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Summary: Giotto felt it was the lowest point of his life and his heart was left empty. Tsuna couldn't afford to see her father like that and decided to cheer him up. Only that she couldn't find the right thing. Just what should she give to heal his heart?

Warning: GenderBend (Fem27)

Fixing Heart

"A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer."
- Author Unknown

Japan, Namimori…

Sawada Tsunahime was holding the door of her parent's room sadly. Her father, Giotto, or Sawada Ieyasu was resting his head on both his hands. She saw how sad her father is and she knew for sure what make him so; her mother was dead a few days ago. She was told that it was an accident, but she knew that's not the truth. She heard from the rumors that she was killed.

Tsuna didn't care either way though; she was gone. That fact will never change regardless the reason. She was also very sad and missed her mother almost immediately. When she heard that her mother died, she thought that her heart stopped. How she wish that she could follow her to heaven. She, however, could also see how sad that news make her father. That day she cried nonstop until she tired herself and sleep, but her father didn't even shed a tear; but his eyes looked so… dead.

Tsuna clenched her fist as she saw her father sighed. She left the place and headed to her bedroom. Her house was just like any other; but she knew that her father was wealthy enough to buy a mansion. She knew because he always help the others by supporting their needs but also never fail to fulfill the family's need.

She entered her bedroom and let herself fall on the bed. She hugged her pillow tightly as she felt her tears starting to fall. She lost her mother; she couldn't bear seeing her father like that. She buried her head in the pillow as she thought hard on what she should do. Gosh, she's ten years old! She should be able to do something is she?

She looked up and saw a box; her birthday gift from her parents. She got up from the bed and walked to the table and lifted the box. Her face brightened as she recalled how happy she was of what they gave her that day. She's sure that he would be happy too if she gave him something. She nodded to herself as she took her purse and checked on how much money she have and left quietly through the door.

When she finally left the house and about to take a turn, she quickly hide behind the wall as she heard footsteps coming to her house. She took a peek and saw her father's friends; G., Cozart, Asari Ugetsu, Knuckle, Alaude, Lampo, and Daemon Spade entering the front gate. When they finally enter the house, she sighed of relief as she continued her journey. She looked at her watch and promised to herself that she'll be home at 5.

"Namimori… Jewel Shop…" Tsuna read out slowly in front of a shop. She could see the shiny objects in the store and she immediately thought that they're pretty. She pushed the door and entered the store. She saw that the store wasn't crowded at all; there was only a pair of couple, she thought because they looked at each other with a deep stare.

She walked over to the counter, amazed at what's there. From rings to bracelets and necklaces were all there and all of them were just so pretty! Especially the one that shaped like a small clam. As she stood in front of the counter, she was greeted by an elder woman who smiled warmly.

"Hello dear, are you coming here with your parents?" She asked. Tsuna shook her head no and asked back to her.

"I'm here to buy something for my dad; something that could cheer him up," She said with hope in her eyes. The woman looked slightly confused at first before she took a small ring with the shape of heart.

"How about this one? I'm sure he'll like this," The woman said. Tsuna stared at it with awe; it was very tiny and pretty. She liked it and was about to say yes until she remember that her father just gave her something like this; a bracelet and much prettier. Her hope quickly vanished and her happiness gone. Her father could afford this anytime he wants; this wouldn't really help, that much she knew.

"What's the matter dear?" The woman asked gently as she saw her expression changed.

"N-no, it's nothing. I'm sorry ma'am, but I think I will try another one, thank you for your help," She said with a smile. The woman nodded and smiled.

"Anytime dear," The woman replied. Tsuna walked away to the door and exit the store. Now, where should she look next?

"Hello young one, looking for something?" A woman seemed in her late twenties greeted Tsuna. Tsuna blushed when she realized she was watching the flowers too intently.

"Umm… I'm sorry ma'am, but I was… searching for something pretty; it's something important," She said with a smile. The woman smiled back and took a little vase with a small white flower planted on it.

"Well, how about this one? This is pretty cheap; so you could afford this, but this was also one of the customer's favorite," She explained with a bright grin. Tsuna looked at the flower and agreed completely; it's a small flower, but it was pretty and looked pure and looked somewhat fragile.

"It's so beautiful! Can I see it?" She asked.

"Sure thing," The woman said as she offered Tsuna the vase. Tsuna smiled and took it carefully and stare at it intently. This supposed to be a perfect thing to give! But somehow in her heart it doesn't feel right; her father would love flowers… but she remember he just recently put white flowers on her mother's graveyard.

"Well how is it?"

"It's… wonderful! But… I don't think he'll need a flower right now," Tsuna replied disappointedly.

"Aah, that's too bad. Well, how about picking another gift? I'm sure you'll find something good," She said.

"Thank you ma'am, I'll do my best," Tsuna said before she bowed slightly and left the store. Although she has said that, she didn't know what she should look for next. She sighed and looked at her watch; 3 p.m.

Tsuna looked at the sign and smiled. "Chocolate Shop! I should've thought of this before!"

Tsuna walked to the store happily and wherever she saw, it's chocolate in every kind of shape and size. They looked so yummy! She would love to eat it and taste every one of them. As she looked to every corner she could, she was greeted by a man.

"Good afternoon little miss, can I help you?" He asked with a grin. He looked kind although his white hair make her wondered for a while. She smiled back at him.

"I would like to buy something for my dad," She said.

"Ah, your dad. How nice of you; your father must be very happy to have a daughter like you," He said before he walked away and search in the racks filled with many chocolates. She looked at him curiously, wondering what he got for her. Just before long, he let out a happy exclamation and showed her a heart-shaped chocolate with pink ribbon.

She quickly glad with the result; her father would be happy to see this. After all, heart means love and chocolate is sweet and it's delicious too. She was about to buy it, but then she remembered how her father loved homemade cooking; perhaps the reason why he rarely go out for dinner. Well, except for rare occasions like parties or celebrations.

Once again, she didn't feel that this was what her father wants. Her expression changed and once again she has to refuse. "I'm sorry sir, but I think… I'll look for another thing…"

"Don't sweat it; good luck finding it," He said making her brightened.

"Thank you sir, have a good day," She said before skipped outside the store. She sighed as she realize how hard this going to be. She looked up at the sky and walked slowly to nowhere in particular. What should she look for now? She's really clueless.

An old man was strolling by, carrying a lot of weird stuffs on his hands but stopped on his track when he saw a girl looked much like his acquaintance look depressed under the tree. He grinned and chuckled softly as he recognized just who she is. He walked over to the young girl and asked.

"Hoho, what are you doing here young lady? It's getting dark," He said with a grin. Tsuna looked up and startled by the figure in front of her. It's perhaps one of the weirdest people she has ever met! She stood up and greeted him politely.

"Good evening sir, I'm searching a gift for my dad… but I just couldn't find it; and I'm running out of time," She said sadly. The man just chuckled at what she said.

"Well well, what a troublesome thing," He grinned and walked away. "Well, let's go to my store and see if there's anything that you think could help."

Tsuna brightened up and followed the man. "Do you need help carrying those?"

The old man laughed, "My, my, a kind little girl aren't you?"

Tsuna blushed hearing his compliment. Just about she wanted to reply, the old man added, "I'm grateful for your offer, but my store was just a few steps away."

Just after he said that, he stopped at a weird-looking store. He pulled out a key and unlocked the door which revealed an even weirder place; it's full of things Tsuna never seen before. Tsuna looked at everything with wide eyes. There were some that were funny-looking, some that looked slightly scary, some that looked pretty, but some looked very weird that she didn't have a clue what it was.

The man put all of his things on the table and turned around to see Tsuna still in awe. "Hoho young lady find anything good already?"

"I-I'm sorry sir; I don't mean to stare," She replied with a blush but the old man just laughed at her apologize.

"Don't be so uptight; these things were meant to be looked at after all," He said. "So, have you found anything to your like?"

Tsuna pouted as she looked around. She didn't think that her father will be overjoyed with something like these… well, she can't be sure because she has never seen some antiques like these. "I'm not so sure…"

"Well just take your time," The man said as he turned around and tidied his things. Tsuna nodded and looked over once again. After a while, she let out a sigh as she finished her observation; it's no good. She suddenly heard the man's voice which startled her.

"Why are you so confused young lady? Aren't the one you wanted to give is your own father?" The old man asked without even looked up from his work. Tsuna think about his words and realized it's true; she intended to give it to her dad. What make it so hard?

"I don't know sir… I… I don't know," She replied softly as she rubbed her arm. "I just… can't find anything right."

"The only reason you were, because you're missing the main point young lady," The old man laughed.

"Main… point?" She asked as she walked closer to him.

"Yup; what could make you happy?"

"Umm…" She thought about it and tried recalling the happy times she has. She felt happy when she was having a trip with her family, when she was having her birthday parties, when she was gathering with her family, when she saw them smile when she showed her picture. There were so many times she felt happy… but she still didn't find what the old man meant.

"I… don't understand what you meant sir,"

"Well then, let's change the subject; what makes you sad?"

She's still confused on what he meant but she complied and recalled once again. There were also many times she was sad; when she got bad scores, when she's being yelled at, when she's having a bad day, and the greatest perhaps what just happened a few days away; her mother gone and her father seemed so upset by it.

"Still confused young lady?" The old man asked again. Tsuna nodded silently and the man chuckled. "You were just thinking too hard."

"Please sir, I still don't understand," She said a little bit desperately.

"You feel sad or happy with your heart and feeling," He said. "But happiness could change into sadness; those were emotions in your heart. So, what you should do when you need to change sadness into happiness?"

"Well… you'll have to… cheer him up?" The man laughed at her answer.

"True enough; sadness was something that hurting your heart, people will try to change that to heal your heart. And to do that, they gave many things according on what could possibly fix it, but what your father needs now wasn't something that materials could afford; but it was presence because a part of his heart was now hollow," He said. "You need to fix his heart; it's as simple as that."

"Fix his heart…?"

"Your father has just lost his beloved wife isn't he?"

"…!" Tsuna's eyes widen when she heard that. "How did you know sir?"

"I know Giotto for a long time now," He replied. "Anyway, do you get what I'm saying young lady?"

Tsuna smiled when she heard the question. "I did sir,"

"Good, now you better get going or things going to get worse," He said and she looked at her watch; 04.40!

"HIIIII! I didn't realize how late it is!" She exclaimed before rushing to the door. "Thank you sir…"

"Just call me Talbolt," The old man replied. Tsuna smiled before she run outside. Talbolt chuckled, "Geez Giotto, your girl was just like you."


Giotto was walking back and forth worriedly. Just where did Tsuna went at these times? Without telling him first even! His heart felt heavy and he felt like in loss right now; he just couldn't imagine losing Tsuna too. Suddenly he heard the door opened and he rushed out off the room. He saw Tsuna panting and sweating hard.

"Tsuna! Just where has you been-" Giotto didn't manage to finish his sentence when suddenly Tsuna hugged him tightly. They stayed like that for a moment before Tsuna finally break the silence.

"Don't be sad dad… I'm here," She suddenly said softly to him. Giotto's eyes widen and he could feel his heart becoming very warm. His shoulder shook and he hugged Tsuna back tightly.

"Thank you, Tsuna; I'm alright now," He whispered to her.

She's right; he couldn't revive his wife again nor filled her place in his heart, but what he must do now was to protect what he has right now. Tsuna was the fragile, important thing in his life; he'll give anything for her sake. He just never realized until now, that Tsuna also always be there for him and loved him just as much; he's not alone. He didn't even notice a tear fell from his eye.

His heart was completely healed now.

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Questions frequently asked by readers (or mine if I'm the reader):

Q: Simple ending?
Correction: Failed dramatic ending.

Q: Why's Tsuna seemed fine with the loss?
She's actually also sad; but she's more focused on cheering her father up. She, as a child, wanted to fix what's in front of her more than keep grieving at what's not there again.

Q: Talbolt?
In case you forgot (which I doubt so) he's Giotto's acquaintance and the one who helped fixing the Vongola Ring at Tsunayoshi's time.

Q: This is… not AU right?
No, it's not. This is after Giotto retired from the mafia. The reason why Tsuna's mom dies most probably because the mafia didn't want ANY of Vongola's blood keep surviving. And to do that is to kill all its family. So… yeah, it still connected with the cannon.