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And yes, the title of this chapter is Facades.

Epilogue: Facades

I sat in my room, pondering all that had happened over the past year. It was January 23rd, only a week until I started my senior year. This time last year I was sitting in a hotel room with Ami, now I was sitting alone in my dorm room. But, I was never really alone anymore. I had so many great friends that I could rely on, no matter what. Remembering our life before we came to Seiyo, I thought of how much Ami had grown. She'd been forced to grow by Easter. It was nice now that she could go back to school, now that she had a dad again.

Ami slowly stretched her arms above her head before she got out of her bed and walked out into the living room. She saw her dad standing at the kitchen cooking breakfast.

"What's for breakfast, daddy?"

"Pancakes!" He replied happily.

Her eyes lit up and she quickly rushed over to sit at the table. He chuckle a little before he took the pancakes from the pan and sat them on a plate. He then moved the plate to the table and the two began eating.

"We should go to the shops today, to get you some new things for school next year."

Her eyes lit up, "Yay! I love you daddy!"

When I'd first come to Seiyo, I hadn't really made friends with anyone. I thought about when I'd walked into the dorm room and saw Yaya and Nadeshiko, well Nagihiko, standing there. Yaya had been there for me throughout the whole journey. Although they'd fought once or twice, she was the one that really understood Amu the best.

Although her dance teacher told her that she'd never have the patience to become a dance teacher, I believed in her. She had amazing concentration when she tried. Too bad she didn't try that much…

Yaya walked up to the small grey building and took a deep breath before she opened the door. There were young girls doing warmups and an old lady standing at the end of the room, looking down at her file. Yaya slowly walked over to the old lady, who didn't once look up from her file.

She cleared her throat slightly, and the old lady looked up.

"I heard that you're looking for an assistant for this dance school…"

The old lady rose an eyebrow, "And you think you're qualified? You're just a school girl."

Yaya gulped and nodded, "I know. I have lots to learn, but I really want to help."

The old lady furrowed her eyebrows, "I'll let you try out today. We're starting a new routine. If you can help even one of these girls get the first half of the routine, I'll let you become my assistant."

Yaya nodded, and the old lady started the class. The old lady started showing them the first steps of the routine. The girls all got the first few steps, but then the dance got to a fairly fast part. The old lady stood on one foot, and propelled herself onto only her toes as she tossed her arms to the right elegantly. She then bought her full weight crashing down back to the left and launched herself into a spin. A few of the girls looked like they understood what they needed to do, and continued practicing that part. Yaya saw one girl who fell twice while trying, and she frowned as she saw the girl fall a third time. She quickly walked over to the girl.

"Hi, are you alright?"

"I don't know how to do it…"

"That's alright. I'll help you. The first part is to be able to stand on just your toes. Let's just practice that first."

The young girl slowly stood on her toes, but soon came crashing down. Yaya caught her before she hit the floor. After a few minutes, the girl had finally managed to stand on her toes and remain there for a while. Yaya then showed her how to throw her arms to the right, while using her legs to keep her centre of gravity in the middle. It had taken the girl a while to grasp the concept, but eventually she had. The other girls had all started learning the next steps by now, but Yaya remained fully focused on helping this girl.

Finally, Yaya showed her how to use her momentum to launch herself into a spin. By the time the girl had learnt that, the old lady had told them that class was over. The girl thanked Yaya sincerely, and told her that she'd practice it at home for next time.

Yaya walked up to the dance teacher and scratched her head, "I'm sorry I didn't help her learn half the song. I guess I'm not as good as I thought."

The lady laughed, "No, you're admirable. I expected you to choose one of the best girls in the class, just to impress me. But you chose the one that struggled, that showed serious character, I'll let you be my assistant."

A big grin came across Yaya's face and she started jumping up and down, "YAY YAY YAY! I'M GONNA HAVE SOME CANDY TO REWARD MYSELF"

And Nadesh- I mean Nagihiko. He'd been my best friend for so long, yet I had never truly understood him until recently. I always knew I could rely on him, though. He knew that the same would apply. And who would have guessed that of all people, he would end up dating Rima.

I chuckled to myself a little. I remembered when I met Rima. She had been my solace in school, the only other person who didn't want to talk. And then later on, she had joined the guardians. It was then that we became friends. It was kind of unbelievable; we'd started off close because of our similarities, and then we both evolved and we were still close.

It was still a bit weird to think of Nagihiko and Rima as dating, though. Especially since they'd been enemies in the past. But they were really sweet together. I knew they'd both be my friends for life.

"I thought boys were supposed to be quick at getting ready," Rima complained.

"That doesn't apply to bisexual guys. Besides, have you seen these locks? It takes a long time to do my hair."

"Psh. I can't believe you would bring up being bisexual in front of me."

"What. Are you afraid I'm going to leave you for some hunk?" Nagihiko teased her.

"Pfft. No, because it just reminds me that we used to be enemies."

"I still can't believe that you would blackmail me with my bisexuality and the fact I was a boy. I thought you were a homophobe."

"Of course not. I just needed to blackmail you somehow. Then I overheard that conversation between you and Kukai."

"Aish, don't remind me of that," Nagihiko hissed.

"What, that Kukai loved you but you turned him down because you were a guy?"

"Yes, that. It was hard, you know. Especially since he was one of my best friends."

"I never asked, how did he react when you told him you were a guy?"

Nagihiko shyly looked away, "He was still willing to date me."

Rima rose an eyebrow, "Has he been hiding something from us?"

He chuckled slightly, "No, I knew he was straight. He was willing to experiment, though. But I knew he was straight, so there was no point. So I turned him down. Would have only meant heartbreak for both of us later, and possibly the end of our friendship."

"How mature of you," Rima teased.

"But… you know. He's so hot, such a nice body."

"Shut up!" Rima demanded.

He chuckled again, "You are afraid I'll leave you for a guy."

"Well what do you expect, after Yamada?"

"I guess you don't have a very good track record."

She rolled her eyes, "You can say that. The first guy I dated ended up being gay, and now the second one is bisexual."

"I bet you're secretly a fag hag."

"Shut up. Are you almost ready."

"Almost. Just a little bit more on my hair…"

"HURRY UP!" Rima yelled at him.

"Okay, okay. I'm done now. We can go."

Rima spun and they began to walk out before Nagihiko wrapped his arms around her from the back and hugged her. She was surprised, but didn't object.

"I promise I won't leave you for some hot hunk."

She rolled her eyes, "I know, idiot."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

I looked across at my outfit I had worn for my Easter photo shoot. I thought of all the time I'd spent working for them. It sickened me. But then I thought of when I met Yua and Seiichiro at Easter. I hadn't gotten along with Yua at all, and Seiichiro was as shy as a mouse. But, somehow they'd both become two of my closest friends.

"Lalala" Yua sung and she held the note, stepping up a few times. As she finished Seiichiro started clapping.

"That was amazing! You'll do amazing!"

"Thanks for all your help… I couldn't have done this much without you. Well, I'm still not sure I'll be able to do it."

"You're amazing, Yua."

"But University of WA has one of the most competitive performing arts programs."

"Pfft. You are the definition of competitive," Seiichiro told her.

She smirked, "You've got that right."

"Just remember that you're better than any of them, and you'll do fine."

"So, you're finally going to be in senior school next year. How's it feel?"

He shrugged, "Meh. It's mostly all the same. I barely have any friends in my year level anyway. I have no idea what I'm going to do when Amu and the others graduate next year."

"Right… it's time for me to teach you something!" Yua announced.

He rose an eyebrow.

"How to make friends easily. It's easy."

He rolled his eyes, "I know how to make friends. I'm not a social recluse."

"Well, how come you still don't have friends from your own year group then?"

"Well the fact that we took two terms off because of Easter kinda contributed," he told her sarcastically.

"Well, well, if that's how you're going to act then fine."

He smiled, "You know I'm just joking."

"Anyway, I should get going for my audition now. Wish me luck."

"You don't need luck. You're amazing."

"Thanks, you don't need luck either."

He knew that she was talking about making friends again. As she walked out the door he sighed to himself. He would have to make more of an effort to make friends when the year started.

But, even though I'd made friends at Easter, there had been so many terrible things that had happened there. Kairi immediately jumped into my thoughts. I thought of the moment when I'd found out that he betrayed us. I knew he felt guilty though, I could see something in his face that told me that he didn't want to do it. It didn't make it alright, though. But I guess I didn't completely hate him. It'd be nice to think that he's happy somewhere, as long as it's not near us.

Kairi sat down at his computer and logged onto facebook, checking his messages. He had a few from Jarod.

'Hey dude, wanna come to the park today at 1pm? We are all meeting up. Just gonna hang out. Gotta make most of the holidays before it ends.'

He rolled his eyes. He wondered if they he was just being polite. Did they really want him there?

He hadn't really been that good friends with Jarod. Well, he wasn't really good friends with anyone. He only had himself to blame for that, though.

He heard his cat purr and he picked it up and cuddled it. It wasn't long until the doorbell rang. He sat his cat on the ground before answering the door, just to find it was a delivery man. After he signed for the package, he went back in and closed the door. Suddenly, he noticed that Mr. Puss was missing.


He mentally cursed, knowing that he must have ran out the door. He quickly grabbed his keys and ran outside, locking the door behind him. As he ran around, he eventually came across Mr. Puss in the park.

"Kairi, man, you made it!" Jarod said excitedly.

Kairi laughed to himself. Maybe it was a sign. He guessed it wouldn't hurt to make new friends. This time, he'd do it right.

I was fidgeting, waiting eagerly for 2:00 to come around. I opened my cupboard, and I saw the painting of me from the night with Shouta. Ahh, what an amazing night that was. She couldn't really believe everything that had happened with Shouta and Yamada. She had never really known either of them at first, but they were two of her closest friends ever.

They were also one of the sweetest couples she'd ever met. After years of suppressing their own feelings, they had finally gotten together. She sighed, if they'd only been honest and both told each other they were gay years ago, it would've been so much easier for them.

Yamada sat on the couch, pouting. He had texted Shouta 10 minutes ago, but he hadn't gotten a text back.

Finally, his phone buzzed, 'I am a bit busy at the moment. Don't think I'll be able to come over today.

Yamada pouted and quickly texted back, 'What are you doing?'

'It's a secret'

Yamada's curiousity peaked, but Shouta refused to tell him what it was no matter what. He was watching T.V lazily on the couch when the doorbell rang. He had no idea who it could be, but he got up and answered it anyway. When he opened it he saw Shouta standing there. He hugged Shouta tightly.

"I missed you so much!"

"We went on a date yesterday…"

"I know, but I want to spend every minute with you!" Yamada whined.

"And you call me the girl of the relationship," Shouta said as he rolled his eyes.

"Don't you want to spend every minute with me, too?" Yamada asked, pouting.

"Of course I do, idiot… Anyway, the reason I was busy today was because I was looking for an apartment…"

Yamada pouted again, "Don't remind me that you're going to university while I'm still in high school. We'll barely be able to see each other. Why don't you just stay at the college dorm?"

Shouta cleared his throat, "Well… I want to spend every moment possible with you."

"Yes, of course," Yamada said, a bit confused.

"I was hoping that you'd… You'd move in with me…" Shouta said, nervously. He quickly turned away from Yamada, not wanting to see his face. After all, they'd only been dating for a few months. This was probably his most stupid idea ever.

He was very surprised when he heard the words "Of course" muttered from behind him and someone hug him.

"You know I love you so much. You didn't have to be that nervous," Yamada told him.

"But we've only been dating a few months… I thought you'd freak out."

"I've loved you for years, though."

Shouta smiled, "Thanks… Anyway, do you want to go see the apartment?"

Yamada's eyes lit up, "YES!"

About 30 minutes later they arrived at the apartment and Shouta let him in.

"I'll give you a tour," Shouta told him, as he showed him through the apartment.

"This is amazing," Yamada told him.

"This is the bedroom," Shouta said and Yamada quickly frowned.

"Wait… the bedroom."

Shouta inhaled deeply, "Woops. Meant to let that slip later on..."

"There's only one bedroom?" Yamada asked.

"Yes. I'm sorry… The two bedroom ones were too expensive."

Yamada frowned, and Shouta hugged him.

"I'm so sorry… You don't have to move in if it's a problem."

"What? You think I mind sharing a bed with you?"

"What… you don't?" Shouta asked.

"Of course not, idiot. I'm just worried about…"

"About what?" Shouta asked.

"I mean…"

Shouta just raised an eyebrow.

"Well, you know… You wanted to wait, so I'm worried about how I'm going to… Umm, control myself."

Shouta just laughed, "That's what it was? You'll be too horny sleeping next to me. Not being able to do anything."

Yamada frowned, "You little tease."

Shouta let out a hum noise, before asking a question, "Am I still considered a tease if I give you what you want?"

Yamada's eyebrows rose and his voice hitched, "W-what…?"

"The only reason I wanted to wait is because I didn't want to rush things, and cause us to break up. I love you so much, Yamada."

"I… w-what?"

"I want to sleep with you."

Yamada was speechless and stunned, and Shouta moved closer and kissed him.

"I love you," Shouta told him again, "Say something please."

Yamada exploded, "Oh my god, I love you so much. I… god, I can't even explain it. You don't have to just do this for me, you know."

Shouta rolled his eyes, "I'm not only doing it for you. I've wanted to sleep with you for so long. I just have more self-control than you."

Yamada smiled, "I guess that's true. You're sure then?"

"Yes, I'm sure. You're the one being the tease now, stop delaying so much."

Yamada smiled before kissing Shouta deeply. Their lips moved against each other softly for a while before they pulled away. After taking a breath Shouta moved in and captured Yamada's lips again, moving faster this time. His hands went to Yamada's chest, and moved down to his jeans. He unbuttoned the top button.

"God, you're so hot…" Shouta said.

Yamada smiled, "I- I think we need to go to the bedroom now."

"Yes, please," Shouta said.

Yamada kissed him again and while they were kissing they walked into the bedroom. Yamada kicked the door shut behind them, and it closed with a slam.

I glanced at the time. 1:45. Only 15 more minutes until Ikuto would be coming and we'd be going on our date. I thought of the first time I met Ikuto; that fateful day in the library. Who would have thought that ¾ of a year later we'd be dating? Not that it had been an easy path. I'd dated both Tadase and Kukai before I eventually started dating Ikuto. I remembered the pain when I broke up with Tadase, but it'd been the best for both of us.

If I'd known that Tadase was in love with Utau all along, I never would've dated him anyway. Those two were the sweetest thing ever, though. They'd both be in love since they were babies, yet with everything that happened between their families they had never been able to admit their love for each other. It was almost like a modern day Romeo and Juliet. I knew that they'd always be together. Nothing could break apart a love like that.

Utau heard a knock on her door and she sprung up and opened it to see Tadase standing there.

"Hi," he offered.

"Hi. I didn't know you were coming today."

"Well, I was bored. Thought I may as well."

"You want to watch some T.V with me?" She asked.

"Sure," he smiled.

"TADASEE!" he heard someone call from a different room. Ikuto rounded the corner, looking like an absolute mess. His hair wasn't done and his clothes were disheveled

"Man, what the hell is wrong with you?" Tadase asked bluntly.

"Oh god, please don't ask," Utau groaned.

"I have no idea what the hell I'm doing," Ikuto whined.

"What's going on?"

"He's going on a date with Amu," Utau told him, "And being a whiny bitch about it."

"Well, I mean it's our first real date. Since we got together while we were a part of Easter and all, we didn't have much time to date. I don't even know what to wear."

Tadase mock gasped, "The great fashionista Ikuto doesn't know what to wear? Maybe 2012 really is the end of the world!"

"Shut up," Ikuto grumbled and Utau burst out laughing.

The two of them cuddled up on the couch and focused their attention on the T.V.

"You've got to help me!" Ikuto whined again.

Tadase sighed, "Okay, I'll just tell you one thing. You just gotta be yourself, bro. She likes it when you be yourself. That's how you stole her away from me, so meh."

Ikuto's eyes narrowed, "I didn't her away. You two broke up long before I started dating her."

"Mmhmm. And who broke us up?" Tadase asked, smirking.

"What? Well... I mean..." Ikuto started spluttering.

Utau started laughing again and cuddled closer to Tadase, "Now you're just being mean, Tadase."

Tadase laughed too, "I'm just joking. Me and Amu never would have worked out anyway. She was still hung up on Kukai and I was still in love with Utau."

"You bastard."

"But my advice stands. Be yourself."

"Thanks, Tadase," Ikuto told him.

"Well... maybe not too much like yourself, you're a bit of an asshole," Utau said slyly.

Ikuto glared at her, "You two were never like this when you were little."

"Oh god, don't bring that up," Tadase and Utau both groaned.

"You both used to fight over me. Who would get to sleep in my bed, who would get to walk next to me."

"Shut up!" They both shouted with red faces. Ikuto smirked and began walking back into his room to get ready.

"That's my revenge."

Utau and Tadase both looked at each other, then slowly looked at the T.V.

"Now that he's gone, we can actually relax," Utau said.

"Yep," Tadase told her as he gave her a quick peck on the lips.

"What was that for?" Utau asked.

"Nothing in particular. I just love you."

"Thanks. I love you too."

"THIS STORY IS ONLY RATED T, YOU TWO," Ikuto shouted from the other room.

They both rolled their eyes and Utau cuddled closer to Tadase on the lounge.

I once again glanced at the time. 1:53. It wasn't long now, and I was getting more and more nervous. I looked through my wardrobe again, and I saw my old purse sitting on the floor. Curiously, I picked it up and opened it. My eyes transfixed on one point in the purse; the picture that had been slipped into the slot. I felt a deep feeling of sadness as I stared at the picture Kukai and I had taken on our first date. I wonder what would have been different had Kukai not gone to Canberra. I would safely say that probably everyone I knew would have completely different lives. I wonder if Kukai and I would still be together.

Was it fate that Kukai went to Canberra? I don't believe in God, but I do believe that there's no way fate could be so cruel. Had he never gone to Canberra he never would have been kidnapped by Easter. The emotional torture he went through... There's no way something like that was supposed to happen. And then, to finally be rescued and find that everyone around him had changed. We all moved on with our life. None of us had any idea what he was going through, while we all moved on.

He was distancing himself from us now. We could all tell, we knew it was happening, but we didn't know how to stop it at all. He insisted that his therapy sessions were going fine, but he didn't seem to be getting better at all. I felt tears welling up in my eyes just thinking about it, looking down at that photo.

We were both so happy. I remember before our first 'date,' I was freaking out about what to wear. I was so in love with him that I freaked out about what to wear, even though it wasn't a real date. He told me he was freaking out about what to wear as well. Now, just hours ago I had freaked out about what to wear with Ikuto.

But, for Kukai I wasn't sure if he'd ever freak out about what to wear again. The tears that had been building in my eyes now threatened to spill out. I blinked a few times, as if that would somehow turn back time. As if that could make the reason for my tears disappear. Suddenly, I heard the bell and I glanced at the time. It was 2:00 already. Ikuto would be waiting at the door, while I was sitting here bawling my eyes out.

I quickly jumped up and glanced in the mirror. There was nothing I could do to hide the redness of my eyes. I just had to hope that Ikuto wouldn't notice. I ran over to the door and opened it.

"Hi," I told him shyly.

He hugged me quickly, "What's wrong?"

"Wh-what do you mean?" I stuttered.

"You've been crying."

"I can never hide anything from you..." I said quietly, not knowing whether that was a good thing or a bad thing, "You better come inside first."

We sat down and I began trying to think of how to start.

"Amu... you can tell me anything."

I took a deep breath as I began, "Well... I was pretty nervous while I was waiting for you. I was thinking about a lot of things. Everyone who's been my friend, who's helped me get to where I am."

I paused and he hugged me, "Keep going."

"And I thought of Kukai, and everything he's gone through... And now he's distancing himself from us. And, you know. We only have 1 year of school left. After that, what's going to happen? I know that we'll be able to stay close to most of them. But what about him? If he's distancing himself now, as soon as it's over he's going to leave ASAP. And then what? He'll put up a facade? He'll push everyone away because he's afraid to be hurt again. I know how that feels."

Ikuto hugged me and bought my head to his chest, "Let's forget about our date."

"What?" I asked slowly.

"Let's go visit Kukai instead," He told me, "If he's going to try and push us away, all we have to do is not let him."

I nodded, and hugged him closer, "I'm sorry..."

"You don't have anything to apologize for. You are one of the most amazing people I've ever known."

Ikuto unwrapped his arms from around me and bought one of his hands into mine. We walked out of my dorm and I locked up, and then we walked hand in hand to Kukai's dorm. Ikuto knocked on the door and when Kukai opened it and saw us two his expression dropped.

"Hi," I said slowly.

"Hi," he replied, "What are you two doing here?"

"We just wanted to say hello, and talk for a while," Ikuto told him.

He shrugged, "Come in then, I guess."

He opened the door fully and turned around and walked towards the couches. As I followed him, I couldn't help but feel as though it was like I was talking to a totally different person to the one I knew. The one I had dated. The one that I had loved.

We all sat down on the couches, and none of us spoke for a few moments. I broke the silence by asking, "How's your therapy been going?"

"Good," he grunted, seemingly reluctant to talk about it. The awkward silence came back. Why was it so hard to talk to him now? It never used to be like this.

"I..." I started, not really knowing what I was going to say. I had so much I wanted to ask him, but none of it would come out.

Ikuto reached his hand down and wrapped it around mine, gripping me tightly to let me know it was okay. I took a deep breath before I continued.

"Why have you been distancing yourself from us?"

He looked shocked that I had asked so bluntly. To be honest, I was a bit shocked at myself too. But I knew that if I just left things as they were, nothing would be resolved.

He thought for a moment, and then scoffed, "I don't even know how to answer that."

"Just tell me honestly."

Ikuto stood up, "Do you want me to wait outside?"

Kukai nodded, "That'd be good, thanks."

Ikuto gave me a look before he left. That one look told me so much. It told me how much he loved me. It told me how much he trusted me. It told me how much he believed in me. It told me how amazing I was, and that he would be right outside the door if I needed him. That one look made me feel like one of the most loved people in the world.

Kukai took a deep breath before he began, "I don't know how to act around you anymore."

"Why?" I asked, feeling all the emotions that had made me almost cry earlier come crashing back into me. I felt as though I could cry any minute.

"Because I still love you. I loved you the whole time."

I bit my lip as I heard that and cold tears began rolling down my cheek.

"I loved you so much, even after you were gone," I replied, "I waited for so long for replies to my messages."

I looked at his face and I saw that he, too, was welling up.

"THEN WHY DIDN'T YOU WAIT FOR ME?" he screamed, and his tears spilled down from his eyes and rolled down his cheek, "The whole time I was trapped, do you wanna know what I was thinking? I was thinking about you. That was the one thought that even made me survive that hellhole. I thought about every single thing we had done together, and the lives we could live when I got out."

"What did you expect me to think?!" I screamed back. I wasn't sure if I was screaming out of depression, guilt or anger, "I texted you every day and you didn't reply. How was I supposed to know that you had been kidnapped."

"I hoped that you would trust me! I hoped that you would love me as much as I loved you!"

"I did love you..." I didn't even try to stop my tears anymore. They were flowing down my cheeks, as my eyes became blurrier.

"Then why didn't you wait?" He asked again. There was no anger in his voice anymore, only pain. It was as if all the pain he had gone through the past year was put into that one sentence. Just hearing it made my heart sting.

"I didn't know how long I would have to wait. I couldn't wait forever. I needed to live."

"I can't talk to you anymore," Kukai told me.

My whole body froze and I went stiff, "What do you mean?"

"My therapy is a failure!" Kukai screamed at her again, "She keeps telling me I'll get better, but I never do! I don't even know what to think anymore. And then, every time I look at you, I just remind myself of the pain I've been through."

"That's why you've been distancing from us?" I asked him.

He nodded, and looked away.

A few sobs came out involuntarily, and after that I couldn't stop them. I continued sobbing, and I tried to force myself further into the couch.

"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..." I cried out, "I'm sorry you had to go through that."

He looked at me through his tear-stained eyes, "I... I'm sorry too. I wish we could go back in time..."

I nodded, "Why did this all have to happen to us?"

"I don't know... I don't know..."

I stood up slowly, and looked at him, "Are you going to go to school here still?"

He shook his head, "No... the police found out I have a distantly related cousin alive in Melbourne. I'm gonna go and live with him..."

I let out another sob, and I couldn't help but think this was all my fault.

"I need to get away from here... Everything reminds me of it..." Kukai said quietly.

I walked over to the couch he was sitting on and hugged him tightly, "I promise you'll get better. One day."

He didn't say anything back. I took a step backwards from him and I looked at him again for what may be my last time ever. The boy I had fallen in love with. He was the one that made me actually live my life, and yet I could do nothing for him now that he was in the same situation. It was like some sad kind of irony.

"I'm just sorry that I'm not the one that will help you get better," I told him, tears still flowing down my cheeks.

He nodded, "I... I don't know if I'll ever see you again."

I nodded too, "I know... I understand. All I want you to do is to promise me that if we ever do see each other again, you'll be married to some nice girl, maybe have kids?"

He sobbed and bought his knees to his chest, "I... I want kids some day."

"Promise me," I demanded.

He sobbed again, "I... I don't know if-"

"Promise me."

He nodded slowly, "I promise. I promise."

And with that, I wiped my eyes and turned around. I began walking away from him. I could leave in peace now, because I knew that he would get better one day. Because Kukai would never go back on a promise.

I opened the door and Ikuto hugged me straight away. He picked me up and carried me back to my own dorm, where we both lay in my bed. He hugged me the whole time while I continue to sob into his chest. He rubbed my back soothingly as he told me, "It's okay, I love you. I love you. Shh, I love you."

To be honest, I didn't know if Ikuto and I would be together forever. We weren't that weirdly-cute couple like Rima and Nagihiko were. We weren't straight out of a fairytale like Shouta and Yamada, and we hadn't been in love since we were babies like Utau and Tadase.

I continued to sob into his chest, and he kept telling me that he loved me. I didn't know if we'd be together forever, but I did know one thing. With him, I never needed a Facade.


-hides behind a barrier to avoid the incoming bullets-

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