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It was the summer after Harrys second year and Harry tried to finish his list of chores his Uncle left him before he went to play golf with Mr Mason. He just moved to cut the hedges in the smoldering sun when he heard Uncle Vernons car pull into the driveway. "Oh shit", thought Harry, now he was in for it. It was never good to haven't finished everything, it could only be worse if Uncle Vernon had lost his game.

As it happened Vernon had lost his golf game and the trashing Harry got was one of the worst he ever had. Harry wished he could do magic without beeing expelled and chucked out of the only place he ever called home- Hogwarts. Then he could show his so called family what a 'freak' could do. Just as he thought he would pass out from the pain he felt a strange pull behind his navel.

Meanwhile Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, Flitwick, Sprout and Madam Pomfey all experienced similiar sensations, before they found themselves in a homely room with some couches near a fireplace and a dining table in he far corner. "Where are we? " , asked McGonagall. "Mhh, I guess we are in the Room of Requirement", Dumbledore answered with his twinkle in full force. Snape tried the doors leading of the room, only to find bedrooms and bathrooms. "Why can't we get out? Why are we here?" groweled Snape.

As on cue a bright flash appeared in the middle of the room with it appeared a note. Albus Dumbledore went and fetched the paper to read it to everyone in the room as the all sat down.

"Hello Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall, Sprout, Snape, Flitwick and Madam Pomfrey, I am Hogwarts and have asssembled you for a special reason. Others will join you as the time comes. So now as to why I have brought you here, I have produced 7 books of the school years of one Harry Potter. Don't grumble Severus, it is necessary."

A growl could be heard from the Potions Master.

"You will learn about his life in and out of Hogwarts and his way to defeat the Dark Lord. Yes, he will eventually win over Voldemort but with great losses. Many of our side will die. To prevent such I send you those books. I will let you go once you've read all of them. You should know that time will not process outside of these rooms, so when you're ready you will be back from where I have taken you now.

You may ask why you have to read about Harrys life and not just a report of the incidents to happen. But Harry is the key to Voldemorts destruction and all of you don't really know him. You had the chance to try for two years but yet you see the Savior or James Potter. You tried to treat him like everyone else and therfore neglected him more than any other student you had. And I hope with reading through those seven books you will learn who Harry really is and how to end this war without destroying unnecessary lifes and a nice side affect is that it is more interesting to read these actions unfold in a book than a report.

I wish you a lot of fun and moments of great insight, so that all of us can live in peace.

Your home, Hogwarts

Ps: Severus and Poppy, Harry will arrive in a few moments and you have to take care of him, his summer was everything but peaceful. You will find everything you need in the cabinet behind the largest couch."

"Have to take care of him? What does the castle mean with it?" asked Poppy.

"Why do I have to stay here? I don't want to learn about the brats spoiled life!" Well, that was Severus.

After the ruckus died down another bright light appeared. With it came a groan and a pitiful whimper. A few seconds later all of the Hogwarts staff could see a cowering whimpering and bleeding Harry Potter in the middle of the room. Poppy was the first to come out of her shock and approached the boy while softly speaking to the child: "Hello Harry. You're at Hogwarts. I am going to help you now. Can you look up at me please?"

But Harry curled only further into a small ball and began to murmur in destress: "No, please Uncle Vernon. No more. I'll be good, I , please!"As he spoke the rest of the room came back to awareness and promptly went pale.

Snape moved forwards to help Poppy tend to the boy, still schocked about what he saw. "He can't be abused. No, it was just a one time occurence. He propably did something bad and couldn't see his own fault. Pampered little prince..."

But nevertheless he gently spoke to the boy and lastly moved him onto a couch, while Poppy bustled over to the cabinet to get the needed potions. Together they got Harry stabilized until he was sleeping peacefully on the couch.

"Thank Merlin", breathed McGonagall as Poppy and Severus both straightened up, after covering their charge with a blanket the room provided. "That should do" sighed the Healer as she sat down again beside Harrys head.

"Who did that? Why?" stuttered Sprout, who was still very white.

"He pleaded with his Uncle, so I would assume it was him" said Severus as he too sat on the couch. Dumbledore cleared his throat "Maybe it is time to start these books. There is a possibility that we can find out through those"

And with that he fetched the first book from the pile and gave a small smile: ""Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone" this should be interesting"

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