good, too."

"Gee um, thanks," Taiki answered. The two boys looked at each other. They were obviously happy to see one another once again.

"Taiki-san, there's so much I wanna talk to you about," Yuu said excitedly. Taiki couldn't help but smile.

"How about we meet up on the roof at lunch?" he suggested, "We can catch up then." Yuu nodded in agreement.

"Sounds great! I can't wait! Gosh, Taiki-san! It's so good to see you again! It's like..."

"TAIKI-SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" The voice was loud and it cut off Yuu and suddenly a blue blur slammed into Taiki, knocking him onto the floor.

"Taiki-san!" Yuu gasped. He looked over at the thing that had just rammed into his sempai. It was a boy the same age as Yuu wearing a blue V-neck T-shirt with images of the sun, moon, and a star printed on it. His hair was brown save for a large tuft in the front which was bright red. What was more, however, was that this boy also wore a pair of goggles.

"OH MY GOD! It's really you!" The boy was clearly hyperactive. As Taiki got back to his feet, the boy stepped back and started bouncing excitedly on the spot.

"Who... Who are you?" asked Taiki.

"I'm Tagiru Akashi! I'm your biggest fan!"

"I... I have fans?" Taiki was confused.

"You're my idol, Taiki-san! I wanna be just like you! No, I wanna surpass you!"

"Surpass me?"

Tagiru was pumped as he snorted air out of his nostrils. "Taiki-san! Please let me spend time with you! Hey, I know! Let's meet up at lunch on the roof! We can totally get to know each other then!"

"Well, I..." Taiki began but he was immediately cut off.

"Oh, I gotta run! Bye!" And with that, Tagiru ran off. Taiki looked over at Yuu and looked at him apolegetically.

"Sorry, Yuu."

"No problem, Taiki-san. We can always catch up some other time," Yuu answered, visibly disappointed. He was hoping he could get some one-on-one time with Taiki and then just like that some random kid showed up and invited himself to their rooftop lunch hour.

The bell suddenly sounded and Taiki sighed. "I gotta get to class," he said, "See you at lunch, Yuu."

Yuu waved at him as he left. "Bye, Taiki-san." Once the goggle boy was out of sight, Yuu went upstairs to the second floor and entered his classroom. He found an available desk and sat down, placing his backpack beside him. He groaned as he put his elbows on the desktop and his head between his hands.

"Oh hey, you were with Taiki-san, weren't you?" Yuu froze. He recognized that voice. He turned his head slowly and saw Tagiru sitting next to him.

"You're Taiki-san's friend, right? I'm Tagiru Akashi!"

"Yuu... Yuu Amano..."

"Yuu? That's a funny name! Well, nice to meetcha! Hey, let's hang out sometime!"

Yuu just sighed. "Yeah, whatever." He sat up in his chair and took out his pencil case as the teacher came in and class began.

This has been my first drabble and I can assure you there are many more to come!

For the record, I'll be writing these as I feel like it. I have consistent work to do on Yu-Gi-Oh! GNext, so anything I write for this will be on a whim.