Pairing : Eric Slingby X Alan Humphries

Rating : K

Genre : Humour / Romance

Summary : Paperwork has its own functions.

Disclaimer : Alan Humphries and Eric Slingby belong to each other~ (*^^*)

Warning : Lots and lots of paperwork.

People do silly things when they are in love.

…correction, reapers do silly things especially when they are deeply and secretly in love.

Eric had failed to deliver his paperwork for a couple days in a row, it had piled so high on his desk his colleagues in the same office could barely see him when he was sitting behind it. As a result, William had rewarded him with overtime without time limit until he finish those, without pay. To his surprise, the blonde had agreed with a sloppy grin and walked out of his office whistling; leaving the supervisor wondering if Alan Humphries had done something so terribly bad that he had driven his mentor insane.

In a way, Alan was at fault. Oh, yes, he would certainly blame Alan for that later. But at the moment, he would sit behind those piles of paper, trying to fill in the details of the souls he had been collecting together with Alan … while discreetly watching the latter from the spaces between the stacks.

…yes, that was the reason why he did not bother to reduce the amount of his paperwork stacks. It was the most natural way he could think of, without having other's curiosity and suspicion directed at him. Every now and then he would glance at his charge between the few letters he had bothered to write, smiling foolishly to himself, inking some more letters, and the cycle repeated.

A few days later, after the lack of improvement of his work, Alan had joined him in the quiet office on the evening.

"I'm helping you with those," he said, taking half a pile of the lowest stack and swayed at the heavy weight. "I've got William's permission, since it seems that the reports are bound to sit there forever if I don't do something." And then he proceeded to ignore whatever protests Eric had come up with and stayed in the same room with him until dawn approached.

On first evenings Alan had opted to lift and move the papers; but after he accidentally slipped and sent them all over the office, he had dragged his own chair and sat beside him on his desk. Having him so close had caused Eric having difficulties controlling the nerves of his lips. It had not been once or twice he had caught himself smiling at the reports, and he could not stop even after the odd look Alan threw him after he was caught red-handed.

It was cold outside, but he would not tell Alan just how warm he was feeling inside.

"If I don't know better, I'd say you're staying just to be with me a bit longer," he jokingly said.

"Then you just have to do the paperwork less," Alan growled playfully in reply, "and stalk a certain somebody more."

Eric chuckled. He was still so deeply in love, but maybe it was not so much of a secret anymore.

Enjoy~ ^^/