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Chapter 1: Late Night Run

The night sky lit up as the moonlight shined upon Road Rover HQ, all of the Rovers were asleep peacefully. Each one was cuddled up with their loved ones, having wonderful dreams, But yet someone was still awake. The Master was up late checking out all the recent satellite reports and updates to see if there was any trouble out there, so far so good nothing has happened yet. He paused for a sec when he noticed Muzzle bouncing up right next to him. Smiling he reached and petted the Rottweiler, "Hi Scout, thought you'd be asleep also." Muzzle's eyes shut as he enjoyed being petted, and then made a soft, friendly snarl. "Yeah, I guess it's going to be a long night once again, my job is never done. I have to be able to alert the Rovers if any trouble arises."

After the Master finished petting Muzzle he bounced off, with a smiled he went back to typing away on his computer. A small beep could be heard as he clicked to find out what it was. One of the satellites picked up a break-in in progress at a local research facility, he had no idea who it was or how long ago it started but once thing for sure was that he needed to wake up the Rovers and inform them of this.

A high pitched whistle sounded throughout the base, it was the Rovers new mission alarm which was recently developed by Professor Hubert. It was one of the best ways to wake them up, in case they were asleep, plus it was an easy way to avoid waking up Hunter and Colleen's Child, Christian. Each one of their ears flickered as they all sat up in their beds. Hunter and Colleen both sat up as they tried to rid themselves of the drowsiness. "What…what's going on?" Hunter asked as he yawned.

Colleen on the other hand knew what it was after a sec, "Huntie that's the mission alarm, The Master is calling us."

"Ah man, not during the night," He responded as they both jumped out of bed and rushed to change out of their Pajamas. Once they finished they heard a knock on the door, after saying come in they saw it was Sierra and Shadow, both of them still drowsy from waking up. "Another mission I'm guessing?" Shadow asked as he rubbed his eyes.

"And a late one judging by the time," Sierra spoke next looking over at the clock, which read two in the morning.

Hunter nodded as he walked towards the two, "Unfortunately yes, so we all have to go out and there's no telling when we're going to get back." The two parents nodded, knowing that meant they were going to keep an eye on Christian until they got back.

Colleen joined them, holding out a baby monitor, "Here you're going to be needing this, just in case if Christian wakes up during the night."

They both nodded as Sierra accepted it as the two of them hugged their children. Then let them be on their way as they made their way to the briefing room. They were last to arrive as they found everyone there, all still looking a bit tired and would want nothing but to go back to sleep. The Master then showed himself as Hunter and Colleen took their places, "Rovers I'm sorry for waking you all but there's an emergency on our hands." He then pulled up security footage on the huge screen in front of them; it showed feed of some intruders ransacking the place, as if they were looking for something. "A local research facility has been broken into and as you can see they're looking for something, what it is I haven't a clue at the moment."

"What kind of things does that place hold?" Axel asked, as everyone seemed to be fully awake.

"Various chemicals, plants and equipment, It's very important that you all stop them and figure out what they are up to," He responded looking back at the Rovers.

"Who are we up against?" Krystal asked as they all looked back at the screen to gather more data.

"Well, they're all wearing black, so we can't tell who they are," Jenna responded.

"How many are there?" Hunter asked.

"We cannot truly be sure Rovers," The Master responded. "Now you all better be off, the place is only a few minutes from here, good luck."

Hunter stood up as he changed into his leadership role, "Alright everyone you've heard the Master, Lets Hit The Road Rovers!" they all were pumped up after that as they sprinted off towards the hanger. Before leaving Hunter was stopped as Muzzle bounced up next to him, he couldn't help but smile as he petting him. "Sorry Muzzle it's late, why don't you stay here and get some sleep." Muzzled seemed to be sadden at this but still agreed to it as he watched his friend run off after the rest of the team.

Once there Hunter turned to everyone and devised his plan, "Ok we're going to split up right now and hit the building from two sides. Me Colleen, Axel and Ariel are going out in the Street Rover and take the ground entrance, while Exile, Jenna, Blitz, Krystal, and Shag take the cloud Rover and go in through the roof. We'll hit them from both sides and link up once he neutralized everyone. Now let's go!" They all nodded as they went to their assigned vehicles and soon they were off.

Research Facility

Rapid movements could be heard echoing throughout the building followed they things being tossed around. The intruders inside were all wearing black and had masks covering their faces. They were all spread out looking for a specific item of interest, but so far they couldn't find it yet. Two of the intruders came up to one that seemed to be the leader of the break in. "Sir no luck on locating the objective," Spoke the first man.

The leader looked at the two, "Alright, then continue to search further in, that's mostly likely where they're keeping it."

All three of them walked together as the second guy spoke, "Sir what does the boss need this thing for anyway, what is he planning?"

"I'm not very sure yet, but whatever it is, he said it'll be worth it." Just then a beep was heard as he found it coming from his head set, clicking it one he responded, "Yeah go ahead."

"Sir we may found what we're looking for, but it's behind some kind of vault."

"Where are you?"

"Third floor, hurry up we're going to need some help here."

The transmission cut as he turned back to the two, "Ok you two get everyone up to the third floor, there's a vault that needs to be opened."

"Sir" They both responded with a salute before running off.

During that time his radio went off again, Turning it back on he answered, "What is it?"

"Sir we may have a problem, they're here."


The Street Rover came to a stop as they entered the gated area, stopping close to the building the four Rovers and jumped out. All of them had their new shock blasters with them, the same ones they used when they were in California. Hunter looked up and saw as the Cloud Rover landed on the roof, a good sign that they were all in position. "Ok we're all in place," He started talking as he looked at everyone, then turned on his comm. on his collar. "Exile you read me?"

He waited for a couple of seconds, nothing but silence could be heard, until he responded, "Dah comrade we on roof."

"Ok we all are going to comb around every single floor of this building till we-" He was cut off as an explosion shattered the windows on the second floor, obviously giving way the intruders position.

"What was that!" Axel shouted as they all ducked to avoid getting hit by the glass.

"It came from the third floor!" Colleen responded.

Hunter nodded as he tapped into his comm. "Exile the third floor, stat!"

"On it comrade!" Was all he said as the transmission cut off.

Third Floor

Smoke filled the room as the men all stood back waiting for it to clear before going it. The leader of the group cursed his men for making such loud of a noise, but it died down as he saw the huge vault was open. "Hurry up and find it, that explosion mostly likely have alerted them."

"Yes sir," They all said as five of them ran inside and searched for something.

"Sir we have a problem," A voice rang out as the leader turned.

"What is it?"

"Those Rovers are coming up!"

"Blast it, the Colonel is not going to like this," Skeam responded. "Alright hold back those Rovers for a few minutes." The men complied as they ran and took their places.

Hunter's group arrived on the top of the third floor stairway and headed for the door. He grabbed the handle and pulled it open, "Get back!" Axel called out as he pulled the retriever back as gunfire blasted through the door.

"Whoa nice save Axel," The retriever responded as they stayed away from the fire.

"What now?" Colleen asked, there was no chance that they could go through there without getting shot.

"What about the others?" Ariel suggested.

"Comrade!" A voice called out as footsteps echoed out from above. Looking they found the others racing down the stairs down to their sides. "What going on?"

"Our enemies are on the other side and we can't advance any further," Hunter explained, gesturing to the gunfire.

"Any ideas on what to do?"

Exile then turned to Shag, "Comrade don't you have smoke screen of some type?"

"Rah (Yeah)" He responded as he reached into his fur for a few seconds and pulled out a small can.

"Good idea," Hunter responded as he looked over at Axel, "Once the smoke screen is active, use your power and lead us through."

"Got it," He nodded. The power that Hunter mentioned was a special ability he recently gained which allowed him to see the aura around others, which also doubled as a thermal vision. They decided to call it aura sight. It was perfect for this situation. "Line up behind me and stick a hand on each other's shoulder."

They all got in place behind Axel, each placing a hand on a shoulder, making a small chain. Axel was given the can, pulled the pin and chucked it into the room. Waiting for a few seconds a loud pop rang out as the room filled with smoke. Concentrating Axel's eyes blinked, changing from a warm brown to a vibrant purple. Once the fire quickly stopped they rushed into the room unnoticed. As they moved Axel could see three people thirty feet away, keeping to the side of the hall they moved closer. Once at a good distance they broke the chain and fired a non-harmful shock from their weapons, shouts could be heard as they hit the floor knocked out.

Axel deactivated his power once the smoked cleared, just then multiple footsteps could be heard coming from around the hall. They all rushed to the spot, they didn't want to give the enemy the chance to surprise them with anything else. Just then four more came out but before they could get out a shot the Rovers dove for the floor and fired more bolts at them. They all got back up as they hit the floor and moved around the corner.

They got there in time to see a group of people rushing down the opposite side of the hall, they moved to pursue but were halted when a couple of objects were thrown at them. A not even a second passed as a blinding light radiated from them, temporary blinding them all. It took a few seconds and Hunter was the first one to regain his sight, he checked and saw the hall empty, save for the blown off safe door. He checked back on everyone started to regain their sight, "Everyone ok?"

They all confirmed that they were fine; they then moved forward and checked out the blown open safe. "What was it that they were after?" Colleen asked.

"I don't know, but it must have been something worth taking," Hunter responded as he looked over at Axel. "Check to see if you can sense their presence."

He nodded as he shut his eyes and concentrated, while he did that the other stepped into the vault to take a look at what could have been taken. Inside there were a bunch of small deposit boxes, see through cubbies, which had some plants behind. Except for the debris on the ground it looked like the room wasn't even touched. "What gives, why break into a place if they weren't even going to take anything?" Blitz asked while looking around again.

"Bad men must have run out of time when we got here," Exile answered.

"If that's the case then what is it they could have been after?" Colleen asked as they all formed up in the middle of the room just as Axel approached.

"I checked I can't sense a single trace of them in here, they most likely high tailed it out of here."

"Well if that's the case, then there's nothing more we can do here," Hunter responded as he headed for the vault's entrance. "Let's inform the police and get back home, I don't know about you guys but I'm tired."

After hearing their leader's words they too also started to feel tired as well, they weren't really sure how much time had passed but it sure had made them all feel tired. All they wanted to do at the moment was get some sleep; they could worry about this situation later when it became a bigger of a problem. Right now they could rest assure that they stopped the intruders from taking anything, their job was finished…for now.

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