Chapter Three: Running Like Hell.

We rode our bikes down towards the park, the boys whooping and hollering the entire way. Once there, we walked up to it, dragging our bikes along with us.

"The Dobbies came again!" I exclaimed. I was in the lead with Pest behind me, Moses and Dennis, and Biggz and Jerome bringing up the back.

"Easy, there might be something!" Pest said, grabbing my shirt near my lower back, I reached back and grabbed his hand, giving it a squeeze and continuing on.

"They set the grass on fire!" Jerome declared.

"That's messed up!" Dennis exclaimed.

"We told you, fam!" I exclaimed.

"A meteor, for real!" Pest yelled. We finally made it close to the meteor, abandoned our bikes, and walked towards it. I was closest, next to Moses.

"Aye, loads came down, innit?" Dennis asked, eyeing the thing.

"We gotta take them all out!" Biggz exclaimed excitedly.

"Gotta catch them all!" He added, laughing slightly. I rolled my eyes at how nerdy he had sounded right then.

"Calm down Biggz, this ain't Pokemon!" I exclaimed. I heard Pest chuckle and we knelt by the meteor, I was closest, but Pest grabbed my shoulder.

"Yo, shine the light." Moses demanded. Dennis adjusted his little scooter with a basket and pointed it in the direction, on the meteor a picture was embedded, it looked similar to the thing we killed earlier, but bigger. A lot bigger.

"Like a fossil, innit?" Dennis asked,

"Nah, that's different." Jerome said.

"It ain't even the same thing." Pest added.

"That's triple the size, blood." Biggz agreed.

"I'd like to see who's going to fight that." Jerome said,

"Are you, man?" Pest asked him sarcastically.

"It's huge!" I hissed, reaching to touch it. Someone yanked me backwards, I looked to see Pest. I smiled slightly up at him.

"Right now, I feel like going home, locking my door, and playing FIFA." Biggz said. I got up from the ground and surveyed the rest of the park. There was a loud screech that made me jump back. Then I saw Pogo shoot past me, and down the hill towards the park.

"Pogo! Stay! Stay!" Dennis shouted.

"Bad doggy! No! Come back!" I shouted.

"There." Moses nodded at the one large mass on top of the jungle gym.

"Where, fam? Where?" Jerome asked.

"On top of the tower!" Biggz said.

"Which tower?" Jerome exclaimed, searching again.

"Ain't you go your contacts in, bruv? Look!" I exclaimed. He slipped on his glasses and I looked back just in time to the creature jump down and Pogo's yelp caused me to gasp.

"Pogo! No!" Dennis cried, Pest and I held him back.

"Don't! You'll die too!" I shouted. He stopped struggling and nodded. We all stared at the park, just waiting.

"What's it doing?" I asked worriedly, Pest hugged me to him,

"Where's it gone, man?" Biggz asked in the same tone.

"It's coming!" Moses exclaimed. The creature stalked up the hill, it's neon blue eyes staring straight at us.

"Aw, I can see it's eyes!" I said.

"Not sure them things is eyes." Moses stated. The monster roared, revealing that it's huge as fuck teeth were the glowing objects.

"Holy fuck!" Dennis exclaimed.

"I'm gone!" Pest yelled, breaking for his bike,

"Everybody run, fam!" I yelled, grabbing my own and starting it up. We raced out of the park, and onto the street. Dennis was leading us, then me, then Pest and Jerome, and Moses and Biggz. Not long after we made it to the street, blue lights started flashing along with sirens.

"BULLY VAN!" Moses shouted, I pulled my scarf up over my mouth and nose, and cranked up my bike. Dennis, Pest, Jerome and I made it to the bridge above the street, but Moses and Biggz weren't that lucky. They crashed the bike, but Biggz was able to get free while they tackled Moses to the ground.

"Man! Fuck the Five-O!" Pest shouted, I laughed but yanked him down next to me.

"Stay down, man! Stay down!" I hissed through my chuckles.

"I'm calm, love." He said, kneeling next to me. We all peered over the wall and saw them searching Moses. His eyes flashed to us briefly, but he didn't dared let them linger for fear of giving us away.

"You know, I bet it was that girl from earlier! I knew she was going to go the Feds, man!" I said,

"Shh!" Jerome hissed. I sent him a glare and turned my attention to the street. They opened the door of the van, and from where I was, I could see the snitch from earlier.

"They're booking him in the van, bruv." Biggz exclaimed.

"Hey, behind the cars, check it!" Dennis said, pointing off to the side, I looked in time to see one of the beasts walking behind the cars.

"Hey, where is it?" Jerome asked.

"The roof, fam. Clock that roof." Biggz pointed to the opposite end, and I saw another jump from the roof. We all watched as the two beasts stalked up to the bully van, and all of a sudden, they savaged the cops! Completely tore them apart.

"Oh shit!" I hissed, we all ducked down, then popped up again to see his blood splatter across the window. I cringed.

"Oh, fuck!" Dennis exclaimed. One beast jumped on the roof of the van and began clawing at it.

"Nah! The Feds got savaged!" I exclaimed.

"Shit fam, we gotta back Moses!" Pest exclaimed.

"Sod that. I ain't going anywhere near none of that." Jerome replied immediately.

"But Moses!" I exclaimed

"Think, fam! Think what scared the little one!" Pest said, yanking his backpack off, we spun around and leaned against the wall

"Bangers ain't gonna do nothing, fam!" Dennis protested.

"He ain't talking about bangers." I muttered. Pest and I shared a know grin as he pulled out one of the bigger fireworks. I pulled out my lighter, and handed it to Dennis, turning to check out the scene on the street.

"Hold it steady!" I heard Dennis demand.

"I ain't the one with the shakes! You hold it steady!" Pest snapped. I turned to see them struggling, so I snatched the lighter away and lit the thing. Pest sent it flying, it rolled under the car, and we waited. Within seconds, it went off, and the loud popping filled the air along with the same screeching from earlier and a lot of smoke.

"Yo, cover me fam!" Dennis yelled, he raced for his bike, and rode off. The rest of us sat and watched. I grabbed a Roman Candle from Pest's bag and lit it up, shooting towards the smokey streets. I did this a few times until the van shot off down the street.

"They jacked it!" Jerome exclaimed, laughing slightly. I chuckled too.

"Fam, let's go! They said meet them at the garages!" Biggz yelled, we all hopped up and grabbed our bikes and rode off. We followed the van until we hit the garages, and a loud crash from ahead caused me to stop.

"That's bad! Really bad!" I yelled. We rounded the corner and saw a black car with it's hood all smashed in and…. OH FUCK! Hi-Hatz…. We parked our bikes, and checked on the guys before meeting up with Hatz in between the wreckage.

"Hi-Hatz, it was an accident, bruv!" Moses exclaimed instantly. Hi-Hatz just glared at him, not saying a word, which was probably one the scariest things. Pest decided to intervene this time.

"Trust, bruv! There's bare creatures chasing us! Some big, alien-gorilla-wolf motherfuckers! I swear! Some creature fell from space and jumped Moses, so he bored it! So, now it's brethren have come down in force, blood! Then Moses got shiffed by the Feds, and then them things attacked the bully van and the bluefoot, so we jacked the van! We're running for our lives now, cuz! BELIEVE!" Leave it to Pest… We all just stood there, us staring them, them staring back at us in a dead silence. Finally, someone broke the tension.

"You jack a bully van, crash it into my whip, and then chat shit to aliens to me?" Hi-Hatz spat, glaring at Pest in disgust and anger.

"This is making me nervous, blood." Tonks, Hatz' big goon/bodyguard spoke, he pointed to Moses.

"That boy's still cuffed ya know. The police are gonna be all over this." He continued. Hatz ignored him and pulled his gun out and pointed it straight at Moses.

"You tryna snake me?" He asked. We all brought out our weapons, mine being the nunchucks. Hatz let out a laugh.

"What? You wanna bring arms to me now? You wanna murk me? You wanna war with me?" He asked. I hated Hi-Hatz…. But I decided to step up, I shouldered past Pest and stood between the two groups. I could feel all their eyes on my back, but I stood.

"Listen, cuz. We're not even lying! If we was making it up, don't ya think we'd make up something a bit better than aliens?" I asked, he pointed his gun at me. I stood my ground though, just staring at him.

"Say that word one more time." He hissed in a daring tone. A screech sounded causing all of us to jump. I saw one of the aliens on the roof.

"We told you, bruv! On the roof if you don't believe me!" Pest yelled, pointing at it, Hatz swiveled around and pointed the gun yet again at Pest.

"What? What's on the roof?" He yelled.

"One of them-" Pest started.

"Say it!" Hatz spat.

"One of them big gorilla-wolf motherfuckers!" I yelled for him. Another screech sent us all launching backwards, and Pest took this time to pull me behind him.

"Yo, Hi-Hatz, there is something there, bruv." Tonks said, the beast dropped down from the roof, and suddenly, I wish I had grabbed a better weapon.

"Yo, go see what that is." Hatz demanded.

"No way, bruv!" Tonks yelled.

"Move!" Hatz shouted, pointing the gun at him.

"Shit." Tonks cursed, he walked towards the back of the car and Hatz turned the gun back on what he thought was me, but it was Pest again, Hatz sent me a glare. Tonks looked around, then back at us.

"Yo, Hi-Hatz, there's nothing-" He started to say, but he was knocked into the locker.

"FUCK!" I yelled. We all jumped back and watched as it bit at him. The thing finally reached his neck and tore it clean off. I looked away.

"Oh, shit!" Dennis yelled.

"Got the key to your locker?" Moses asked.

"Yeah!" Dennis yelled.

"Then let's go!" I exclaimed, I ran for my bike and jumped on, I started off for Dennis' locker.

"Go, go, go!" I heard Moses yelling. We raced to Dennis' locker and got in, shutting the door behind us. As we stood there, Pest reeled on me.

"What the fuck was that, Wys!" He exclaimed. The guys all had their arms crossed, well aside from Moses, who was still cuffed, and were glaring at me.

"I was saving your ass!" I defended.

"You don't step up to Hi-Hatz! He had a fucking gun to your head!" Pest yelled back. I just rolled my eyes and turned away from him.

"I'm sorry all right." I muttered. He reached and squeezed my arm, telling me it was okay.

"All right guys, we need to figure this shit out!" Biggz exclaimed.

"What? Running like hell ain't working well enough?" I asked, turning around to face them, picking up the bolt cutters I found, this earned a slight chuckle all around, I handed them to Dennis, who went to cut the cuffs.

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