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-Story starts here-

Takeshi, holding Gokudera's hand, left the restaurant as fast as he could. To the car, to the car, to the car! The words kept repeating in his head, he needed a distraction and a goal before he pulled Gokudera into the hotel next door. At last I have to make it to the car, Gokudera probably wouldn't like doing it there but I can't help it.

Finally, the couple reached the carpark and Takeshi managed to open the door at the backseat. He pushed Gokudera inside, went in and locked the car door. First things first…

"Gokudera, did you seriously have to do that?"

"Do what?"

"Don't act innocent."

"You mean this?"

Gokudera moved his hand such that it will cup Takashi's length however, Takeshi's quick reflections allowed him to catch hold of Gokudera's hand before it reached its destination. He suddenly pulled Gokudera towards him that Gokudera lost his balance and landed on top of Takeshi's lap, somehow straddling him.

"Ow...you idiot. What do you think you are doing?"

"Whatever you had done to me just now, this is payback."

Takeshi pushed Gokudera's head down for a kiss.


He licked along Gokudera's lips, asking for permission to enter.

The feel of his slightly rough tongue licking his lips caused him to moan slightly. He shifted uncomfortably on Takeshi's lap as he felt his erection growing larger by the minute. Wanting to fully feel their tongues mingle with his other, Gokudera opened his mouth for Takeshi and felt the warm muscle touched his, sending a small electric shock throughout his body.

His hands subconsciously rested around Takeshi's neck and pulled his head even closer while tilting his head slightly to allow Takeshi better access into his mouth.

Gokudera shifted even closer towards Takeshi's body, wanting to steal the warmth that was emitting. This action however, caused both of their still covered arousal to move against each other.

"Ahhhh! Hayato…I can't wait anymore, may I?"

"hah…hah…Since when…have you ever…asked?"

With that, Takeshi's took off Gokudera's hair tie and ran his hand through the silver-ish, smooth hair causing a small sigh to escape his lover's lips. His hands travelled south, barely touching the nipples before moving to tug at Gokudera's shirt. Obediently, Gokudera raised his hands and his shirt was taken off.

Takeshi took his time to touch Gokudera's back, to explore his thin waist and his slightly built pack before slowly moving to touch each nipple in between his thumb and index finger. Kneading the two beads with different intensity, he let go of one to suck on it.


He used his tongue to flick it up and down, sucking at the bead that caused Gokudera to bend backwards and push against his mouth even more. His tongue licked the path to Gokudera's neck where it bit down slightly at the hollow to leave a hickey.

"Oww don't leave a hickey on me where other's can see it!"

"It's a prove we made love Hayato."

Slowly, he pulled down the zipper covering Gokudera's erection, while Gokudera did the same to his. Gokudera got off Takeshi so both could shed their jeans before straddling him yet again, fully naked.

Their erections touched each other, in between both of their fevered bodies. Takeshi reached behind Gokudera where the bottle of lubricant and a condom was, in the drawer. He was glad he kept some of this stuff in the car although Gokudera had never approved.

Before he could even open the condom, Gokudera took it from him and opened it with his mouth. Ever so slowly, Gokudera touched the hot length and stroked it up and down, only once. His thumb brushed over the leaking tip before he placed the condom over the head and rolled it down towards the base of Takeshi's cock.

Takeshi's grip on Gokudera's waist got tighter with every touch of Gokudera's hands on his member. When he was finally done, Takeshi opened the bottle of lubricant and squeezed a generous amount onto his palms. He closed the cap and placed his hands on Gokudera's thigh messaging his way up until he got hold of the erect member. He squeezed it slightly, causing Gokudera to shift under his touch only to let go and leave it erect.

His hands kneaded the butt and subsequently moved towards the centre where he brushed past the tight, pink hole.


Hearing Gokudera's response to his touch, Takeshi slipped his slick finger into the hot cavern. He could feel Gokudera's muscle clenching around the intruder but he continued to add a second finger into the tight hole. He moved both fingers in and out slowly, before increasing the pace and scissoring to help Gokudera get accustomed to the size.

"Takeshi, ah… faster!"

Those two words pushed Takeshi to the edge, he slipped his finger out of Gokudera's hole, leaving the latter to whimper at the loss. Gokudera couldn't wait any longer, he stood up slightly and got hold of Takeshi's member, positioned it at his hole and slowly sat down.

"Hayato, you feel so good."

"Shut up…ah…"

Gokudera managed to take in Takeshi's length all the way to the hilt. Takeshi barely caught the slight pain Gokudera showed on his face as he struggled to adjust to his thick length. In order to distract him form the pain, Takeshi took Gokudera's mouth again, arms hugging Gokudera's waist, As their tongues danced with each other, he lifted Gokudera slightly before allowing him to slid back down on his length. He repeated it steadily trying not to hurt his lover.


"Beg me for it Hayato. Say please."

"Baka! Why WOULD I DO…!"

Takeshi got hold of Gokudera's cock, stroking him, moving his hand up and down, thumb pressing against the slit preventing anymore cum from leaking out.

"Let go…"

"Beg me"

Takeshi smirked slightly. Only during sex has Gokudera ever been honest and less violent towards him. But nonetheless he likes his love in all aspects.


"Please what?"

"Please…thrust your cock into me"

Gokudera blushed a little at his honesty but there was no time for that.


Takeshi pulled out his member from Gokudera's hole, not completely but almost, only to thrust back in with full force all the way to the hilt. In and out, in and out.

"AHH Takeshi!"

"Hayato, your muscles are convulsing around me. Can you feel it? You're so hot"

"Don't…ah…talk so…hahhah much…TAKESHI TAKESHI IM…AHHHHH!"

With little warning, Gokudera came and his seeds splashed over the two bodies, mixing with the sweat from sex.


Takeshi came too, from the sudden tightness that gripped his member while Gokudera was releasing his seeds. Gokudera slumped against Takeshi's body, trying to take in as much air as he could. He was too tired to move to allow Takeshi's member out of him. Not that he mind since Takeshi was wearing protection. However, he could feel Takeshi slightly moving his body such that Takeshi's member slipped out of his hole. Within the constrained space between his body and Takeshi's, his lover managed to take off the condom and throw it into a small plastic bag.

"WAH! What is that? Its cold!"

"Eh. Its just a wet towel to wipe you Hayato."

"Can't you make it warmer?" A frowned formed between his eyebrows.

"Heehee that's kind of impossible to bear with it for awhile kay?"

Gokudera could feel Takeshi's big hands wiping up the white liquid on his thigh and both of their stomach area. Unknowingly, it also found its way to the back hole and wiped it. He jumped at the sudden touch that made Takeshi snicker.

"Don't laugh at me, you baseball freak"

"But you're so cute Gokudera~"

"I'm a guy, I can't be cute. If you want someone cute go find a girl."

"Aww come on. You know I'll never do that, I have you."

"Tsk cheesy"

"That's how you like it~"

"Whatever, take us home, I want to sleep. Pass me my clothes as well."

"Yes Sir!"

The couple got dressed in their respective clothes, took their seats and started on their way home from the carpark. Along the way, Gokudera fell asleep, his head was subconsciously lying on Takeshi's thigh.