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Summary: Is this world a bad drama, or is it the start of a fantastic fairytale?

Warning: genderbend (Fem27), AU, two Tsuna (Fem27 & 72)

A Beautiful Tale

"Sometimes I see the moon… and I wonder what he's thinking."
- anonymous

The clouds were turning dark and there was a distant echo of thunder. Four-year-old Sawada Tsunahime looked up with a blank look. After satisfied with whatever she observed, she ran to her brothers not far from her place.

"Gio-nii, Gio-nii, is rain coming soon?" she asked, pulling the blonde's pants to get his attention. The blond, Giotto, did look down and he tried to feign a smile. Being much taller than her, he easily ruffled the top of her head.

"Yeah, but don't worry since there are already preparations for that," Giotto answered and Tsunahime nodded in acceptance.

"Yoshi-nii, do you bring umbrella?" she asked to her twin, who glanced at her in mute before shaking his head softly. She pouted her lips, being a naive four-year-old girl, she doesn't grasp why he's looking so depressed.

After a few rounds of silence, her eyes caught a few man carrying two black big boxes on their shoulders. Tsunahime's eyes followed them before she pulled Giotto's pants again.

"Gio-nii, they carry?" she asked, pointing a finger. She never got a proper answer, only a small sad smile and a pat on her head. She just complied when Giotto took her hand and led her, following the adults who were carrying the big boxes. Giotto's other hand hold Tsunayoshi's—who stayed in complete silence.

She's startled when she felt something small and cold dropped on her cheek. Looking up, she saw the raindrops starting to fell. Her brown orbs kept staring at the ever-changing sky. Then she remembered and whispered, "Where's mom and dad I wonder?"

A year later…

"Gio-nii," the small, hoarse voice belonged to a small girl—not more than five— called. The figure lay beside her spun his head and she was enlightened seeing the crystal blue eyes.

"Hmm? What is it Hime-chan?" the gentle voice asked. Tsunahime pulled the blanket until it covered her nose, hiding her smile. She squirmed a little, kicking her small legs under the blanket.

"When do mom and dad going to go home again?" she asked expectantly. The older figure suddenly looked troubled. More than troubled, a look of sadness was what he's showing. The little brunette continued, with a sad but calmer voice, "I wish they were here… when I finally got my first 'A'."

"I'm sure they're proud of you, wherever they are," Giotto caressed her soft brown locks softly. He smiled again, "I'm proud of you."

She blushed and a giggle came from her. Not unlike a newborn chortle if he might say. He couldn't help but smile and ruffled her hair lovingly. Thank goodness he has been blessed to be the "mature" type.

"I'm proud of you too, Hime-chan," a new voice joined in. Both looked at the one beside Tsunahime; a boy much similar with herself. However, opposed to Tsunahime, he has bright and strong orange eyes instead of brown. Tsunahime smiled brighter and stared at her older twin.

"Thank you Yoshi-nii," she whispered again, giving him one of her bear hugs. She loved it when she gave him a hug; because their bodies were pretty much the same size. And they both loved it all the same when Giotto, their oldest sibling, hugged them both—it felt warm and safe.

Similar to her thought, Giotto, fifteen years old this year, hugged both his younger siblings— just like their parents used to do when they're alive. Giotto planted a kiss on each of their foreheads. The two five-year old never left their eyes off from him, "Good night Hime-chan, Yoshi."

"…" Tsunahime's eyes still watched in interest as the older figure about to leave the bed. "Hey Gio-nii."

"Hm? What is it Hime-chan?" Giotto asked with concern. "Do you want me not turn off the lights?"

Tsunahime shook her head still with a smile on her face. Both Tsunayoshi and Giotto knew that their only sister was afraid of the dark. Sometimes she'll pester them against turning off the lights—and she only calmed down after she slept on either Tsunayoshi's, Giotto's, or their parents' embrace and bury herself inside the pair of arms. But that was more than a year ago.

"Gio-nii… can you read a bedtime story first?" Tsunahime asked timidly, looking expectantly at the blond. "Mom only read half the story last time. I just wanna know the ending."

"… Alright. What story is it?" Giotto asked calmly although he felt a pang of guilt and sadness. The hole their parents left was too much for him alone to fill in.

Tsunayoshi was the tougher one between the two twins; always looking to what's ahead of him, but Tsunahime was a tint more sensitive; she's harder to let go of the memories. Well, they both are actually sensitive but Tsunayoshi usually hold it in and solve it himself. That part of him was clearly from their dad. It was not so different with Giotto too.

Giotto has been anxious that Tsunahime won't be able to cope it in when they found out their parents' death. It was only a short year ago. He and Tsunayoshi knew about this and have tried to act normal although they can't help but act a little bit awkward when the parents' matters were involved.

Anyway, Giotto waited patiently even when Tsunahime put a finger on her lips with her mouth pouting. "Mmm… I forgot."

"It's about the prince and the princess right?" Tsunayoshi said calmly in her stead. He remembered the last time their mother read story to both him and her. "About the prince that bought a diamond ring for the princess."

"The life-saver like usual Yoshi," Giotto compliment in appreciation although he didn't have a clue of the story they meant. Hey, that kind of plot was just so main-stream in children stories right? Giotto thought for a while before he said, "Alright, since we don't have the book right now, why don't we make the ending ourselves?"

Tsunahime gasped softly before pulling the blanket until it almost reached her eyes, "Really, Gio-nii?"

"Yeah, let's see," Giotto pondered again. "The prince went to the midnight ball, and he meet the princess who wore a beautiful white dress," Tsunahime's eyes twinkled in excitement and Giotto has to stifle a chuckle. "He complimented her how beautiful she looked before he suggested to go to the garden."

"That was so romantic," Tsunahime whispered in delight.

"You almost sounded like dad telling mom stories, Gio-nii," Tsunayoshi smiled, teasing the blond. And this time, Giotto chuckled.

"It's inherited then," Giotto said before he resumed, "Back to the story, the princess agreed to go with the prince. They went to the bridge with the crystal-like river; watching the reflection of the moon and stars."

"T-then?" Tsunahime practically bit her lips out of her excitement. Talking about inheriting, she certainly took off from Nana; their mother—who got excited quite easily especially by romantic stuff. Only that Tsunahime has a certain favor for fairytales story instead of romantic stuff.

"Then, the prince leads her by the hand to the open field on the other side of the river. The prince then asks the princess for a dance," Giotto continued. "With a smile and a blush, the princess accepted and they dance under the moonlight with fireflies brighten the night."


"Then finally," Giotto paused dramatically, looking at the two pairs of eyes evenly. "The prince knelt to the ground and pulled out the diamond ring, asking for if she'd marry him."

"The princess will accept the prince's offer and they lived happily ever after," Tsunayoshi ended. "Is that right Gio-nii?"

"Yup," Giotto chuckled again. "The perfect ending for such a wonderful pair right?"

"I wonder what the prince asked to the princess when he gave the ring," Tsunahime grinned.

"It's not really hard to figure out right?" Giotto shrugged playfully. "The prince will say that he loves her and if she loves him back. He'll swear loyalty and protection for her; an eternal faith between them… Just like what I did to you two."


"…" The two twins looked at the blond for a long time. Both sparkled with joy and love. Yes, that warmth was crystal-clear on their eyes. Tsunahime breathed out loudly with a teary smile on her chubby face, "Then I'll be as happy as the princess did."

Tsunahime felt a soft kiss on her cheek and looked to her side. The bright orange eyes met hers softly, "I'm sure that I'm happier than the princess to have you and Gio-nii here."

"We just needed mom and dad and we're a complete set," her smile widened, suddenly feeling teary. "But I'm happy— really happy. Even more than any princess could be."

"…" Giotto felt his chest swelled with warmth before he kissed their temples once again. He half-whispered, "I'm the happiest man on earth to have you two here with me; I won't let anything bad happen to you."

"Like the prince did for the princess?"

"You're our princess Hime-chan," Tsunayoshi said with a tender smile. The child-chubbiness was obvious, but his attitude and speaking was certainly not his age. "We're going to protect you, more than anyone would."

"Gio-nii… Yoshi-nii…" she bit her lips that turned into a smile. She was simply fluttering with happiness. "Thank you… for being my prince… and my brother."

Tsunayoshi clasped her hand protectively, sharing an even look with his twin. Giotto also smiled; his heart melted with affection and care. Giotto ruffled her hair again before he got to his feet and went to the switch. The next moment, it was dark and Tsunahime looked at the little creak on the window. She saw the bright moon and was relieved.

Soon enough, Giotto was back on the bed by her left with Tsunayoshi on her right. The funny thought of being in the fairytale world tickled her but she loved it. Yes, she always believed that fairytales do exist in this world.

She smiled contentedly at the thought before she closed her eyes slowly. The indifferent darkness fell down but she's not afraid. She held Tsunayoshi's hand tighter and leaned her head to Giotto's chest. She could feel the warmth around her and she knew she's right at where she should be. Being with her brothers and family—this is where her heart is.

Life is full of fairytale and magic…
And this is mine—
What's yours?

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