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Delenn of Mir and John Sheridan

Author: NWHS

Author's Note: B.G. Kuro asked if I would consider writing a John/Delenn reunion story for "Lost and Found." When I finished "Lost and Found," I considered it a completed fic and never looked back. B.G.'s idea made be rethink the idea of "finished." So I thought to extend "Lost and Found" to include an epilogue of sorts. Well, let's see how well I conceptualize the Minbari concept of "where no shadows falls" and "beyond the rim." Yeah, that should be interesting (LOL). Anyway, here we go.

Where No Shadows Fall

Chapter 1: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Delenn of Mir was tired, so utterly exhausted and weak. She had been for a very long time. Too many years to count, in fact, she'd given up chronicling the endless cycles of her life. One cycle bled into another into another and into another until the rising of the sun and the setting of the moon were nearly interchangeable in her mind.

Rich brown hair had given way to thin, limp opal. Smooth , flawless skin softened, wrinkled, spotted. Strong, flexible bones became stubborn, stiff, achy. And while the body slowly, steadily, unrepentantly succumbed to the ravages of time, Delenn's mind remained as keen as ever.

I wish I could forget.

But she'd forgotten nothing over her long life. A curse most days, others, an old woman's blessing.

She tried to shift on the bed. Nothing. Delenn commanded her body to move, to make herself comfortable. Nothing.

Her body. Her traitorous body. Delenn began to laugh, startling the young worker caste nurse tending her.

Delenn never laughed, couldn't remember the last time she'd done so. Had any cause to do so. But she laughed now, like a maniacal lunatic.

Her body. Her complex human and Minbari network of organs, muscles, blood, and bones. Who knew?

Her laughter was surprisingly loud, uproariously bitter, sending the concerned nurse from the room, probably in search of Delenn's healer.

The healer could do nothing. No one ever truly could. Not even Dr. Stephen Franklin who understood her physiology best of all. But he was long dead.

Like the others. But I remain. Still here. Death refusing to take me. Damn the crystalis. Damn the prophecy. Damn me.

Her body.

Strength. Traitor.

Fortitude. Traitor

Longevity. Traitor

But it was finally listening to her. Finally ready to rest. Finally heeding her prayers.

And what did Delenn of Mir, former Entil'zha and President of the Interstellar Alliance, former Ambassador to Babylon 5, mother of David Sheridan, and wife of John Sheridan and Satai Chimir pray for?




Elusive wants. Shadowed needs.

But death was no longer so far out of reach. She could feel it magnificently slithering its way from her immobile legs to her arthritic hips and back.

Her mind would be the last to go, the one that was neither devoutly Minbari nor strangely Human. The one that made her remember, the dreams, the nightmares.

The cost of living too long, seeing too much.

Feeling. Yes, feeling too much. Losing even more.

A curse.

A burden.

A sacrifice.

For the greater good.

For the universe.

For love.

For life.

Time began to slow, and the air filled with the sweet smell of anticipation, the floral scent of long denied relief.

Delenn heard but no longer saw.


Worried, hushed voices.















In a place where no shadows fall, I will meet you again Below the moon and the stars where it all began.
Where no shadows fall, we will meet again. Where no shadows fall, where it all began.
We all feel the presence of our destiny draw near.
In this place where no shadows fall, we will have to surrender to our fears.