KEMPT chapter 2

A/N Yes this kind of OOCish. Okay VERY OOCish. Let's just say it's because they're all drunk or somthing. Also thanks to Kittycaty0328, Ivyclanmoonblossom, and The 37th Drummer for reviewing Ch. 1 of KEMPT. You all get a plushie of Dahlia before plastic surgery.

M- Hi everyone and welcome to KEMPT! Yay!

E- *cough* cheerleader.

M- Hell ya you emo HOLD IT!


P- Language

T- Hey we have a guest coming in 5 minutes.

K- I'll get the tazer!

*Five minutes later*

K- Hello everyone welcome to another episode of-

E- How come you get to start the show?

K- Cuz I'm the only one hot enough to make out with Mr. Edgeworth.

T- Burn!

E- You WHAT!

K- Yep, so suck on that HOLD IT!

E- You wanna go? Let's go.

K- Sorry can't. Tonight's Edgey and my anniversary!

M-*singsong voice* someone's gonna get lucky!


E- HOLD IT! HOLD IT! You little HOLD IT! ********** ***

T- Anger management problems.

M- Ya we have a child here!

E- ************ ***** ******* ****** *******. ******* ****** *********** ******** *******.

P- Hi! And welcome to KEMPT!

T- Today's special guest is here!

M- So, hide all your gay ties for... Redd White!

K- Oh HOLD IT! I'm leaving. *leaves*

Redd- * Walking in wearing just a towel and his gay tie.* (I don't hate Gay people Redd White just has ISSUES!) Oh Gant Gant sweetie? I'm done with my shower.
Oh god where is that man ? Oh pudding how embarrassing! Where on earth am I?

M- *opens beer* o.O^

P- O.o'

E- o.o


Redd- * sits in neon pink tie-dye chair* Why hellooooo there!

M-*chugs beer* Ummmmm hello?

E- So Redd um how's er life?

Redd- It's fabularrible

P- What?

Redd- Fabularrible. You know a mix of fabumus and badarrible. (Wow, Redd likes making up words I guess...)

M- Erm Okay?

Redd- Let me use it in a sentence. Killing Mia Fey was Fabularrible... Wait Maya Gilligan Fey what are doing with that tazer?

* One completely violent tazing later*


M- *calmly sips beer* Sorry I was going for the heart to kill you but you know accidents happen.

Redd- Well I must go Gant and I need to go swimming... * insert perv wink here*

P- Oooohhh I like swimming! Can I go? Can I ? Can I ?

M- uhhhh no. No Pearly it's not that kind...

P- What kind is it then?

M- *Downs remaining beer* It's Ummmmm... Wow this is hard for someone who hasn't had "The Talk" yet.

T- You know Redd's being a bad influence.

K-* Walking in* What's up Bluecorp HOLD IT!

Redd- Oh ****** ******** ***** it's the Yatagarasu.

K- You know it! Got any "truth" you need stealing?

Redd- *frowns* After you completely wiped us out of info while I was in jail. No, no I don't.

K- Well, if the freaky polka-dotted gay tie fits...

Redd- Oh that does it *grabs pillow*

K- A PILLOW FIGHT? Seriously?

Redd- *pulls out pistol* How would you like to die? *Eats M+M* *chokes on M+M* * Dies*

K- Oh HOLD IT! a dead body. I can't go to jail!

E- I'm not taking it. I can't I'm a detective!

M- No way I can't go to jail AGAIN!

P- I don't even know what to do with a corpse.

T- Heck no daddy and Polly would notice.

Gant- *Walks in and takes corpse* * Leaves*

Everyone- O.o"

M- Well I'm gonna get the crap out of here before Redd realizes he dropped one of his gay ties...

T- Me too.

K- *smiles* Ya I've gotta swing by Victorias Secret before Edgey and I have our "date".

E- ****** ******** ***** *****.

A/N Well that's it for this episode of KEMPT. I'm very sleep-deprived when writing this so I'm sorry if it's not that funny. Also I just saw the SERIES finale of my favorite show Chuck and Im sad the series over. Review to get an unconscious Redd White plushie.