Pairing : Eric Slingby X Alan Humphries

Rating : T

Genre : Romance

Summary : Eric just could not take the images of the brunette off his mind.

Disclaimer : Eric Slingby and Alan Humphries belong to each other! (*^^*)

Warning : Suggestive themes, confusing plot.


A few of the reapers that were still bustling about at the hall looked up from the source of the desperate voice and stared at whoever that was beside them questioningly, wondering why such noise could even come from the occupant of the office. Inside said office, however, Eric did not know nor care of what was going on outside his workplace; he was only making the noise to express his annoyance in hope that it would leave him be so that he could continue working on his paperwork.

It did not work. At all.

Images of the familiar face that has been bugging him continued to pop into his mind, leaving his concentration centralized on nowhere but on the very person, and erasing the hope that he could just focus for a second on the damned papers.

Eric groaned and let himself collapse on the small stack of forms he still have to fill. It was not like Alan would be happy if he told him that he could not finish his work because he just could not stop thinking of him when he came over later.

Eric glanced at the small clock beside the photo frame on his table. Anytime now, he thought silently. And sure enough, just after he finished the thought, three knocks sounded on his door and he heard it creaked.


He looked up from the paperwork he was slumping on to see the familiar face peeking from the gap of the opened door.

"Sorry, are you busy now?" the young brunette asked nervously. "I-I just want to say that I've finished my paperwork for the day," he stuttered, "so … uhm … if you don't mind, I can wait for you so we can go back t-together?"

Eric thought that he was going to die from Alan's cuteness attack. Then, he mentally slapped himself for thinking like a pervert towards his … apprentice? Friend? Lover?

"Sure," he replied. "I'll finish this in a bit, it won't be long."

"A-Alright," Alan flushed lightly with a small bow, "then I'll be waiting outside—"


The closing door opened again, and Alan's head popped into the room. "Y-Yes? Do you need something, Eric?"

Whatever Alan was to him, Eric could care less. He patted his lap as he said, "Come here."

Alan's brow disappeared into his bangs and he flushed deeper, but he nodded shyly and complied with the request nonetheless as he closed the door behind him and walked towards the blonde.

Then he pulled the brunette unceremoniously into his lap when Alan stopped by his desk and gave him his bear hug, uncaring of the surprised yelp coming from the latter. The brunette was tense in his arms at the sudden movements, Eric noticed, but relaxed gradually and blushed as he nuzzled him in reassurance and leaving trails of gentle kisses from his dark tresses down his neck. Their glasses clinked from the movements and it annoyed Eric of the distance they were making, so Eric took them off their faces and set them on his table before returning his attention to the confused reaper on his lap.

Alan's wide eyes stared back at him, questioning what he was doing silently.

Eric's lips twitched into the gentlest smile he could muster, and he leaned in to steal a kiss from the brunette. Alan's shoulder tensed again but he did not pull away, and Eric was grateful for that. Then he moved his lips gently against the others and nipped them to coax them into play, before Alan responded to his request and kissed him back.

In the back of his head, Eric knew very well that he should not be doing this. It was just so difficult to hold back, and he refused to, not when he had met Alan and overcome so many difficulties together.

"Love you, Alan," he whispered quietly and peppered an ear with small kisses. "I love you so much…."

Alan only made an embarrassed noise and blushed even deeper.

Eric grinned when he pulled away and put the glasses back on their noses. Alan was red as a ripe tomato in the summer and squeaked when Eric hugged him again.

"Stay here with me until I finish," he said softly, and began to position himself and Alan comfortably in the chair and picked up his pen.

Alan squirmed lightly and stared at him curiously as Eric's hand made its way to wrap itself against Alan's.

"I doubt that you'll ever finish this way," he said honestly, with a hint of laughter in his voice.

Eric, however, did not bother to keep his amusement. "Don't worry," he said after another kiss, "we will go back—tonight."

Alan giggled and nodded, cuddling comfortably in his arms and stared as Eric began to scribble words down the paper.

"Love you," he thought he heard Alan said, the voice was quiet, very quiet, but he was sure that it was there.

Whatever he was to him, Eric loved this brunette sitting on his lap.

That was all he was concerned of.

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