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31st of October 1981.

"Tell me now, Bellatrix, is your talent at warding still as .. sufficient?" a silky voice asked as Voldemort twirled his wand through his fingers with a contemplative look.

"Of course, my lord," Bellatrix breathed, her voice full of adoration for her lord.

"Good, now we know the Potter's location you may proceed with disposing of the wards," Voldemort ordered. Though he was the feared and powerful Dark Lord, the Black family had skills in warding unrivalled by any other man, their ancestral home was more heavily warded than even Hogwarts if their boasting was to be believed.

"Yes, my lord," Bellatrix said as her customary wicked smile fell into place on her thin lips as she wordlessly started to dispel the strong wards surrounding the Potter ancestral home, Potter mansion.

It was mere minutes later that the wards fell, silently not to alert the still sleeping inhabitants of the mansion, and the Dark Lord and his most loyal servant entered. Through the front door, of course, which required another spell as its wards fell too.

They proceeded silently through the empty hallways, knowing just where the youngest Potter child would be thanks to Peter Pettigrew, as they stopped in front of a door. Pushing it open Voldemort allowed a cruel smile to form on his pale lips, intent on showing Dumbledore that he was not ignorant of the prophecy and that the sole person capable of even harming him would die. He glanced at Bellatrix, the woman still sporting her own crazed smile as her fingers impatiently tapped her wand, as he entered the room.

The inside of the spacious room was tastelessly decorated in only red and gold. It was everywhere and seemed to scream at Voldemort as he focused his red eyes at the crib and the sleeping toddler in it. Dylan Potter, the youngest Potter brat, the one prophesied to defeat him. That's when his eyes fell on the shady form stepping in front of the crib as a slightly older boy stood there, arms wide as if to protect his sleeping sibling.

"Go away," the boy said in surprisingly clear English despite his young age as he opened his eyes, displaying marvellous emerald orbs staring impassively back at Voldemort, "You can't touch Dylan."

"Oh boy," Voldemort said silkily as he quickly cast a silent and wandless silencio,"I can do anything I want."

"Well, you can't have Dylan. I won't let you," the boy said boldly as he glared at Voldemort, it then dawned on the Dark Lord. This was Harry, the three-year old brother of Dylan, born on the very same day. But, the prophesied child had to be born when July ended, not have a birthday in that month so that brat was ruled out.

"You insolent little brat!" Bellatrix screeched as she raised her own wand, "Cruc-"

Her curse what cut off as Voldemort calmly lowered her wand with his bony fingers as he shook his head. He admired the boy's bravery to a certain degree but he had a job to do. Killing Dylan Potter. So the boy had to go.

So he cast a silent petrificus totalus as he froze the boy before taking a step to the side to get a clear view at Dylan. He would kill him later, first was Dylan. The boy was pudgy and had messy black hair. Not at all like his tiny, slender brother. Voldemort raised his wand as he prepared to say the killing curse.

"Avada Kadavra," he said softly as he watched the green light whiz towards the sleeping toddler.

No! Harry's young mind screamed as he saw the strange man curse his baby brother, in a burst of overpowered accidental magic and pure willpower he broke free of the petrificus totalus as he jumped in front of the green light. His mind focused solely on protecting his sibling as his magical essence did just that. Protecting Dylan. In a burst of red light the two spells, one intentional the other accidental, collided as they fought.

Voldemort watched the spectacle that took no longer than a few seconds with wide eyes before he felt his soul being ripped from his body as he slowly crumbled to ash as his very own killing curse sprang back at him. What his eyes didn't see was the part of his soul being sucked into Harry, leaving a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. Bellatrix's response was immediate and praiseworthy as she whipped out her wand to send out a cutting curse at the boy that seemingly killed her beloved master. Her mind was raging as she screeched out curse after curse that all seemed to get absorbed into the boy's red dome-like shield until it wavered and a stray curse grazed Dylan's cheek, leaving a straight line on it that bled profusely. The boy started to cry as he opened his murky brown eyes and grabbed around with his hands in the empty air. Harry just collapsed, both mentally and magically exhausted.

Bellatrix saw that as her cue to leave, the boy's crying would wear out the silencing charm faster than it could be recast, as a crazy idea hit her. Grabbing the older boy's shoulder roughly she broke the anti-apparition ward, the only that would cause an alarm to go off if broken, and disapparated away with the unconscious boy in her arms.

Seconds later two sleepy-looking adults rushed into the room as they saw the ravage left there and their bleeding son. For a moment James and Lilly Potter didn't notice something else was missing as they worried and fussed over Dylan until they noticed, or rather didn't notice, Harry. For weeks the wizarding world would search for the older brother to Dylan Potter, the boy who lived, but to no avail. The boy was gone. But nobody, not even the boy's family, noticed it as they were too wrapped up in Dylan's fame and what it brought.

And days later, as the aurors went to lock up the remaining Death Eaters they were surprised to see the whole Lestrange family had vanished. Gone was their gold from Gringotts and later, as they went to interrogate Walburga Black, they would see that the whole Ancient and Noble family of Black has left England. According to rumours Bellatrix Lestrange née Black had been made head of the family as she was the first in-line before her sisters. And with Andromeda and Sirius disowned and Narcissa married to the head of the Malfoy family the decision was easily made. After all, Rodolphus wasn't first in line to inherit his own title, is brother Rabastan was so there was no scandal because a head never married a head or first-in-line. Not that that would have mattered, Bellatrix always had a knack for breaking traditions. By abducting a filthy half-blood for example.

Thirteen years later

30th of October 1994

As the doors to the Great Hall opened and Dumbledore welcomed the "Sons of Durmstrang," people were awed by the display. Heavy built boys, not fat but muscled, strode inside with nearly identical stoic faces as their red robes billowed around them. They whirled around heavy staffs as if they were mere sticks as others displayed magnificent acrobatic abilities with ease. At the back a man in white robes walked briskly, a grey goatee on his chin and two boys walking alongside him. While most of the boy's attention was drawn to the heavy built boy with the scowl and the off-set nose the girl's attention was drawn to a different person.

Walking on Karkaroff's right side walked a boy with silky black hair neatly combed back but a little ruffled up at the end. His face was angled with aristocratic cheekbones and a straight nose. His lips were thin and showed an arrogant smirk as his brilliant emerald eyes regarded the Great Hall with boredom. He wasn't tall, a little shorter than average, and wasn't built as bulky as the other students. But what made him stand out wasn't just his looks, no, it was the way he carried himself. He walked like he owned the castle and did so without a care in the world. His eyes, though as brilliant as the gemstone they looked like, were cold and impassive.

The boy and the rest of the Durmstrang students went to sit at the Slytherin table, sticking together at the far end of it.

"They are staring," the boy with the rather unfortunately-shaped nose said in German as he regarded the silent hall, his scowl ever-present on his face.

"At you, I suppose," the regal-looking boy said calmly as he twirled some of the cutlery around in slender fingers with a grimace, "I dislike their pitiful excuse of silverware."

As if by magic most of the Durmstrang students whispered the same things, voicing their own dislike of the tableware in a quiet rumble of German.

"Oh Henry, you are right. This tableware is most displeasing," a blonde girl purred a few seats away from Henry as she sent him a look from beneath her eyelashes.

"Veronika, hush!" the boy next to Henry snapped as he glared at the girl.

"Jealous, Viktor?" Veronika taunted gleefully.

"I say we continue this conversation in English, to give the Hogwarts students a chance to overhear our conversation as they so desperately wish," Henry stated dryly as he watched the people staring at them with undisguised curiosity.

People nodded grimly at this as they grimaced, it was no secret. They held no love for England and its magical school. Or Beauxbatons for that matter. After all, anyone at Durmstrang knew it was the very best there is on magical schools. Hogwarts was for those with no skill, intelligence or money while Durmstrang housed the best of wizards and witches Europe had to offer.

The meal continued that way, some of the students from Hogwarts desperately trying to gain their attention while the Durmstrang students shovelled their food in. After all, food at Hogwarts wasn't as filling as they wanted it to be. That the skinny girls (and some odd boys) from Beauxbatons found it to heavy was because they just weren't used to food at all.

A nearly albino-looking boy kept sneaking glances at Viktor, which meant having to look around Henry which the boy did not like.

"Either you cease twisting your body around mine to see Viktor or I will personally make sure you never regain the ability to use said body," Henry snarled in German as his emerald eyes filled with disdain, the boy might be a Malfoy (the hair giving it away) and next-in-line to become its head but no man was to annoy Henry.

Dinner ended with the Durmstrang students giving the Malfoy heir pitying glances, as one would to a dead man walking, as they ate their dessert. Afterwards the Hogwarts Headmaster gave a speech and Karkaroff had them march back to the ship. As they exited the room it didn't escape Henry's notice that his sole friend Viktor was sending glances at a rather bushy-haired girl.

"Already fancying one of those English girls, hmmm?" Henry asked rather bored as he ran a hair through his hair, making it messy.

"I haff no idea what you are talking about," Viktor grumbled as his scowl deepened, he never liked being asked personal questions.

"I do, and that's all that matters. Highmaster Karkaroff, I expect to be able to write only praise of our stay at Hogwarts. You would not want my mother to hear anything less than pleasant things, now would you?" Henry said sharply as he cast a terrifying look at their Highmaster.

"Off course not," the man replied hastily as his face paled, "Only pleasant things, you have my approval to do as you wish."

"Excellent," Henry said as he shot the man a charming smile filled with warmth, "I expected no less, now I say let's retire for the night. Tomorrow we shall amaze those Englishmen with our skills." Henry said the last part loudly as cheers went up from the Durmstrang ship, competitiveness and confidence a trait they all shared.

Henry retreated to his quarters after that, he and Viktor having been given one for their stay on the ship. Viktor because the Krum family and the Bulgarian team wanted nothing to happen to their star player and prized son. Henry because Karkaroff feared his mother, his father as well, but his mother the most.

Whilst Henry prepared for bed an old Slytherin was thinking back of the events of the evening. He wasn't surprised with the Beauxbatons students, all they ever learnt was how to perform beauty charms and the occasional transfigure-this-into-a-dress-with-matching-shoes. A worthless bunch, the lot of them, he thought spitefully as he shot a look at the calmly bubbling cauldron in the corner of his quarters. He was Severus Snape, potions master extraordinaire and fulltime hater of children. No, the Beauxbatons students wouldn't be very good champions in the Triwizard Tournament. It was the Durmstrang lot that scared the former Death Eater. And he had seen scary, he had watched his comrades torture muggles and muggleborns and the occasional halfblood into insanity. But these children were different, not all of them. Goodness no, most of them would be as clueless as the youngest Weasley son. But the two boys so carelessly walking alongside Igor Karkaroff, former Death Eater himself, were what scared him. The bigger one he recognised as Viktor Krum, probably not much of a strategist and more brute force. The smaller one had the look. The look that was always evident in one particular family. The Blacks. Even Sirius Black, outcast of the family, had that look, the one that said he knew he was better than you. And Severus knew that such a look came from being around others with the same look. His own godson, Draco Malfoy, used to have such a sweet childlike expression that slowly morphed into his father's sneer over the years. But the only two Blacks capable of having children didn't have children. At least, he knew Sirius didn't. Bellatrix was a different thing altogether, the woman would rather kill herself than consider having a child. Unless … no, It wasn't possible. Severus dismissed the thought as being a subject to the Potter-Weasley combination for too long, the two idiots would drive anyone, even someone as level-headed as him, crazy over time. So he took a sip of his cold tea as he walked over to his cauldron. The Dark Lord required a specific potion, and he knew better than to disobey him.

The next morning came quickly as the Durmstrang students marched into the Great Hall again, drawing less attention than the evening before as only a few students were eating breakfast at the moment. The group of red robes sat down at the far end of the Slytherin table again, showing they had no intention of mingling with any other student. They ate calmly as hushed conversations flowed in between them in German. As other students entered the Hall they were already finished but had to stay seated as per their Higmaster's orders. He had said that if they wished to receive their mail they would have to wait as apparently everyone got their mail here at the same time and place. It was a little odd for them but they shrugged it off as weird English habits.

And, as predicted, a massive amount of owls flew in through the door carrying letters to their respective owners or the one the letter was addressed to. Then the cry of a bird rang through the hall as some of the smaller owls started flying erratically before a massive bird made its way to the Slytherin table carrying a letter in his massive claws. As it came closer people recognised it as an eagle, one of the birds not allowed to carry letters in England. Mainly because its tendency to eat smaller owls when flying, though there was one family known to use them often though it's illegal. The Blacks.

The eagle flew to Henry as it landed rather ungracefully on the table in front of him, causing several plates and bowls to clatter to the ground as the bird folded his massive wings back together.

"Hades," Henry said fondly as he stroked the bird's feathers as he took the letter from his claws, "Wait for me to respond will you?"

He opened the elaborate waxen seal with ease as his eyes scanned the content of the letter only to see two pieces of paper come from the envelope. One folded with Igor Karkaroff written on it and the other addressed to him.

Dearest Henry,

Your father and I have discussed the possibility of your wish to be chosen as the Durmstrang champion. I advise you to seek out Alastor Moody, he is an old

family friend and is helping the familyfrom Hogwarts. He will enter you despite you not being seventeen yet.

I have managed to secure you some books that ought to secure you the first place. I expect no less. They will arrive in a week.

Give the other piece of parchment to Karkaroff will you? I will notify him of you being the champion with it, and of the consequences of

not having you be the champion.

Do not disappoint us.


Henry smiled earnestly as he reread the contents of his letter, to anyone else it looked like a normal letter sent to a son whose parents had high expectations. But Henry knew better, he was raised to, and he knew just what his mother meant with her letter. After all, how could he disappoint her by not knowing?

Henry folded the parchment and stuffed it into his inner robes as he picked up a knife and transfigured it into a quill before transfiguring his empty plate into parchment and a stray piece of bread into ink. It was a flawless show of control as it was done without a wand, or saying an incantation and the few Slytherins close enough to Henry did a double take as they saw him transfiguring the objects.

Dearest Mother,

Thank you for granting me my wish, it means a lot to me. I shall confront this Alastor Moody as you advised me to and read the books.

Send Father my regards as well, I will not disappoint you. Expect a fully detailed letter after my first challenge.

Ever faithfully,

Your son.


Content with his letter he transfigured another plate into an envelope and gently placed the letter inside it before handing it to Hades and, after giving the eagle one last piece of bacon, he send it away. He then rose from his seat and calmly sauntered over to the table where the teachers and the three headmasters of the schools were seated as he approached Karkaroff.

"Highmaster, a letter from my family," Henry said as he handed his pale Highmaster the letter, happy to nearly see the man choke on his drink.

He walked back to the table again and could feel the eyes of some of the teachers drilling holes in his back. He tapped Viktor on his shoulder as he passed him and the slightly older boy caught on immediately and rose from his seat to follow his friend. It was uncommon for only a part of Durmstrang to leave but Henry didn't care, Karkaroff had to speak with the rest of them anyway so he and Viktor could leave and do whatever they wanted to do.

They walked through the seemingly endless halls of the castle as they searched for the library, a pastime they both enjoyed very much. They encountered some latecomers, most of them clad in red and gold, before they found the room they were looking for.
Inside they were pleasantly surprised with the huge amount of books awaiting them as walked up to the bookcases and started browsing. It was rather quiet inside, only one other person being in the library and she was sitting by herself reading a heavy tome. Henry noticed with a start that it was the same girl Viktor had been eyeing the evening before and was eyeing now.

Henry slapped the book he was looking at shut and made his way over to the girl as he turned the chair next to her so he could face her before sitting down, startling her.

"Hello," Henry said pleasantly as he saw Viktor's glare from the corner of his eye as the Quidditch player came to hover around them, "May I ask why you are in the library this early? I did not see you at breakfast if I am correct."

The girl glared at him with her brown eyes as she laid her book down, something about Ancient Runes, before responding.

"I eat my breakfast in the kitchen and nobody else thinks the library is worth their time, at least no one in my house does," the girl's voice was angry as she said this.

"Then they are stupid and unworthy of your time," Henry said silkily as he extended his hand, "Henry, pleased to make your acquaintance."

"Hermione, pleasure," the girl said curtly as she shook his hand before taking hers back.

"That one over there is Viktor," Henry said, deliberately leaving out his friend's surname, "I think he likes you but didn't want to disturb you. He likes books too."

Hermione's eyes were distrustful as she thought about what her new acquaintance just said, who in his right mind would like her? She shot the boy Henry talked about a look and immediately saw him looking away. Odd.

"That's .. err, nice?" she said awkwardly as she opened her book again, they certainly made more sense than boys.

"You should meet, Viktor!" Henry said as he called the other boy over, the librarian shot them a glare from where she sat but didn't comment on Henry's louder-than-allowed voice.

"Hermione, Viktor. Viktor, Hermione," Henry said as he pushed Viktor in the chair he just occupied before walking away, but not before sending Hermione a wink.

He went back and started browsing through the 'Dark Arts' section before coming to a horrifying conclusion. Hogwarts had no books on the Dark Arts. Only on defensive and some mildly offensive spells and some basic jinxes and hexes. But no curses, no traps, how could you defend yourself when you don't even know what you are defending yourself against? It horrified the boy and made him dislike the Hogwarts curriculum even more. And to think his father wished for him to study here. He, the Durmstrang prodigy, studying in this miserable castle. No way.

He was pleased to notice that Viktor and Hermione were in a rather one-sided discussion when he checked up on them before the bushy-haired witch suddenly jumped up and told Viktor she had classes and would be late if she did not leave now. Viktor watched her go and then walked back to Henry.

"Herm-own-ninny is very nice. I haff not enjoyed time with other witch like this," the Bulgarian said as he picked a book from the shelves.

"Good to hear," Henry smiled as he sat down on one of the chairs surrounding the table.

They continued like that, just reading books, until lunch. Where they were stared at some more, before Henry went to see Alastor Moody. Friend of the family.

It took him a while, he had to resort to charming girls into telling him where the man was. But it worked. The downside of it was he now had groups of giggling females sending him glances.

He found the man in an office filled with oddities, mirrors showing shady persons and things that kept making sound.

"Alastor Moody," Henry said calmly as he went to sit on the chair by himself, not waiting for an invitation.

"Durmstrang kid, bad lot you there. All learning Dark Arts, death eater spawn-" the man grumbled as his eye kept spinning in its socket. The man certainly looked worn, having scars all over his face and that magical eye of his.

"You may drop the pretences, I know who you are," Henry stated in a boring voice as he twirled his wand around in his fingers, "And you will enter me in the Tournament."

"What!" a higher voice squeaked before the man caught his mistake, "How did you know?" he grumbled.

"Connections," Henry replied vaguely, "I know you are an imposter and-"

Henry flicked his wand with an angry scowl as the Moody-impostor's wand flew to him.

"Cursing me won't help, I'm much too good for that. Now, you will enter my name in the goblet or I'll make sure your secret leaks out."

"Fine, fine. Just keep silent okay? I have a mission and-"

"I don't care about your mission. I want to enter the tournament and I will, you'll make sure of that. Won't you?"

Henry threw the wand carelessly on the man's desk as he exited the office, not bothering to wait for a reply as he went to the library to meet up with Viktor again.

Viktor didn't question him when Henry came back, the scowling boy too busy glaring at his fan club evading the library.

They stayed in the library again until dinner where they made sure to be present in the line of Durmstrang students to march to their seats. On the way he winked at Hermione again, seeing the girl being seated amongst the red and gold wearing students while they sat with their opposites, the green and silvers.

Henry saw Karkaroff glance at him ever so often during the meal but ignored the man as he ate. And, all too soon, headmaster Dumbledore stood up to announce the Champions as the Goblet Of Fire ignited in purple flames and a single piece of parchment flew out. Henry saw Dumbledore pale as he read the parchment and then the old man's fingers starting shaking slightly in fear. The Hall went silent as they waited for him to speak.

"The Durmstrang champion is-" Dumbledore said in a loud voice as if to mask his former fear.

"Henry Lestrange!"

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