After making his way out of the Dome of Doom, Jack once again found himself walking through a desert. Yet for some reason the desert heat in this particular one was hotter than any other he had experienced before. For seven long days Jack walked. Finally on the afternoon of the eighth day, Jack came across a city. Like all the other cities he had been to, this one was also very hi tech filled with stuff the likes of which Jack had never seen before.

"Hm. I wonder what this place is called. Jack then noticed a sign a short distance away from him. In red letters he read "Welcome to Neo Gotham." "Well I hope they have fried shrimp here." Jack then walked into the city looking for the first restaurant he could find.

On the other side of the world Aku was watching Jack through one of his portals. "Foolish samurai! He goes into New Gotham not knowing of the dangers that await him. For Gotham in particular is one of the most dangerous cities on this planet I control. My robot guards are crawling all over the place and assassins have been dispersed to finally rid myself of this pest." Aku then sat in his throne of fire and pondered the situation. Even though he hated to admit it, everything he had sent against Jack in the past had all failed him miserably. No, this time he would do something different. This time he would send not one but two people to kill him. And not just any two people, but two people from his elite army. Aku summoned a fire orb which had all the members of his army and scrolled through them. "Hm, perhaps Doctor Octopus. No his sword would cut easily through his arms. Maybe that phantom boy who I corrupted. Ah-Ha! I got it!" Aku had selected his choice. Without even thinking he summoned them right in front of him. One was clad in black and orange and covered in ammo. The other was wearing a bodysuit of advanced armor and carrying a blaster rifle.

"Deathstroke, Boba Fett, you are two of my finest champions. You have worked together in the past and have never failed me. I bring you before me today to do one thing: destroy Samurai Jack!"

"Hmm. And just where is the samurai, master?"

"He is currently in Gotham City. I will transport you there and he you will bring me his head."

"Gotham? But what if Batman shows up? That is his turf after all."

Aku stared at them for a while. "Bwa-haha! Foolish worries! I'm confident that the two of you combined will be able to take them down, should he show himself. Now go and do not fail me!" And with that Aku transported them right into New Gotham. Boba Fett punched some numbers on his wrist gauntlet and immediately picked up Jack's footprints which they used to track him. It was not long before they found him at a noodle bar.

"Hard to believe that this one's been causing so much trouble master Aku."

"Never underestimate any opponent Fett. Remember what happened to your father?"

"Stinking Jedi got lucky. This samurai won't get me so easily. I have my flamethrower set to crispy. Shall I jump out and fry him?"

"No. We'll need to approach this one differently. Stat here and wait for my command."

"Sure I stay in the corner and you have all the fun."

Deathstroke stealthily sneaked up on Jack who was eating his noodles. He then unsheathed his sword and charged at him. Jack's ears caught sound of the footsteps and got his sword up just in time to block. As soon as their blade clashed each warrior began using their might to push their swords closer to their opponents. It seemed like they were evenly matched.

"Who are you? Another of Aku's Bounty hunters?"

"No. I' m in a different league then the others you faced." Deathstroke then kicked Jack in the stomach and disengaged from him. "Fett! Now!" Boba Fett leaped out and fired his flamethrower at Jack which he narrowly avoided. The fire was at a relatively high temperature as Jack could feel the heat even from this distance. Then Jack looked up and saw Deathstroke coming down on him. Deathstroke slashed his sword and was able to cut Jack's kimono twice. Jack felt the pain of the sword attack spread across his body but simply picked himself up and ripped off the top of his uniform. Jack then regained his balance and got in a fighting position.

"Even you are no match for our combined powers, samurai. Give up now and spare yourself the humiliating defeat."

Jack didn't respond and simply fixed an intense glare at his two adversaries.

"Suit yourself."

Just as Deathstroke began to charge again, a series of smoke bombs descended from the air and covered the air with a thick mist. This stopped Deathstroke's attack as he and Boba were stuck trying to pull themselves together. While this was going on, an arm pulled him out of the fog. Jack couldn't see the face but he heard a voice saying "Come with me if you want to live."

Boba Fett activated his flamethrower and used it to clear the smoke. When it was gone so was Jack.

"This is not good."

Jack followed the mysterious figure until they reached a mansion overlooking a cliff.

"Where exactly are we?"

"You'll know soon enough."

They entered the mansion and made their way to the library. The mystery man walked over to the bookcase and pulled out a security panel. After entering in a code the bookcase turned to reveal a secret passageway.

"Enter and I'll answer any question you have."

Jack hesitated at first. Could he trust this man? After all he had saved his life. He decided to trust him and walked into the secret passageway. He followed a series of stairs that led him downwards into the ground. Eventually he reached what looked a giant cave with a bunch of hi tech equipment sprawled all over it. Waiting for him he saw five figures: three young men who looked like they were still in their teens, a young man wearing a yellow and black jumpsuit, and a man garbed entirely in black and with a visor.

"What is this place?"

Jack's savior then joined him downstairs. Jack got his first good glance at him: he was garbed entirely in black armor with a red symbol across the chest. Jack instantly recognized the symbol as a bat.

"The resistance."