Before reading this Fanfic, there are several notes I would wish to make.

Note 1: The Kyzua are my creation and there are several characters throughout the story that are my own and parts of the story will be based on them. Also, I do not own MVA.

Note 2: I will note that there are several parts in some chapters that may be slightly disturbing to some readers so if you see this symbol (XX) at the beginning of the chapter, there will be a part that will be slightly disturbing. I will put the symbol over the exact part of the chapter when one of these parts comes up. Anyone has any questions, PM me.

If there were any perfect nights of the year, it was guaranteed to be in the summer. The sky was clear and dominated completely by an ever-stretching blackness that was filled with thousands upon thousands of stars that lit up the night sky like hundreds of lights. However, like a display of decorations, there was one thing that stood out in the night sky in brightness and that was the moon, hanging in the sky and shining brightly down onto Earth below. A cool and gentle summer breeze blew through the air. This was a perfect summer's night.

And the same thing could be said for one group of friends in Modesto. At one house near the edge of the small city, a group of friends had gathered with the owners Carl and Wendy and their daughter Susan and her friends. However, her friends were no ordinary friends.

They were monsters.

Among the crowd of about ten people in the back garden, Wendy, a medium height woman with short black hair and was dressed in a short pink top and a cream skirt, came out into the garden and the chatter in the air instantly hit her. Some of their friends, mostly women, were standing over by the pool, whispering and giggling amongst themselves as they watched a tall fish-ape hybrid with dark green skin named Link show them his fancy dive moves on the diving board. Nearby at a table, a large light blue blob with a single eyeball hovering at the top of the gelatinous mass named B.O.B was trying to feed a jelly dessert with the foods he had brought it, or her as he referred to it, and in the fields at the back of the house, a large butterfly like named Insectosaurus, or Buttflysaurus as he was now known, was lying down on the ground, watching his friend Link intently in the small party going on in the back garden of the house.

"Susan!" Wendy called stepping out into the garden and looking around for her daughter. She was bound to be out here somewhere. "Where is she?" she muttered to herself. "Susan," she called again.

"Coming, Mom," a woman from nearby replied and out from behind a couple who were talking came a young woman who was in her early twenties with short silver hair and was dressed in a usual black army uniform with a hint of orange over the pockets on the top and down the back of the trousers. On her feet was a pair of trainers. Around her middle finger was a tiny gold ring, which had been given to her to allow her to shrink back to her Human size from her original giantess height. She rushed over to her mother. "Sorry, I was talking one of my friends," she said to her mother.

"That's okay, sweetie," her mother replied. "I came out to ask you if you could help me and your father bring out the rest of the food for everyone,"

"Sure," she said with a smile and she followed her mother back inside the house to help out.

At the pool, Link, who was standing on the end of the diving board, was preparing to show the group of women another of his dives.

"Okay, ladies, this one is what I call a triple spin flip," he said to them and turned so his back was to the pool and raised his arms until they straight out in front of him. The group of women watched as he bent his knees several times and then, with all his strength, jumped into the air and curled into a ball, spinning around in mid-air three times. The women watched approvingly as their hybrid entertainer dived down towards the pool towards the pool.

THUD! "Ooooooowwww!"

Unfortunately, Link had not moved forward when he had jumped into the air and landed head first onto the diving board. Groaning, he fell sideways into the pool.

"Are you okay?" one of the women asked, giggling as she knelt down near the side of the pool.

"Argh! Yeah!" he replied, rubbing his head. Upon seeing them giggling and whispering, he tried to put on a confident face. "Yeah…uh, that was a warm up! Just a warm up," he told them. "Now, I'll show ya how It's really done,"

The women giggled. "I bet you will," one of them muttered, making her friends laugh. Undaunted, Link strutted over confidently to the diving board.

At the back door of the house, Wendy emerged holding a plate of small cakes she had baked and carried it over to the table Bob was at.

"C'mon, Janet!" she heard him say to the dessert as she set the plate down on the table. The dessert wobbled on the plate and Bob, who was holding one of the homemade sandwiches in his hand, gave a frustrated sigh. "Yeah, I know you're not hungry but can you at least try it! I mean, I spent ages making them!"

"Uh, Bob," Wendy said to him with a chuckle. His eye moved across to look at her. "I made them," she corrected him.

A pause hung between them for a moment before he moved his hand up to the side of his mouth facing the dessert.

"I know, but I'm trying to make an impression on her," he whispered to her.

Wendy rolled her eyes and walked back toward the house, passing her daughter as she came out with a bowl full of crisps. As she set them down and turned to walk back towards the house, she noticed someone else sitting over by the set up bar near the edge of the garden, all alone. It was a man with a Human body but a cockroach head with two large antennae sticking out of the top of his head.

Wonder what's up with Doc? She mentally asked herself as she walked over to him.

Dr Cockroach was sitting on one of the bar stool around the wooden bar, a half-empty glass of his atomic gin fizz concoction on the counter next to him, which he was careful not to give too much of a kick as last time he had down he had blown a hole open in the bar. He was staring down at a small log book of his which held several black and white pictures of men dressed in army uniforms, some with one man, others with two or more standing next to one another and posing goofily for the camera. A small batch of writing was next to each picture.

His advanced hearing picked up footsteps behind him and he looked over his shoulder at Susan as she approached him.

"Oh, hello, Susan, my dear," he greeted her.

"Hey, Doc," she replied, sitting down on the stool next to him. He resumed looking down at the log book on the counter as if completely ignoring her. "Are you okay?" she asked him, a little concerned.

"Oh, yes. Yes, I'm fine, my dear," he told her, trying to sound reassuring but she saw past it.

"Well, you're all on your own over here," she said.

"I'm just looking through my log book, my dear," he explained to her. "And I assure you, I'm fine,"

Susan did not accept this, but said nothing. She looked down at the log book with him, her eyes resting on a photograph with a young man dressed in a paratrooper's uniform, smiling at the camera. Behind him was a small tent with several boxes of ammunition around it. In the background around the tent, other soldiers with flat capped hats were busy at work. On the paper next to the photograph was the date September 16th, 1944 written in pencil.

"Just before Market Garden," Dr Cockroach said to her. "I found this very recently in one of my old boxes Monger had to confiscate when he captured me,"

"You look really young there," Susan said. "You must have been what…twenty?"

He shook his head. "No, eighteen," a pause as he took a sip from his atomic gin fizz. "One of the youngest in the paratroopers that went into Arnhem, and I was one of the luckiest to get out alive,"

"Wow," Susan said admiringly. That must have been a shocking time for him. Being only eighteen and going into combat in the worst war Humanity had ever fought with itself must have been a scary time for him, and it probably scarred him because not only with what he had seen, but because he had been lucky enough to escape from Arnhem before it fell back into the hands of the Germans.

"What exactly did you do when you were there?" she asked him.

"Oh, I was a radioman," he answered. "Worked for most nights and days, I was never really much for fighting," another pause as he took a deep breath through his nose. "I had to leave some of my best friends there when I left," another deep breath. "I always hoped I could see the ones that escaped there again…but…but they wouldn't recognize me now,"

"I'm sure they would," Susan reassured him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Doc, I mean, you've saved the Earth countless times and showed everyone you're not a monster,"

"Maybe for the Earth, but I know they wouldn't truly accept me like they had done before," he said. "I'm probably just a freak to them,"

"No you're not. Look, doc, you're just getting over-worried. I mean, look what happened to me. Everyone managed to accept me and everyone I know has done so with you guys as well,"

Dr Cockroach looked up at her friends, gazing deep into her blue eyes. She was right in a way. Before, she had been a normal Human just like him until something changed their lives and made them what they were now. He had been trying to give Humans the cockroach's ability to survive at the height of the Cold War. He had succeeded in his test, but there was a side effect and it was what made his head what he was now. Susan had been hit by a meteorite and made into a giantess and captured. Luckily for her, though, an alien invasion just weeks after she had been transformed had granted the monsters their freedom and Susan had pretty much been accepted almost instantly by her parents. It had taken the others longer to be accepted by everyone else, which had only come after the alien Gallaxhar and his army of clones had been destroyed, but they were happy for when everyone had accepted them as people and defenders of Earth.

Still, though, Dr Cockroach had not really felt fully accepted. Though many people admired him, he still always thought of how he could be fully accepted by being one of them just like Susan was, but was almost met with the same result that he thought he could never be one of them because he was half man and half insect.

Another thud from behind drew his and Susan's attention to the pool. Link had tried another dive move and this time had slammed his head against the side of the pool when he shot away from the diving board. The group of women laughed as he emerged from the pool, rubbing his head. Susan and Dr Cockroach chuckled.

"Oh dear," he said. "He'll really hurt himself one day,"

"Hey, Doc, it is Link," Susan told him. "With women around, he won't stop his dive moves,"

Dr Cockroach chuckled and gave a slight nod. "True,"

He resumed looking back down at the photograph of him in the log book. Susan saw this and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"C'mon, Doc," she said. "Don't be hard on yourself. You've been accepted fully by us, so that's something," she pointed out to him, trying to cheer him up.

"Maybe, but I find it hard how I can get everyone to just accept me rather than think of me of a freak," he replied. "I mean, Link has managed to get everyone to accept him by his strength and failed ways with the ladies, Bob's random outbursts and cuteness from his unintelligence have made him lovable and Insectosaurus is like a huge hamster. And you have your parents," he sighed. "If only I had someone like I had before,"

"Well, you have us," Susan pointed out to him. "Don't worry, Doc. We'll find a way. As long as you have us, you have respect and gratitude and…nothing's going to change that," he looked up at her deep blue eyes again questionably, but after a few moments gave into her and sighed with a smile.

"You never seem to lose hope, do you," he said to her.

"Well…I never did when I became a monster," she told him. "And I especially don't lose hope when it comes to helping my friends," she got up. "Now, c'mon, we have your favourite food out there on the table,"

He smiled at her and stood up, closing the log book and putting it in his pocket. "I could do with some ambrosia right now," he said and walked alongside his friend towards the table where everyone was gathering around.

"So how is the ring doing you?" he asked her.

"Fine, thanks," she replied with a smile. He loved it when she smiled. It was radiant and…well, the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. "Look, Doc. I promise you, and I think the others will as well, we'll help you, don't worry,"

He smiled back at her. "Thank you, Susan," he replied.

"It's okay. Now, we better hurry before Bob tries to feed everything to Janet," she joked. They laughed.

Well, even though the doctor was down, he did perk up after a while. He was glad he had his friends here to support him and be there for him. Hopefully, he, with their support, could find acceptance in everyone.