Two Months Later

It was another Potter dinner and Draco was leaning against the kitchen door viewing the mayhem within. The Weaselette had a squalling infant in one arm and her wand in the other. She seemed to be furiously finishing up the dinner preparations and placating the child. Draco had to admire her multi-tasking ability.

Hermione rushed in chasing yet another Weasley kid into the kitchen, this one belonging to Bill and Fleur. She caught the kid by the shoulder and whispered in the girl's ear. She nodded solemnly but the moment Hermione's back was turned, rushed after Teddy who had stuck his tongue out at her.

Draco's attention didn't stay on the children though; they were firmly fixed on Hermione. Gods, she was beautiful and he wondered how it was possible to love her more every day.

Their relationship hadn't been easily accepted by others, although it didn't bother Draco or Hermione that much. It could, however, have been worse.

Draco's parents were as frosty as ever, although they were never outright hostile to Hermione. Draco even suspected they somewhat liked Hermione, although he knew they would never show it. It just wasn't the Malfoy thing to do.

His friends were also somewhat accepting, but only after Theo had made it a point to publically declare his support and everyone knew the Pure-Blood community were like sheep—where one went the rest followed.

No, the most opposition came from Hermione's side.

Ron had made an utter arse out of himself by publically 'disowning' Hermione as a friend at work of all places. She had just scoffed in his face and turned her back on him. She hadn't considered him much of a loss and hadn't given it much thought since.

She had received and ugly howler by Molly Weasley and Draco could tell that that had hurt her. Draco had wanted to kill the old bitch but had decided to comfort Hermione instead. It wasn't long before she was smiling again.

The worst of it was when a number of Draco's old conquests had made it a point to confront Hermione and in lurid detail. Draco had been quite nervous to hear about this but Hermione had just rolled her eyes and stated, 'They're all just bitter and jealous. I really feel sorry for them.'

He had kissed her and once more congratulated himself on his exceptionally good taste in girlfriends. And as Hermione was his first and only girlfriend, it really said something.

Their biggest champions, to Draco's surprise, were Ginny and Harry. They had stood by them through all of it.

Ginny had charmed him immediately and he had to admit he liked her immensely. Harry and Draco's relationship were somewhat more complicated though. The sniped and argued with each other whenever they could and although he supported Hermione's choices, they still couldn't warm up to each other.

The tide changed though when Ginny went into labour. Hermione left to be by Ginny's side and Ginny had insisted Harry not come near her. Of course Potter didn't listen, insisting he should be there for her, but after Ginny became hysterical, Potter was apparently asked to leave.

Harry was left pacing the waiting room in a dither, knowing there was no point in forcing his way in when his presence might make it more difficult for Ginny. Draco had taken one look at Potter and had promptly left again.

Draco came back not ten minutes later with a full bottle of Fire Whiskey, had taken Potter by the elbow to lead him to a chair and had shoved the bottle into his hands.

They were nearly halfway through the bottle when the receptionist had come to scold them about drinking in a hospital. The combined intimidation of both a Potter and a Malfoy was too much for the woman and she had slunk off from whence she came.

Hermione found them laughing hysterically and hanging off each other to keep from sliding off their chairs. They were definitely causing a commotion and there were plenty of disgruntled faces around them, but Hermione didn't care. Neither, it seemed, did Draco and Harry.

After Harry found out he had a son, he had pulled Draco into an exuberant hug and had dashed off to see his wife and child, not even noticing Hermione was there or that she had actually given him the news.

After that, thing between Harry and Draco were different, but not so that anyone would notice. It was only a select few who knew their arguing wasn't malicious anymore. Hermione had even caught them being pleasant to each other.

Hermione finally noticed Draco watching her so intently and came to give him a kiss. She also turned and fondly surveyed the commotion that was happening in the kitchen.

'Good god, Hermione, you should have warned me what I was getting myself into before we got involved with each other. A Malfoy does not subject himself to such bedlam.' He was of course teasing. Despite his words; he hoped bedlam would befall on his own house very soon and Hermione knew it.

Hermione patted him lovingly on the cheek, her wedding ring glinting in the light overhead.

'Put a sock in it, Draco.'

The End