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"Tadaima Hayato"

"Mmm Okaeri"

"Do you have anything planned on the 9th of September?"

"Give me a minute…Nope"

"Okay then, it's a deal, we are going on a date!"

"I have work you idiot, I'm not going to take a day off."

"You don't have to, I'm just going to steal your night away."


Gokudera picked up his pen, wrote 'dinner with baseball idiot' on his calendar and continued writing his thesis. Gokudera didn't get rid of his habit of calling Yamamoto a 'baseball idiot' because he would always be one. Just like today, even though they were already 24, Yamamoto would frequently go out with his baseball mates to play a few matches. At the corner of his eye, Gokudera saw Yamamoto walking towards the kitchen, he observed how Yamamoto has changed in these 10 years they knew each other. He became taller, more handsome (though he would never say that out loud) and definitely more matured. Feeling very distracted from the work in front of him, Gokudera did his best to ignore the man.

Yamamoto walked towards the kitchen. He was already planning where he should take his lover on his birthday. Nobody would think that Yamamoto was someone who would remember these kinds of things but the 9th of September was special. Very special to him. That was not only the day Gokudera would turn one year older, that was also the day he confessed to him, and was accepted. Yes, they have lived together for almost 5 years and are officially lovers. He smiles to himself while pouring hot water into the 2 cups, one for coffee and the other for tea.

Gokudera could smell the fragrance as the coffee made its way out into the living room. Yamamoto knew him the best. Not only has he perfected making coffee just the way Gokudera likes it, he has also been very attentive to his needs. He knew when Gokudera needed coffee and when he needed some time alone. Gokudera stared at the man who was conveniently sitting down, across him. He placed his tea on the table, closed his eyes, sighed and sipped his tea.

He opened his eyes only to see Gokudera's eyes darting from his face to his computer screen. Nevertheless, Yamamoto looked at his lover whose hair was tied up and he had worn his spectacles. Yamamoto always thought the spectacles made Gokudera looked so very sensei-like. It never failed to make his heart skip a beat. The grey hair tied up in a ponytail exposed his pale neck and a small part of a hickey. Seeing that, Yamamoto blushed, unconsciously, realised his lover has looked up at him with a questioning look on his face.

"If you are that hot, go and bathe. Also, stop staring at me, I can't think properly."

'I'm not hot, it's just that…nevermind."

With that, Yamamoto finished his tea, got onto his knees, leaned over the table and tilt Gokudera's head upwards. He placed his mouth on Gokudera's and took advantage of the small gasp Gokudera made to push his tongue inwards. Twirling his tongue with Gokudera's, the taste of coffee mixed with the taste of tea.