Attack The Block.


Summary: Wylie's part of the gang that found the first alien that landed on the block… This is her story.

Chapter One: The Attack.

I adjusted my scarf over my face as I stood in the freezing London air. My mates Jerome and Dennis were on either side of me, providing a slight amount of warmth, but not much to make a difference.

"Can we just get this over wiv?" I grumbled. I was bloody exhausted and cold and really just wanted to go home. We were at our wall, waiting for our next mugging victim.

"Calm down, if we pick right, it won't take long." Dennis assured, I rolled my eyes and shoved the black beanie father down onto my head and pulled my black hood up over it and crossed my arms over my chest, leaning against the tree.

"Look, here one comes now." Moses said, pointing at a woman walking our way. We all perked up at this and as she got closer, Dennis nudged me.

"Take the bike, ride wiv Pest." He said, but there really wasn't any need for him to say it, we had done it so many times before, I took the bike from him and hopped on and rode off into the street with Pest following, both of us snickering, we crisscrossed in front of her and continued on behind her, she whipped around to look at us, and the other 4 had gone to block her path.

"Fuck," She muttered. I laughed slightly. She looked back at us once more, and then when she turned around, she came face to face with Moses.

"Give me the phone! Give me the phone!" He demanded, she fumbled around in her bag before pulling out her phone and handing it to him.

"Give me the purse! And the money! Give it to me!" He demanded yet again, she fumbled once more, and he got irritated.

"No fucking around!" He growled, yanking it off of her and then tossing back to Biggs.

"Thank you." He singsong-ed, grabbing it with ease and going through.

"Look-" She began to say, but he cut her off.

"Give me the ring!" He said,

"It's not worth anything." She tried to protest, but he pulled out his switch blade. Now this was all for show. I knew Moses, he could never seriously injure someone over flipping jewelry… It was more the shock effect of the victim. She fumbled with the ring, and Moses got pissed and shoved her down.

"What about the Feds?" Biggs asked as we all closed in on her.

"Fuck the Feds man!" Moses spat. She got it off her hand and held it up.

"Take it!" She exclaimed, Pest grinned and snatched it from her. Then I noticed something. A white ball of light, heading straight for us.

"Guys!" I shouted, pointing, they all looked up and we all scattered just as it crashed into the car we were next to. As I ran, Pest ran into me, and knocked me flat. My head bonked the sidewalk and I knew there was going to be a bruise,

"Wys, you okay?" Pest asked. He was still on top of me, so I adjusted my self to sit up, pulling my scarf over my mouth and nose.

"I'm fine… But… The chicks gone!" I said, noticing her running figure down the street. His head snapped and he jumped up off of me.

"She's ghosting man!" He exclaimed at Moses.

"She'll go to the Feds for sure." I muttered, but I doubt I was heard through all of their protesting.

"Allow it!" Moses demanded, and they all shut up and turned to focus on the car.

"Someone's bombing us, blood!" Jerome exclaimed.

"Nah, it was just a firework!" Dennis said.

"Well that's some big firework bruv." I snapped sarcastically. He just glared and shoved me roughly, knocking me into Pest.

"Nice whip…" Moses said, he started walking towards the car.

"Could be some bare valuables in there." He continued, he checked the door to find it was locked, so he leaned in through the busted window. After a minute, he jerked back, causing all of us to as well.

"Shit, there's something in there!" He yelled, just as he said this, a thing jumped out and attacked him. It slashed at his face until he got out his knife and stabbed it. It let out a pained shriek, before it ran off, and up the hill.

"What the fuck was that thing?" Pest yelled as we all rushed to help Moses up, but he shrugged us off.

"It looked like some orangutan type thing bruv, I'm not even lying!" Jerome exclaimed.

"Its breezing mate! It looked like some Dobby the house elf thing man!" I said.

"Moses got shanked by a Dobby." Dennis mused, we all laughed slightly, but Moses was clearly not amused.

"I'm chasing that down. I'm gonna kill it." He said. He wiped off his cheek.

"Watch." He nodded, then took off. The rest of us quickly followed in suit. Jerome and Biggs on the bikes, Dennis, Pest, and I on foot.

"It's payback time, fam!" Pest yelled.

"It's gone for an adventure!" Biggs yelled.

"Time for round two, bruv!" I shouted.

"Playtime, bruv!" Jerome shouted. We had followed the thing into a shed and we all stopped just outside of it.

"You got beef, Moses?" I asked,

"I'm gonna fuck this thing up!" He exclaimed angrily. He turned to Pest.

"Oi, Pest, you still got them bangers?" He asked, Pest smiled with pride. He always had bangers with him.

"Yeah." He nodded and got out the explosive. I grabbed out my lighter and flicked it open, lighting the banger and Pest ran and tossed it in. We all watched as smoke billowed from the shack, accompanied by loud shrieking. After it died down a bit, Moses turned to us.

"It's mine!" He said, adjusting his bat and running in.

"Hey! BACK ME! BACK ME" He shouted, Jerome, Dennis and Biggs wasted no time running after him, but as I went to run in, Pest stopped me.

"You know the agreement!" Then followed the others. I heard screeching, yelling, and banging, and then nothing at all.

"Guys?" I asked cautiously, walking slowly towards the shed. I heard them all talking about it, and sighed with relief. They were fine. All of a sudden, someone ran into me, knocking me onto my ass, him on top of me. I looked to see my dear friend. Gee… This is happening way to damn often.

"Ouch! Pest! Come on man!" I groaned, sitting up the best I could.

"Sorry love," He replied, he looked down at me and smiled impishly.

"I quite like this position, you know?" He asked. I scoffed.

"All right, get off you perv." I said, shoving him roughly, he laughed and rolled off and we hopped up. I looked to see Moses holding the thing on a stick.

"It fell from the sky." Dennis exclaimed.

"It looks like a monkey!" Jerome exclaimed.

"Monkey's aren't bald, man!" Biggs protested.

"That fell from the sky bruv! Are you tryna bloody tell me it's raining monkeys?" I exclaimed.

"I don't even know what that is." Moses said,

"I ain't even gonna say." Dennis exclaimed.

"You know what that is!" Pest asked, we all looked at him. He and Dennis had their phones out and were recording the thing.

"I'll tell you what that is! An alien bruv! From outer space! Believe it! Coming to take over the Earth, innit? Well it landed in the wrong place, you get me? The wrong place!" Pest exclaimed proudly,

"Welcome to London motherfucker!" Dennis spat at it, I took a closer look at it.

"Welcome to the ends, brother!" Biggs exclaimed.

"This is the block! Nobody fucks with the block, get me?" Pest asked, getting in the things face.

"Yeah, the B-L-O-C-K!" Jerome exclaimed. We all laughed and started chanting.

"The block!" Over and over while cheering as Moses held it up over his head. After a minute, we all calmed down.

"Well what the hell are we gonna do wiv it? Hang it up on our wall?" I asked, looking up at Moses.

"We'll take it back to the block, let's go." He said. Pest held the thing and dragged it behind him as I grabbed my bike and we all headed for home. The boys were all talking about what it could be, when Biggs asked: "Hey Moses, where are we going to take that thing man?" But Pest answered instead.

"Take it Ron's man! He watches that National Geographic shit." I nodded in agreement.

"All the man ever does is blaze, water them big buds, and watch the nature channel, he'll identify that thing for real." I said.

"Let me bell him up." Pest said, pulling out his phone. I noticed Jerome and Biggs were also on the phone.

"It was the beast of Brixton! We were crazy kicking that!" Jerome was saying.

"No Mum! We're playing football!" Biggs exclaimed, then Dennis was going through the woman's wallet.

"Ah man, she's a nurse! They don't get paid nothing, fam!" He groaned.

"Hey, Moses, why you always picking the poor people, man?" He asked. We all laughed.

"What? We shady, fam, we shady!" Moses exclaimed. It was long after that we came to the block, which was still crawling with people. We came across Tia and her crew, girls I wasn't too fond of. Tia I was okay wiv, I didn't like the others too much though.

"Moses, what happened to your face?" Tia asked. She had always had a thing for Moses, and he liked her back, but the two would never admit it.

"Battled an alien that fell from the sky! Truth!" Pest exclaimed, holding the thing up. The girls let out a disgusted groan.

"You're funny!" One exclaimed.

"Yuck! What is it?" Dimples exclaimed.

"I'm sorry, I can't even look at that!" Another said.

"Halloween was last week, ya know?" Tia asked.

"That ain't real, it's a creation!" Dimples exclaimed.

"Touch if it ain't real then!" Pest countered, shoving it towards her.

"Shove that thing in my face and them fangs are going in your tits!" She snapped back. Pest laughed.

"It's probably diseased." One said.

"Yeah, I don't want no Chlamydia." Dimples exclaimed. The girls all laughed.

"You mean you don't already have it?" I asked, in fake shock. The boys all laughed and she glared.

"Fuck you." She spat.

"No thanks, I don't roll that way." I replied with a shrug.

"So, you're telling me that thing fell from the sky?" Tia asked.

"Yeah." Moses replied.

"And did that to your face?" She asked again. He looked at us for a brief second.

"Yeah." He said.

"So you killed it?" She asked again. He looked at us again.

"Yeah." He nodded. Tia looked at all of us once.

"You're such a bad breed, Moses." She said. The two locked eyes for a few seconds then Pest nudged and winked at me.

"Fuck! It's alive!" He shouted, lunging at the girls, they all screamed and ran, causing all of us to laugh.

"Come on, let's get to Ron's." Moses said, we all began walking to our apartment building, as we walked, Biggs said.

"Tia's moving to you Moses!"

"She's on your balls, coz!" Pest agreed. We all laughed.

"Hey, that's my cousin your chattin' about!" Biggs exclaimed, this just caused us to laugh harder.

"Hey, hey, hey! Watch this jump!" He exclaimed, he jumped onto the side of the railing.

"Get down man!" Moses exclaimed.

"Trust I could it!" Biggs protested.

"Humpty Dumpty." Dennis singsong-ed. Jerome yanked him down while I said.

"We ain't cleaning your guts off the floor Biggs, come." Whilst moving past him and Jerome to catch up with Pest.

"I could have made that!" He protested.

"Yeah, yeah, sure you could have, man!" Jerome replied.

All right, first attempt at an Attack the Block fanfic. Sorry if it's bad or unoriginal, but give it a chance, and I'm sorry if I got some of the characters lines wrong, but do R&R, and tell me what you think.