James Potter walked down the lake's edge, being careful not to fall in and slip under the waves. This happened to an unfortunate Hufflepuff first-year by the name of Andrew Prance earlier that day.

He looked around, but no-one in sight was worthy of talking to. Padfoot was in detention for giving a Tongue-Tying Curse to Snape, whilst Moony and Wormtail were studying in the library. YAWN.

Suddenly, a brilliant sight beheld his eyes. Lily Evans sat by the waters' edge, with her hand twirling in it. Her brilliant green eyes stared into the home of the Giant Squid as she held a longing gaze. Her friend Alice Greenstone was not more than a few yards away, chatting non-stop to her boyfriend Frank Longbottom, from the year above. Her other friend, Mary Macdonald was talking to a Ravenclaw named Asheed Patil, also from the year above.

James continued to watch as Lily crossed to the tree where Severus Snape had once sat, the day their friendship broke down. She sighed, and put a small hand to her hair, brushing it away. She continued and crouched down to the level of some daisies that were growing there.

After a few seconds (or two blinks to James), Lily pulled a few of the little flowers from the ground and began to link them together in a chain. None of the pure-bloods of the school understood the Muggle tradition, but James did. After 3 years of watching Lily, he understood.

Speaking of Evans, she had finished her chain and had now taken a few more daisies from the earth. She quickly started a new chain, waving the knots in and out. It was pretty amazing- the speed she was doing it at was pretty phenomenal.

She looked around, as if looking for inspiration. Her eyes' locked into James', giving him a furious look, as if he was invading her privacy. However, he just stared back and she acknowledged the fact that he wasn't going to interrupt her peace.

Lily took her gaze away from his and placed the flowers in her hair. They immediately fell out, so she re-tied them. After convincing herself they were there to stay, she stood up, headed towards Alice and Frank.

She passed James, and a frown placed on her face.

"Afternoon, Lily-Flower," he greeted her with a pleasant grin.

She walked passed him, and as soon as it was clear, she smiled.

"I like that," Lily thought to herself.

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