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Full Summary: Amu has come to Perth with her little sister Ami and when they hear about free dorms at Seiyo Academy, they can't pass up the opportunity to enroll. Amu doesn't want friends. She's been through some bad stuff in her life, so she shuts herself off. In order to avoid making friends she puts up an ice queen facade. But, this group of people called the guardians just don't seem to care! At every opportunity they try to become friends with Amu. This Kukai guy is pretty hot, too... oh, and that Ikuto guy. Tadase isn't bad either... What Amu doesn't know, though, is that she isn't the only one who puts on a facade... is anyone here really who they say they are? How can you learn to trust in an environment like this? Not to mention, when Amu starts working for the Easter Corporation she may be getting involved in something much darker than she could have imagined...

WARNINGS: This story has references to abuse, as well as some depictions of violence. It also contains some depictions of violence, as well as some coarse language. Additionally, some minor characters identify as gay or bisexual.

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Prologue: Façades

Humans are, by nature, judgmental creatures. Sometimes, even subconsciously, we judge someone before we have even met them. Based just upon one look of them, we form our whole opinion on what the person is like, even their personality.

I mean, c'mon, think about it. There are some obvious cases; when you see someone wearing a black leather jacket, smoking while sitting on his motorbike it's pretty safe to assume he's someone you don't want to mess with. Then you have someone who's wearing a suit, carrying a brief case, and is in a hurry to get to his office. It's safe to assume he's a business man, right?

First impression. That's the phrase used to refer to judging someone based upon one look. First impressions can be wrong, though. There are two main reasons for a first impression to be wrong.

The first is that the situation is misunderstood. Say you see some man attacking a woman outside a house. The woman is screaming, begging for help. You would think the man is the aggressor right? What if that woman secretly had a knife in her pocket? What if the woman had been stalking him for days? That's an example of a situation being misunderstood.

The second reason is because the person is hiding their real personality. The person may be pretending to be someone they aren't. There can be any multitude of reasons for someone to hide their real personality.

Say you see some group of assholes laughing at you as you walk past, since you had fallen over and they had seen you. One of them calls out; saying that he hopes you had a nice trip. You immediately assume he's an asshole; possibly even worse than the other guys he's hanging around. What if he's hiding his real personality, though. He's hiding it because secretly he likes you, and he wants you to think he's tough, just like those other ones he hangs around with. This guy is known as the try-hard.

Another example. Say you see someone who's sitting on the grass in front of a tree. You see his leg is bleeding, so you politely ask him if he's hurt. He snaps at you, telling you to fuck off and that you have no right to be near him. Of course, your first impression is that he's an asshole. You walk away, hurt, knowing that you didn't deserve to be snapped at. After all, you had talked to him politely. What you don't know is that secretly the guys who had attacked him were coming back any second. He wasn't really an asshole; he was hiding his real personality. He pretended to be an asshole, so you would leave and you wouldn't be attacked too. This guy is known as the one who is caring deep down.

Last example: you politely talk to a new girl at school. She curses at you, and you decide that she's a bitch and you don't want to talk to her anymore. The girl simply acts like a bitch. Why? She's been hurt in the past. She doesn't want to show her real personality, since she's afraid that she'll be hurt again. What's she known as? I'm not sure on an absolute name. For now, though, her name can be Amu Hinamori.

You probably think, 'What a bitch, talking about someone behind their back.'

Wrong. I am Amu Hinamori, and I admit that I am often misunderstood in first impressions. This is because I hide my outer personality. There's a name for this second reason too…

Oh, that's right. A Façade.