I decided to make this list cause I was talking to my sister while watching "Garfield and Friends" the other day and I asked her who her favorite character was she said Garfield and I told her mine was Odie (It always was to XD) I started wondering why he was my favorite so I came up with this list! (I'll probably do this with other characters from other shows to =) ) I hope you enjoy! =D

10.He's so adorable! =)

9.He can't talk so he can't say anything to offend me XD

8.He's very obeident (Unlike Garfield XD)

7.He's very positive and likeable and always has a smile on his face! (VERY unlike Garfield LOL)

6.He has no set love interest so he can be matched with anybody! Which makes him a more interesting character. (And No I don't or will never have a cartoon crush on Odie he's just a favorite of mine =) )

5.When he is sad (Which is rare) You can't help but feel sorry for him =(

4.He doesn't have to talk to be funny he can make me laugh with body movement and slapstick! XD

3.He has no enemy's he's friends with everyone even Garfield! =)

2.When he barks you always wonder what he's saying in Dog Language (LOL Or maybe that's just me XD)

1.He never becomes outdated He can be the same for any generation (and even if they have done modernfying to Garfield, Odie's personality doesn't change much anyways.)

I hope you enjoy! If you want Please review who your favorite Garfield character is and why I'd love to read it =D