Gallagher gets big surprises

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Macey POV

I'm so pissed right now I was always the pretty one of the school and the fasionista but everything went down when they came. I was feeling hurt and ugly and uncool since the new girls are getting all the attention. They are just beauty and we are strength and beauty combined since we are trained to fight and defend our self's.

"Nick?" I asked Nick but he was in trance watching the new girls with dreamy eyes. I poked him. Nothing. I smacked his head. Hard. Nothing. Mrs. Morgan was leading them to her office and once they were gone Nick looked at me.

"So new girls?" he asked me.

"You don't see them? Of course new girls you idiot." I said rolling my eyes. He stared at me confused.

"Why are you mad?" he asked me.

"I'm not mad. I just don't like the new girls." I said half admitting the truth.

"Why not? Have you talked to them? Plus they seem really nice." He said

"Nice? Did you see the tough looking chick had a spear? I don't know about you but it's a weapon it's meant to hurt people." I responded.

"If you're nice she won't use it on you." He responded

"How would you know?" I said

"Common sense." he responded

"Sure its common sense to bring a weapon in school." I said sarcastically.

"In a spy school it is, Macey If you haven't noticed we are in a spy school." he responded.

"Whatever." I said

"I still don't get why you are pissed." He said looking at me confused

"Then you're an idiot if you haven't noticed." I said he glared at me getting mad.

"What?" I asked

"Why don't you bring your attitude somewhere else" he responded. I glared at him.

"You didn't even say. Oh hi Nick I missed you." he said looking not mad but hurt.

"Neither did you instead you were drooling over the new girls." I said

"So I was about to say hi plus it's not like we are going out, because we are not, therefore I can stare at any girl because I'm single. So don't be jealous." He said again in angry mode.

"Well I would never date you either. I'm not jealous of them. I'm single to so I can stare at boy I want to." I said

"But…"he said but I interrupted him

"But nothing Nick I'm sorry I was mean to you and your right both of us are single so we shouldn't be jealous." I said and started eating my food.

"I'm sorry too. Can I have a hug?" He asked. I nodded and Nick wrapped his arms around me. I returned the hug and when we separated I missed him scent. I smiled and continued eating.

"So where did they come from?" Grant asked

"We don't know." Bex answered. He nodded. Everyone ate in awkward silence.

Annabeth POV

I sighed here we were. We came to this school to help fight the Circe of cavan. What I hate the most is that we have to pretend we are models. Stupid if you ask me but of course Selina loved the idea. I guess the gods controlled the mist so that everyone recognized as famous models even the headmistress doesn't know why we are here. Of course I felt like a freak wearing these clothes which were showy.

"Why are you annoyed?" Katie asked me.

"She misses Percy od course!"Selina said making my cheeks go pink.

"I do NOT!"I lied.

"You keep thinking that." Clarisse said smirking

"Shut up at least I'm not acting cranky like you since you miss Chris." I retorted

"You want come and get it Princess!" Clarisse said standing up

"Bring it on!"I said back

"STOP IT GIRLS!We ALL miss our crushes!Ok." Selina said

"Whatever." Thalia said clearly annoyed.

"Ok people relax back to the plan what are we going to do?" Katie said. Everyone turned and stared at me waiting.

"Alright so we have to spy on Cammie and figure out where the leader of the Circe of cavan is and kill her. Cammie knows something so that's why we spy on them." I said.

"And we become friends with Zach." Selina said smiling deviously

"Oh hell no we are not playing with his feelings just to get flirting!"I said loud thank the gods we were in a secret passage way so no one could hear us. They nodded deep in thought. While I was in my own dreamland where a certain son of Poseidon was included. At first I didn't want to come since Percy begged me to stay with him and have fun at camp. I thought he really liked me but I received a text message and there the stupid red headed freak was kissing Percy. Of course I decided to come and left Percy confused and hurt at camp. He practically maybe thought I chose a mission over our friendship. Percy is the exact definition of handsome or sexy. From a gorgeous green eyes to a perfect 8 pack. But of course the red head bitch had to get in the way.

Percy POV

I was in my cabin thinking. Just when I thought Annabeth liked me she had to leave to that stupid mission. But what did I do wrong? Maybe I haven't had the guts to admit to her that I was completely in love with her and I can't stand see a guy looking at her since I would burn with jealousy or that I would anything to make her feel the same way. Nico came in my cabin really grumpy that Thalia left on again that stupid mission.

"I'm fuking bored!"Nico exclaimed. I ignored him

"You look super hurt and sad." he commented looking at me.

"How am I supposed to feel since the girl that I like left me?" I said he looked at me

"Then why don't you ask her yourself?" he asked. My face turned from a sad smile to grin. I'm coming for you wise girl I thought.

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