When the world is mixed with both figures from fiction and history, What about the real world? First story with first OCs!

It was a dark and stormy night .high above one of the towers of Tokyo, overseeing the artificial island used as a high school teaching armed detectives aka butei.

Right on the very edge of the building corner a small group of people was having a look at the island with blank faces except with 2 people who seem to look exactly the same except having different expressions. One seems to be calm and smiling while has the other one has both a serious yet happy face.

"Now remember your role and link to her with the evidence that was provided and be sure to get a good shot on their faces when you surprise them!" the guy with the serious and happy face exclaimed.

"Don't worry, I will and the rings?" the other asked.

"They are in here," reassured the first guy and showed a case with the butei insignia on it and handed it to the second guy "And don't worry, they will increase when more will show up and automatically be wearing them."

"Okay, got it," said the second guy as he placed the case into his butei high school bulletproof jacket/vest

"Anything else in case you might have forgotten?" he asked

"Not that I can think of, anyhow you know the drill right? Just follow the reasons you are made for just like the others." commanded the first guy.

"Right right," the second guy added hastily. He then turned his gaze to the other people with them and said "Wait for me to let you know of your debut, and don't worry it won't be long before that." He assured them.

The others, who appear to be girls of short height nodded and disappeared into the night.

"Well, time to go, and good luck with the 'master' and the ladies." Said the first guy as he too disappeared.

The second guy who was now alone on the roof smiled to himself to a point to be described as a "cheshire cat smile"

"Master Kinji and Lady Aria…..This will be fun." mused the young man