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Zoom's POV

"Hey, Zoom, come on over!" Vert yelled from the lunch table. Not only was the group there but, so were 7 Virosus siblings. This was going to be an interesting lunch. By the time I sat down Caspian and Tez were working the laser. Phobeus and Agura were talking about what it was like hunting in Africa and Alaska. Vert and Red were talking about ways to win the next football game, or as she calls it foolsball because of how they play. Sherman and Indiana were putting an ancient computer back together. Spinner and Serena were going one on one in a video game. A.J and Black were also helping with foolsball. Stanford and Klaus were having debate on which side of the Atlantic was better, it looked like Klaus was winning. Normally we would talk about cars or racing, but thanks to the whole latin project the subjects changed.

"Zoom where's Pacifica?" Asked Phobeus, "I mean come on why not let our groups at least hang out at lunch together."

"Hey, guys. Hi, Vert, Agura, Sherman, Spinner, Tez, A.J, Stanford and last but not least Zoom." Pacifica said, "My siblings asked me to join them for lunch when the bell rang."

For the first time today I finally realized that she was actually more attractive up close than from a distance. She had chiseled features that reminded me of an ancient amazon princess that had just returned from a hunt. Pacifica was wearing a pacific blue t-shirt with half-worn jeans, white sneakers, a navy baseball cap and a jean jacket. Her hair was tied back in ponytail and now, unlike in the classroom, she was wearing sunglasses. She also wore a necklace that had at least 30 clay beads on it. Although she was the new girl who had brothers, that looked like they could beat you until you were dust, I felt like asking her out right now, but I know that it would be weird asking a girl on her first day of school out. The only thing that broke my train of thought was her voice, as soft as silk, started to speak, "Um, Zoom, are you still with us or do I have to go ask Mr. Bruner for a different partner?"

"No, I was just thinking."

"Good now that we're here why don't we do the project?" Offered Indiana

"Hold on kicking Spinner's butt in this game."

"As usual." Pacifica retorted

"Huh?" Is all I had to ask

"Serena the video game goddess. Phobeus the northern hunter. Indiana the tech wiz. Caspian food lover and EMP god. Red and Black sports experts. Klaus the youngest and the most passionate." Pacifica pointed out

"Wow. Yeah well you might have described my friends too. Anyway why don't we start the project?" I said. Ah, I sounded lie an idiot.

"Sure. So what do you do for fun?" Pacifica asked

"I do Muay Thai, I race with my friends, play soccer and I sometimes help my mom around the house. You?" I answered

"I sing, practice with my sword, do martial arts, go horseback riding, writing, soccer, swimming, writing songs with my siblings, and take care of them from time to time. Where do want to go when you are done with high school?"

"I want to go to New York because I have a weird feeling that I need to go there soon or something bad will happen. You?"

"I want to go to Greece, Egypt, Rome, and New York because my mom was from both Egypt and Greece my dad is from Greece and Rome, and New York feels like home to me. What do you see when you look at the desert?"

"I see a valley of sand that seems completely abandoned like what my dad did to my mom before I was born. You, well what else do you see?"

"I see The Valley of The Kings, Egypt, my mother, a place that holds many secrets like my dad, granddad, and uncle. They all hid stuff from my sibs and me. Anyways, the bell is going to sing soon and I need to get home fast. Want to work again in the morning before school starts or in homeroom?"


"Okay, hey guys we have to get home step-dad is going to be there and then he is going to go back to war so we have to say hi, eat, and say bye. Then we have a thing to do."

"Got it. Let's go" The the bell rang. How did they know the bell would ring right at that moment? Well, I can't dwell on it I have to get to the martial arts club. Then, I left leaving my friends alone.

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