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Butch:M33 deosnt own a car, Pepsi ,Mountain Dew,or The Ruffs or The Puffs she only own her chrater Blaze and Brooke.

(Bubbles Pov.)

I woke up rubbing my aching head to say they only hit persure piont I feel like I was in a full fight. I looked down and gasped my clothes where ruined some places where rips and in others stain that may never wash out.I looked over at my sister and there clothes where the same way.

IBlossom woke up next rubbing her head also but when she saw me she asked with concern "Are you okay Bubbles.

"Yea my head hurts but other than that I'm fine.I said looking over to see Buttercup Getting up say something ,Probably curse words , under her breath and saw us and said "Damnit we lost."She kinda said that loud becvause Brooke Wkoe up exclaming"What the hell does it take to get some sleep without a loud mouth jackass screaming."and was rubbing her face whikle saying that.

"We then stopped and nolticed that we are in some tpye of dungen cause there was only a door that opend from the out side.

"W-w-where are we"I stuttered obivously scared.

"In a room DUH"Buttercup said as thougth it was the simpliest thing in the world.

"Not quitre Buttercup it more like a dungeon or a captivity room"Blossom said in her Know -it -all- vioce.

I then heard clapping causing me to drop out od my skin when four people came walking in the room.

(Blossom Pov)

BVrick and his brothers then came walking in the room which caused Bubbles to jump.

"Very nice hypothesis Pinky, seems like you nose was in the books for the past 9 years."He said smirking and stopped clapping.

"Yes someplace where your should be then maybe you would have know my name is Blossom not Pinky"I smirked seeing him tense a little bit from that commment.

"Oh trust me if his face wasnt in the book how did he manage to beat you all wise and mighty Blossom"Butch sneered.

"The same way you managed to grow your hair back from that fucked up hair cut"Brooke smirked at that comment when Butch glared at her.

"Oh I thought that when he got that hair cut he was copying yours"Boomer jumped in.

"Atleast you got smarter than you were before, now you know how long is 24 hours"Buttercup slammed back.

"Shut up dike"Blaze jeered.

"Don't call her a dike you homo"Bubbles growled.

"Oh since when did you grow back bone Bimbo."Blaze shot back at Bubbles.

Bubbles looked like she wanted to cry.

Brooke then got up and punched Blaze into a wall and a nother fight started again.

(Me and Brick)

Me and Brick flew in the air and startsed tackled me which I revered by punching him when he made contact we kept going like that intil I used my Ice breath and froze his legs and he went hurling to the gorund.

(Bubbles and Boomer.)

Boomer and Bubbles we flying aorund boomer trying to catch her , he caught her by her hair but she elbowed him and hit let Boomer let go she lazered ghim and he flew back.

(Buttercup and Butch.)

I punched him he punched me and we started tackling each other intil I lazered him and kicked him downward to the ground.

(Brooke and Blaze.)

I punched him he kicked me , I then roud housed him in the face, and he tried to tackle me but I flipped over his back and punched him toward the ground.

(Brick POV)

As soon as me and my brother where were going down well not really we all nodded our heads and and regained balance and blasted our counter paert.

"AAAAHHHHHH"There scream riped threw the air as they where burned not too badly to kill them but enough to cause pain.

They fell to the gropund and we stood over them.

"Rule 1:Never talk back or attack you master.

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