Hello everyone! I'm sorry I've been inactive. I've been really busy, but, I plan to make up for that with this. Because, drum roll please, this is going to be a chapter story! I'm going to do Valentines Day stories for a few APH couples (Right now it looks like GerIta, FrUK, and maybe Spamano). Valentines Day also happens to be my birthday, so I'm not going to do any couples I don't particularly like, so...

Anyways, I think this is cute. Not the best story around, but still cute.

It's Valentines Day! It's Valentines Day! It's Valentines Day! On this particular February 14th, Italy had managed to wake up earlier than Germany. Italy snuck out of bed and down the stairs. Germany's dogs ran up to greet him. Italy put a finger to his mouth and shushed them before he let them outside. Please don't bark and wake Germany up. Luckily for Italy, they wouldn't.

Italy walked into the kitchen and stopped. He looked around and pondered what he should make for Germany. "Oh, I know!" Italy said to himself, "I'll make him his favorites and some pasta! Of course, why didn't I think of it before?" Italy heard a small yip from one of Germany's dogs outside. Italy quickly let them in.

Blackie, Berlitz, and Aster followed Italy back into the kitchen. They looked at him with confused faces as he made wurst and pasta for Germany. Italy looked over at them and smiled. "I'm making a nice breakfast for our Germany. For Valentines Day." Italy smiled even wider. Valentines Day with Germany always made him happy. Black, Berlitz, and Aster didn't look any less confused. "You'll understand when you see how happy Germany is!" I hope…

Germany never woke up while Italy was making his food. Today must be my lucky day! Italy thought happily, putting the finishing touches on the food he had made Germany. Italy smiled and for the first time caught a glimpse of what time it was. 5:50 AM? How on earth did I get up so early? Germany shouldn't be up for the next ten minutes though…I could always just wake him up… Italy patted each of Germany's dogs on the head before he carried Germany's food upstairs.

Blackie, Berlitz, and Aster were not satisfied with a simple pat on the head. The three dogs followed Italy up the stairs and into Germany's room. When Germany was home alone they were never allowed in Germany's bedroom. Though, when Italy was around, he always loved to have the dogs around, so Germany (Having the soft spot for Italy that he had) let them into his bedroom.

Italy gently sat the tray that he had put Germany's food on onto Germany's chest. Italy grabbed Germany's shoulder and lightly shook it. "Germany, Germany, wake up! It's Valentines Day!" Germany's eyes slowly blinked open.

"Italy? Oh, Italy!" Germany looked over at the digital clock on the bed stand. "Italy, you must've gotten up extremely early…thank you so much. I was planning on doing something for you, but I guess you got up before I could do it…" Germany looked at Italy sheepishly. Italy was beaming. Seeing Italy smile made Germany smile. Germany tried to hide his smile, but he found that he couldn't.

"Aw, Germany, you're welcome! Oh, you're smiling too! That makes me so happy!" Italy clapped his hands together lightly. "Oh, I hope you enjoy the food I made, Germany!" Germany nodded and ate his food. Italy watched him intently.

When Germany finished eating, he thanked Italy and gave him a kiss. The two of them walked downstairs and Germany washed the dishes Italy had used as well as the tray. Italy stood behind Germany and tugged on his arm the whole time.

"Come on, Germany! I want to spend the whole day together!"

"Italy, I'm cleaning the dishes. I have to go run some errands right after this anyway."

"But, Germany!" Italy said with a pout, "It's Valentines Day!"

"I know, Italy. I'm sorry."

So, Germany left the house and Italy sat on the couch. Italy ran his hand over Blackie's head. Berlitz and Aster were lying down in the kitchen. "Why does Germany have to have errands to do? It's Valentines Day for Pete's sake!" Italy crossed his arms over his chest and pouted. "I hope he doesn't take long…"

Germany quickly drove to the local pet shelter. He walked into the section where they kept the cats and looked around. "Italy is lucky that I love him…" He mumbled. Germany wasn't a fan of cats.

Germany didn't have to look long before he saw an incredibly happy looking kitten that reminded him of Italy. Germany walked up to the kitten and it meowed at him happily. Germany looked at the floor and sighed. "This is for Italy. Just remember that." Swallowing his pride, Germany walked to the person at the front desk, filled out the papers to get the kitten he had saw, and took it home.

When Germany got home he looked at the back seat of his car for a few moments. The shelter had given him some of the supplies he would need for the kitten, but Germany figured he could carry that inside the house later. Germany picked up the cage the cat was in and walked inside.

Italy's head immediately turned to Germany and the cat when they walked in. Italy's eyes grew wide and he ran up to Germany to hug him. "Italy! Italy, the cat!" Italy backed away almost immediately and grinned sheepishly. "Sorry." He said. Germany sat the kitten and the cage gently down on the floor so Italy could hug him. Italy did so.

"Oh, Germany! You got me a kitty! Oh! It's so cute! Oh, look at its white little paws! Oooh! What's its name?" The kitten that Germany had gotten for Italy was mainly black, but it had white paws and the area around its mouth and nose was white. It mewed happily in its cage.

"It doesn't have a name yet." Germany said, "You can name it."

"Oh! Oh! Oh! A name! Hmm…Mittens! Yes, I like that name!"

Germany smiled slightly. "Mittens it is then."

"Thank you so much, Germany!" Italy kissed Germany and his face went red.

Italy let Mittens out of his cage and watched him as he walked around. Mittens was quite interested with everything around the house. Germany's dogs tried to chase Mittens, but Germany made it quite clear to them that they couldn't do that. Italy was very happy about this.

Things continued like this for most of the day. When night came Mittens, Blackie, Berlitz, Aster, Germany, and Italy all packed into the same bed. "There's not enough room on this bed for all of us, Italy! The dogs are laying on me…" Germany said. "But, Germany, it's Valentines Day!" Germany said. He couldn't argue with that. This was the best Valentines Day ever…Italy thought.

I have no idea where the idea of Mittens came from, just so you know, lol. Italy is so cute. w