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Chapter 16: Home

The engines of the Sonic Rovers blared as Hunter landed the ship in the hanger of HQ, finally after a few hours they were finally home. Once the ship fully landed the retriever shut everything off and unbuckled his belt to get up. After resting his ankle for a bit Hunter could walk on it, but he would still limp a bit. Both Rovers left the ramp and entered the hanger, they couldn't help but smile as they found the Master, Professor, their mother, father, and Christian there to greet them. Just the sight of them was enough to cause them to rush forward, both hugging their parents out of joy. "Welcome back!" The Master called out.

"We're so relieved that you two are safe," Sierra responded while she hugged Hunter.

"When we didn't hear anything from you for a while, we feared the worst," Shadow said next as he hugged Axel. Once they broke apart Hunter saw Christian in his grandmother's arms and picked the infant up and hugged him.

"My son….I thought I'd never see you again," He said out loud, with some tears starting to fall. Said child was hugging his father back, real happy to see him again.

"I'm terribly sorry for interrupting," Professor Hubert interjects, feeling a little bad for ruining the moment. "But did you get it?"

They were wrapped up in the moment they forgot what he meant, but it then came back to them at a moment's notice. "Yeah, it's right here," Axel happily announced as he held up the sack for them all to see.

The Professor then took the object into his hands and undid the string that held the sack up, all watching as it fell to reveal the container that held the plant inside. All of them marveled at the beauty of the flower that was inside. Although they were captivated by it the moment was cut short, "This is great, it might take an hour or two but I'll have the serum ready for the others."

"Alright Professor, get to it," The Master responded as the bloodhound nodded before heading for his lab. The Master then turned back to the two remaining Rovers, a smile on his face. "Hunter, Axel you both did an outstanding, although I should do it now, I'll debrief you once everyone has waken up. For now rest, you two have defiantly earned it."

"Thank you Master," Both Rovers responded together, watching as the Master left, leaving the small family left in the hanger.

Once all was said and done Sierra looked over at her sons and could actually see all the dirt and dust that had acclimated on their fur and clothes. "By the looks of it you two must of have been through a lot."

Both immediately got what she was hinting, they were a little embarrassed at it thou. "Yeah…I guess we need to wash up first," Hunter responded with a laugh.

"Being out in the jungle for two days sure is a daunting task," Axel then said with a laugh also. "Hot water does sound good right now."

"I hear you man," Hunter responded, handing his son back over to his grandparents. "I guess we'll see you guys in a bit."

"I guess so," Shadow responded. "You two just relax now, you two are home and the others are going to be fine."

"Thanks dad," Hunter and Axel both said as they headed out of the hanger and to their respected rooms.

Sometime later Axel exited his bathroom, feeling relieved after taking a hot shower. The water felt so good on him he thought he would stay inside for hours, but he managed to pull himself away. Now all cleaned up he changed into a white t-shirt and black sweatpants, after being in his field gear for a while it felt good to be in some light clothes. Ears perked as he heard a knock on his door, "Come in."

The door opened as Hunter walked into the room, all cleaned up as well, and by the looks of it he also chose to wear some light clothing. Consisting of blue shorts, which came just below his knees, and a green shirt. "Hey Axel."

"Sup Hunter, something wrong?" the Akita asked with a raised eye.

"No nothing really," He responded with a shake of the head before moving closer. "I just…wanted to talk to you in private."

"What about?" Axel asked, curious as to what this had to protein to.

Hunter responded by sitting on Axel's bed, the Akita joining his stepbrother. "I've been thinking….about what you did for me back there…"

"What do you mean?"

"Coming back for me," That caused a little silence between the two; Hunter waiting for a response but Axel didn't know what to say. Seeing that seemed to be making him uncomfortable so the retriever decided to say more. "I just…wanted to say…thank you."

That earned a smile from Axel, knowing that was a right set of words, "Like I said before I couldn't let you die, no matter the price. Seeing the looks on the others would be hard to bear if I left you."

"I know, and it made me realize something," He responded with a nod, deciding to look at the wall for a sec as he leaned back a bit. "Ever since mom and dad married a new bond was made between us, we became a stepbrothers, something I always wanted since I was a pup."

Axel was still clueless to where this was going to, "Where are you getting at?"

"You see during the time since then we've been hanging out together, having fun and all that other stuff. I wasn't so sure of it before but what you did for me back there has more than confirmed it," He explained as he looked back at Axel, who still had a confused look on. Hunter knew that he wasn't making since to him.

"I still don't get it, I mean I agree with what you're saying but, where is this leading to?"

Hunter smiled as he gladly explained, "We're neither stepbrothers…nor brother-in-laws, we're brothers Axel. Knowing that you would come back and save my life no matter what is enough to confirm that."

Axel was stunned by Hunter's words, he didn't fully get the concept but it was slowly starting to become apparent. "Hunter I…"

Still Hunter decided to continue, "Even though we're not related by blood, or parentage we both have done enough for each other to be able to call each other brothers. We both will give our live to protect each other, and help the other out. Our bond has formed to that great of a level, so I'm telling you…from now till eternity, we're brothers in every single form, what do you say?"

It took a bit for this all to process in Axel's head, but once it all did he couldn't help but smile. "I wouldn't have it any other way…bro." Both of them smiled as they bumped fist together, knowing that their brotherly bond has strengthen and both of them couldn't be happier for it.

Sometime later Hunter and Axel were with their parents in the rec room, retelling them about their whole adventure as they sat on the couch. When it came to the part on when Axel had to make the choice, both Shadow and Sierra were shocked at it, both couldn't believe that Hunter was almost lost in the process. They also mentioned Tim to them, both were happy to know that they had some help, but were sadden to know that he was going to jail now. Once all was said and done Sierra the hugged her son, who also made sure to be careful since Hunter was hold Christian in his arms. "I'm so glad I didn't lose you, I wouldn't have been able to bear it."

Returning the hug himself, Hunter could sympathize with her, "I know mom, I'm grateful for that also."

"Still it's good to see that you both came out of this alive," Shadow then commented. "None of us would have been able to take it."

"We know dad," Axel responded to his father. "I can honestly say that without Tim's help we're not sure if we could have escaped as we did. We basically owe him our lives."

Hunter nodded in response, "I thought about that too, but it's not right he's in jail right now. There has to be a way to help him."

"Maybe you two can ask the Master for help," Sierra suggested. "I'm pretty sure he can do something about it."

Both of them thought it over, The Master really did have a lot of good sources and could make things work. So there might be a chance he could do something to help Tim, which caused them both to smile. "Yeah, maybe we will," Hunter responded.

Just then the door to the room opened and in came Professor Huber, who looked like to be a little bit out of breath, but then smiled when he saw them. "Professor what is it?" Axel asked, curious.

"I finished it…" That was all that needed to be said as all of them rushed out of the room and headed back to the med lab, all knowing that this nightmare will be over.

A minute later everyone, including the Master, was in the med lab, waiting for the Professor to bring the cure in. All eyes were on the bloodhound as he brought in several shots with the serum inside of them. As he wheeled the tray over to them he then faced them before speaking, "This is it, I'm pretty sure that this will work, but who should we use it on first?"

Both Hunter and Axel looked at each other, both speaking to each other without words, but Axel motioned to his brother and they ended it. Hunter then looked over at the Professor, "Colleen first."

He nodded as he picked up one of the shots and primed it for use before moving over to the collie's side. He wiped a spot on her arm with an alcohol swab first before inserting the needle and injecting the serum into her. After removing it they all stood around her, waiting for the serum to take effect. After five seconds they decided to give it more time, after twenty seconds they started to get worried. But after nearly a minute their hopes soared as they saw her eyes started to move, and then they slowly opened, waking her out of her long slumber.

"Colleen?" Hunter asked as he moved closer to his wife.

She seemed to hear it but seemed to be blinded by the light above, "Hu-Hunter?"

She then sat up rubbing the sleep from her eyes, only to have her husband's arms flung around her, "Colleen, you're awake!" small tears started to fall from his eyes as the realization of her being wake was true.

"Hunter…what's wrong, what happened?" She confusingly asked, but still returned the embrace.

He didn't respond as he continued to hold her, but then they could hear their son's voice as he cried out for his mother. Hunter then let go of his wife as he held out Christian to Colleen, who then took her son into her arms. "Hey there…what's wrong there?" She rocked him in her arms and just like that he started to calm down, not before both of them let out a yawn. Just then Shadow and Sierra hugged her too.

"Colleen it's good that you're ok," Sierra said.

"Me too," Shadow seconded.

"What's going on mum and dad?" She asked still confused but still accepting the warm embrace.

As they watched this scene The Master then commented, "Professor, it works, now the others."

"Right," He responded as he moved over to Ariel need, repeating the same thing with her.

Colleen then took a moment to look over and was shocked to see the others the way they were, "Blimey, what happened to them?"

"You don't remember?" The Master asked as he moved closer to her, only receiving a shake of the head. "The mission you guys were on?" It was then she started to think things over, not knowing that she had be asleep for some time now made it hard for her to think.

Ariel sat up, and just like with Hunter, Axel flung her arms around his wife, happy to see her awake. "Axel…what's wrong." She also wasn't aware of the events that have transpired.

"What happened!" they both suddenly heard, turning to see that it came from Colleen. "All I remember was all of us being locked in a room them…something was sprayed into the room and then…nothing."

"We'll explain that in just a moment," Hunter reassured. "Just wake till the Professor wakes everyone first." She was still confused at what was going on but still nodded at her husband's request.

Ariel then looked over at Axel for an explanation but got the same thing Hunter said, "Just please wait, I know you're confused but we need to wait for the others first." It was then she looked over and noticed everyone else, only making her curiosity raises more.

A few minutes later the rest of the Rovers were all awake, trying to shake off all the sleep they had left over. The Master was petting Muzzle once he was awake, happy to know that he was up. Once all the sleep was gone though they too were confused at what was going on. "Mein Gott, why does it feel like I've been a sleep for ages?" Blitz asked, feet swung over the bed as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Well actually you guys were," The Master confirmed, instantly getting everyone's attention.

"What do you mean?" Jenna asked. "What happened?"

"What we have to say may shock you guys," Hunter said, preparing what he had to tell them. "You all have been asleep for nearly a week."

"What!" They all shouted, shocked at the information that was told. To them it didn't feel like that long, nor did it seem like it.

"I know this is all a shock to you all but-"The Master started out but was cut off by Exile.

"Comrades, how can this be true?"

"It doesn't even feel like It has been that long, nor does it feel like we been asleep," Krystal then said.

"It has…and we went through a lot to be able to save you all," Hunter responded, as they were nearing retelling their tale.

"Rat Ro Ru Ream (What do you mean)?" Shag then asked.

"You see…" Axel then continued. "We had trouble thinking of ways to help, the Hunter thought of Confuse-us…"

They then spent some time retelling the tale, not leaving out any single detail of the duo's adventure. Like their parents they were shocked at every unexpected thing that had happened. Then things started to lighten up as they told them of Tim, their only friend that help them, but then was sadden when they heard about his choice. But then things quicken when they were told of the choice Axel had to make, and the life and death situation Hunter was in, but knowing that Hunter was with them right now made them realized that things turned out fine. They some of them started to laugh once they heard about the switcheroo that happened. Finally the tale came to an end and everyone was amazed at what they heard, can couldn't believe that both Hunter and Axel managed to pull something like this off. They risked their lives for them and they couldn't be more grateful to it.

Both men were hugged by their wife's once they finished, both enjoyed the embraced. But then remembered something and turned to the Master. "Uh…Master we had a request we wanted to make…about Tim…"

The Master held up a hand, already knowing what they were going to ask. "Don't worry; I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you," They both said.

A nod was his response before continuing, "Now since I didn't do it before now would be a good time. Hunter, Axel you both have done something heroic by saving your teammates, you both risked your lives to be able to wake them. And even though Havoc got away you made sure he left empty handed. You two have done something that had never been done before and for that you two have my sincere gratitude, you're good dogs' rovers, good, good dogs."

Hunter then turned to his brother with a smile, "Since we both did this mission, why don't we both say it?"

That earned a smile from the Akita as the two of them faced the others, "To The Power Of The Pack!"

All in unison they all responded, "AAAAAHHHHHRRRRROOOOO!"

Unknown location

Havoc sighed as he hopped off his chopper and headed inside to his base with Skeam following behind him. Both of them, mainly Havoc, were displeased with how things went, but were somewhat happy that they escaped with the plant. "What's our next move Colonel?" Skeam asked as they both stopped, him saluting.

"Nothing for now," He responded before facing his lieutenant. "Since I have a bargaining chip I need to think of a way to use this against them."

"Of course sir, I'm sure you will think of something great."

"Oh I will," He responded as he walked inside the base. "Revenge will be mine, and with only two of them things will only be easier."

"Yes, what do you want me to do in the meantime?" Skeam asked, following Havoc.

"Find out who we lost and strike their names from our records, they're no use to us in jail," He responded as they approached his office.

"Yes sir!" He responded with a final salute before leaving to do what was told.

Havoc sighed as he opened the door to his darken office and made his way to the desk inside. Turning on the lamp on it the room illuminated at bit as he laid the sack onto the desk, fingers drumming on the surface. Deciding to take a look at his prize he loosen the ties and let the sack fall off, but that wasn't the only thing to fall. His mouth dropped as his eyes gazed at the object before him. A glass container, but no Gold Spring was inside, but in its place were various colored flowers that they had collected for research. "No…" He started out as he realized something. "No…." He stood up as the thought of the flower in the Rover possession came to mind. "Noooooooooooo!" he screamed out loud enough for everyone in the base to hear him.

Road Rover HQ

It had been a few hours since the others had been awaken and after the Master dismissed them they all decided to do a few things together. First they all went out to the beach and had some fun, some swimming, and a little volleyball was done. Even though he had awakened Shag had insisted that he make them all a huge dinner, which they all enjoyed. They all talked as if none of the things had happened. To top it all off they decided to have a small movie night with popcorn and some ice cream for some who had a sweat tooth at the moment. But midway during the movie Axel and Hunter were called into the Master's chambers; apparently he had something to tell them.

They all sat across from each other as they waited for The Master to speak, "I made a few calls regarding your friend Tim."

"And?" Hunter perked up, catching their interest. "What happened?"

With that he smiled at that, "It's good news. I made a few calls and pulled a few favors and I managed to get Tim out of jail."

That seemed to make them both happy as their tails wagged, "Man that's a huge relief," Axel then said. "Someone like him doesn't belong in jail."

The Master nodded in agreement, "I know, but there were some conditions to him being released." He received some concerned looked but reassured them. "Don't worry they're minor. The only conditions were that he was to be put on house arrest for a year, that's all I could talk them down to. But he can get some time reduced if he does some community service."

"Well…that's a relief," Hunter responded with a smile. "Thank you Master, you really pulled through for us."

"You're welcome, I'm glad I could be of some help for you both." All three of them sat up. "Now you two go back to your friends and loved ones, I'm sure you two want to spend some more time with them." With a smiled from the both of them they nodded and headed out of the room, back to their loved one. The Master stood there for a while longer, watching as they left. "You two have done a great service…I'm so glad to have you two here."

A few hours later everyone was tired and decided to head for bed, after saying goodnight they all headed off for their rooms. Axel and Ariel entered their room but then Ariel hugged her husband from behind, catching him off guard for a sec. "What's that for?" He asked, turning around and returning the embrace.

"I'm just glad you and Hunter came out ok," She responded, some tears falling. "I'm glad you two are alive."

Axel then held his wife close, wiping the tears away, "It alright, I'm here, so is Hunter, we made it and everything's fine."

"I know but…just knowing everything that had happened while we were out…it's hard to digest still." She responded, looking into his loving eyes as he did.

"Forget about it, and remember that everyone is fine, as am I and we can still share moments like this," He told her as he closed in.

"I know and-"She was cut off as Axel kissed his wife on the lips, she instantly forgot about everything and returned it. Soon the kiss got more in depth and heated, both of them knew where it was going. Without breaking the kiss Axel carried Ariel to their bed and laid her down of it and soon they were both lost in their passion of love for each other. After they finished they cleaned up, showered off, changed into their pajamas and lay down in bed. both shared one last kiss before falling asleep, the two of them were back together and couldn't be happier.

Meanwhile before Hunter and Colleen entered their room their mother and father walked up to them. "Hunter, Colleen we can watch after Christian for the night," Sierra offered.

"It's ok mum, we're fine," Colleen responded, holding her son in her arms, who currently was asleep.

"It's no problem," Shadow assured. "Beside chances are that you two would want to be alone tonight."

He laughed a bit as the two of them blushed. "Don't worry you two, we can handle it," Sierra added as she gently took her grandson into her arms, making sure not to wake him.

"Ok," Hunter responded, "Thank you."

"Goodnight you two," Shadow said as they started towards their room. They didn't need to worry about a crib since they had a spare one in their room, just in case one of their missions took over a day long. Hunter and Colleen both then entered their room together, "Today was a good day," Colleen announced as she sat down of their bed.

"Yeah I know," Hunter responded as he headed for his dresser to get his night clothes out. "Having everyone awake was the best thing."

"And most of all…I'm glad you're alive Huntie."

That statement made the retriever stop what he was doing; he turned and faced his wife only to see some tears in her eyes. "Colleen it's ok."

"I could have lost you…" She responded, getting up and closing the gap between them, hugging her husband. "I don't know what I would have done if I lost you."

He returned the hug the as he tried to calm Colleen down, "Don't worry, you don't have to experience that, I'm here now and that's all that matters."

"I know, but remembering what Axel said about him making a choice," She started as she wiped a tear away. "If he hadn't gone back for you-"

"He did and I'm here," Hunter interrupted. "Don't think about it ever again, you don't have because it's never going to happen again. None of us will have to go through the feeling loss at all."

"Never?" She asked with a smile.

His answer came in the form of a kiss, one that was long and passionate. After they broke apart he smiled, "Was that enough?"

She smiled again as she kissed him again, but this time it was more heated, plus it was a sign of what they both wanted. Hunter happily obliged as he lifted his wife off her feet and walked to their bed. for a while they both were lost in their passion they had for each other, both enjoying the moments they had together once again. After they finished and cleaned up they changed for bed and lay down. After holding each other Hunter kissed Colleen one last time, "Night, I love you."

Colleen then returned the kiss, "I love you to Hunter, and thank you and Axel for everything." Both smiled as they shut their eyes and went to sleep, both happy to know they were together again. Thanks to Hunter and Axel, who risked their lives, they managed to save their whole team. They did something that seemed impossible but managed to accomplish it, and now the whole team was together again, and everyone couldn't be more grateful.


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