Super soldier

Plot: Lux (still wanting vengeance on dooku) travels with Ahsoka to coruscant where he decides to join the republic military, the only problem is, he is unfit and inexperienced, until he signs up for a super soldier program known as Project: Alpha, where he is given a special suit that enhances his strength, speed, and agility, he becomes the Republics own super soldier and sets out to save the galaxy from the wrath of the separatist

Authors note: this is my first story for this website. This is the prologue which is an alternate ending to the episode "A friend in need". I don't own any of the Characters, but I do own and OC that I made up. I will continue some more if you guys read and review, and at the story, there will be a surprise for you guys.


A speeder just stopped right next to a big starship known as "The phoenix". The people in that speeder were Jedi padawan, Ahsoka Tano, and her friends Lux Bonteri, and R2-D2. They had barely escaped with their lives after a vicious encounter with a terrorist group known as death watch, But after a few twists, turns, and fights, they had finally escaped the clutches of the group, and their leader, Pre-visla. Ahsoka walked into the cockpit area of the ship. She and her friend's Lux, and R2-D2 had just escaped the terrorist group known as death watch after a short fight and a narrow escape from Pre-visla and his troops with her friend . R2-D2 the astro droid beeped and whistled something to Ahsoka. "No one followed us, good job Artoo", she said. Then Artoo said something to her again. She asked "what do you mean the escape pod has been activated"? She thought for a moment who would try to leave, until it hit her. "Lux" she said to her-self. "Artoo, the ship is yours" she said to her friend. Then she rushed to the area where the escape pod was, while Her friend took over the ships control.

She rushed to the one and only escape pod that was on the ship. Lux was at the controls of the escape pod, he was about to hit the launch button, until he heard a knock on the window. "Lux" Ahsoka said, "Lux, what are you doing". He rushed to the window where Ahsoka was staring at him. "I can't go with you Ahsoka", Lux replied. "You…you know that". Ahsoka then said to him "But…but we can try, try to change things, together". "We make a pretty good team, don't we" he said. "Of course we do Lux, but why are you planning on leaving?" Ahsoka replied. "I'm leaving because I'm not sure If I can trust the Republic", he said "Look, I know you don't think the Republic can help you, but we can, you will be safe with us, just please don't leave, I don't want you to feel all alone" Ahsoka said to him. Lux thought for a minute, until he replied "Alright, I can go with you, as long as I am save with a side that doesn't harm the innocent" He said to Ahsoka, who knew that he made the right choice. Then, he pressed the deactivation button on the escape pod, the doors slid open, and he was met by a tightening hug from Ahsoka who he smiled to and she smiled back. "Thank you", said Ahsoka, "I knew you would make the right choice". They both hugged for what seemed like forever until they decided to go back to the cockpit, where R2 was still at the controls. "Are you sure you think I will be safe with the Republic?" Lux asked. "Yes" she replied, "I am sure". "Artoo" Ahsoka said to her friend. "Prepare to make the jump to hyperspace to Coruscant". Artoo beeped with joy, and after setting the coordinates, a bright light came from the stars, and the ship blasted off towards Coruscant.

Authors note : That's the end of this chapter. I know it's a little short, but it's a prologue which means that this is only the beginning. I know it didn't have a lot of action either, but trust me, there will be later in the story. I'll let you guys review it and tell me If I should continue or not. See you soon.