Chapter 9

Harry woke up with a splitting headache in an unfamiliar room.

And he wasn't alone, either.

A warm weight was draped across him, and he froze as it moved.

Suddenly the events of the previous night came flooding back to him in a rush.


The ball had been beautiful, all light red and silver, and all his classmates had really risen to the occasion of making themselves look good.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy stepping into a waltz.

Obviously, on a normal day this would have been an extremely abnormal sight, had Hermione not told him of the requirements Professor Dumbledore placed upon this year's Head Boy and Girl.

He couldn't see Ron anywhere, but he saw everyone else at some point in the proceedings.

Everyone except Pansy Parkinson. Truly, he had no idea how anything was supposed to be accomplished if his partner and rival did not even deign to show.

Suddenly cold, he shivered. Wrapping his dress robes tighter around himself, he turned in a full circle, trying to find out what was making him so wary.

Standing by the punch bowl, her green silk dress glimmering in the candlelight stood the ethereal figure of Pansy Parkinson. She gave a slow smile, and allowed herself to glide across the dance floor towards him. The crowd seemed to part in her wake.

"Miss Parkinson," he said, bowing to her. "You look charming this evening, my dear." He stepped forward and took her hand into his own.

Pansy dropped a curtsey, not wobbling an iota, before giving him a veiled smile. "Why, thank you, Mister Potter. You do not so bad yourself." She allowed him to take her other hand, and they moved off to the dance floor.

From where they danced, Hermione's grip suddenly tightened on Draco's hand. She smiled. "Pansy finally decided to make her appearance, I see."

Following her line of sight, Draco allowed himself a slight smirk. "Yes she has. But remember, my sweet Hermione, Pansy always plays to win..." mischief danced in his eyes as he drew her closer, "and so do I."

Hermione gasped as he began to kiss her neck, and with a lot of willpower, she dragged her attention back to Pansy and Harry.

The night proceeded as expected, until during a tango, Hermione suddenly noticed their 'favourite couple' had left.

After Draco was alerted to the fact, and since the ball was winding down, they left also.

Tomorrow would bring either her victory or her defeat.

And as Hermione gazed at the silver-haired devil beside her, she greatly hoped for her victory.

For if she lost...

She shivered at the wicked smile that momentarily curved his lips.

Who knew what the future would bring?


Pansy had dragged him into a hidden room behind a candelabra, and then he had set to work.

After they were both undressed, everything went into a bit of blur.

She sauntered over, naked as the day as she was born, to the green-eyed boy, taunting him and teasing him with her touches and her words, kissing him with a hunger that half surprised them both.

Neither had previously realised how deep they had gone.

Challenging and tempting her with his body, he tried to make her give in to him.

She made no vocal response, and Harry began to think that he was winning.

Until she rolled over lazily, picked up her wand off the floor, pointed at him, and said "Funis Vinculie." Smiling slyly as silk scarves sprung from her wand and bound him to the bed, she slid forward, and gave him a naughty look. Then she drew him into her mouth.

Harry was no means a virgin anymore, but he had never felt anything like her.

He had to resist, he had to.

Straining against his bonds, he could feel the passion rising between them, and felt himself soaring higher towards completion.

Rallying his spirits, Harry told himself to hang on, to not give in.

Pansy looked up at him from where she knelt, and Harry whimpered a moment later as she pulled away to give him a considering look.

"Come on, Potter." She said silkily. "Just say it, and I'll let you... go."

Shaking his head frantically, Harry tried to think about anything else but how good she had felt beneath him, how good she had felt mouth wrapped around him moments before.

Then his resolve began to crumble as she took him in her hand and began to stroke him.

"Harry..." she coaxed, "just say it, admit it. I won't hold it against you..." Her voice was soft with unspoken promises.

"I..." Harry stared at her, all milky pale, and gorgeous in the moonlight.

Pansy smiled slowly. "Who do you belong to Harry?" she asked breathlessly.

Harry was startled to realise that she was getting off on this whole scenario as much as he was, but was too far gone to care about using that information. "I'm yours."

Eyes flashing, and a triumphant smile on her lips, the Slytherin grasped his shoulders, and impaled herself on him, both of them shuddering at the intimate contact.

"Now to seal that bargain."

He gasped as she set the pace, fast and strong.

His arms slipped, and he realised she had released him. Flipping them over, he began to move in earnest, only to have it all pay off as he felt her began to contract around him.

Pansy breathed heavily, as she felt him hit that one special spot that made it all feel fantastic.

Realising what he had done, Harry tilted his hips to achieve the same effect again.

As her head tilted back, and her back began to arch, he leaned forward to nip at her neck before he felt himself reaching completion as well.

Her hands clawed at his shoulders as she slipped over the edge.

After a few long minutes after they both came back down to Earth, she finally let go, and told him to go to sleep.

Pulling her to him as she slept, Harry noticed with some shock how well their bodies fit together.

And he felt... affection for her?

After that revelation, Harry did not sleep for a long time.


Hermione was hiding.

No one had seen her since she had walked into the Great Hall, that morning, and seen Draco smirking triumphantly at her, before gesturing to where Harry and Pansy sat at the Slytherin table.

She had turned, and walked very quickly back out of the hall.

She had lost. How had she lost, though?

Cringing as she hid in an ancient abandoned classroom, Hermione wondered how things had gone so wrong.

He had won.

He had won! Goddess! Who but Her knew what horrible plans he had for her?

Hermione nibbled on her lower lip nervously.

Well, at least she could delay whatever it was. She was the only person who had been in this wing for years, Ghosts included.

A slight brushing noise reached her ears, and Hermione froze from where she sat behind a sofa.

Slowly she raised her eyes up the gold embroidery of the back of the chair, only to meet the mischievous silver eyes of Draco Malfoy. Hermione let out a squeak, and toppled backwards. Scurrying away, Hermione jumped to her feet, and ran for the door.

A hissed spell behind her, and the door disappeared, as did the window.

The room plunged into darkness, and she felt the first stirrings of true worry. Trying to keep as quiet as she could, she snuck along the floor. She wanted, needed to find another way out.

The Gryffindor shrieked as fingers curled around her wrist and drew her to her captor. "Hermione, Hermione..." Draco said. "Hiding from me? Why ever would you want to do that? You wouldn't have been trying to renege on our... arrangement, were you? Hmmm..." A slow smile that she could not see, but the playful tone in his voice made her shudder.

"N-no," she spluttered nervously, "of course not." Her voice strengthened. "Why on Earth would I want to do something like that?" She shivered when he nipped at one of her earlobes, and caught her own moan before it could leave her mouth. It was a secret that she'd managed to keep throughout many Truth or Dare games with Parvati and Lavender, exactly how sensitive her ears were. Get her there, and she was... gone.

Noticing her reaction, Draco mentally filed it away for future reference. Licking his lips, he slipped her wand out of her fingers loose fingers, and used his own to banish the darkness. "Lumos."

The room lit up as if the windows were still there.

Draco stalked over to one of the blue Wing Chairs, and dragged her with him, pulling her into his lap when he sat. He trapped her in his arms, and leant back. "Hermione Granger," he stated, voice oddly formal. "The magical contract we signed stated that the winner of our little wager would be able to state the terms of the losers' defeat."

Hermione cast her gaze on the floor. "So what is it?" she asked tonelessly, observing the floor as if it were the most interesting thing in the world.

"Hermione..." Draco said silkily. "Look at me."

She reluctantly brought her eyes to meet his.

"Do you really think I would make you do anything truly abhorrent?" He asked seriously.

Lady, he really had changed.

Shaking her head choppily, Hermione's eyes began to look towards the floor again, before Draco put two fingers under her chin and brought it up so that he held her gaze.

He smiled. "Recently, my maternal grandparents died, and being as they only had one child, and did not wish for Lucius to get his hands on it, they left their Manor, Affaire d'honneur to me."

Hermione frowned. "Your grandparents had a Manor called 'a matter of honour?'" she asked curiously.

"Yes, they did." he took a breath. "My terms are thus. In recent years, Affaire d'honneur has fallen into some state of disrepair. You will help me restore it. In return, you will get a set of rooms that will remain yours. The other condition, though..." he smirked. "Anyone who asks about us will get a straight answer. The time for dancing around it is past. Unless, of course, you are ashamed of me?" he raised an eyebrow quizzically.

Licking her suddenly dry lips, Hermione took a deep breath. "I... accept your conditions, and so sign the contract." She leant forward and placed a chaste ritualistic kiss on his lips, which he deepened.

After a few minutes, Hermione looked at the contract, and saw that her signature had appeared next to Draco's.

With an audible 'pop' the contract disappeared.

Draco slipped out from behind her, and stood, offering her a hand up. He gave her her wand back, before drawing his own to set the room back to rights.

He blinked. "Oh, Hermione. Weasley... no, not the female one, is in the Hospital Wing. I'll explain as we walk."

Placing his hand at the small of her back, he guided them both out of the room.


Ginny wrote her Howler with a look of savage glee on her face.

Thankfully, her new boyfriend Dean knew what she was doing, so was not put out by it. Actually, every so often he offered a suggestion.

In fact, the Common Room was filled with people offering suggestions. Many people had suffered from the 'Ron problem', and now that they knew who was responsible, were rather angry.

She read it aloud, and then left for the Owlry. Calling Melusine to her, she sealed the Howler, and gave it to her owl. As her owl winged out of the owlry, Ginny smirked.

It was time her elder brothers learned about consequences.

Now, it was time to go visit Ron. He was probably awake by now.


Lunch in the Weasley house was always a noisy affair, at least, until Melusine winged her way into the kitchen and dropped a bright red envelope in front of Fred and George Weasley.

The room fell silent, and George gingerly picked up the howler.

Then he and Fred bolted up to their bedroom.

The shout was still audible from downstairs.

"Frederick and George Weasley!" it shrieked in classic Ginny in full temper. "What do you think you were doing this term experimenting on your brother with emotion enhancers?? You have hurt many people here at Hogwarts, and you will be lucky if Hermione, Harry, or even Ron for that matter, ever speak to you again! Your brother is now sick in the Hospital Wing thanks to you two, and he had better get well." A threatening note entered the voice, before dropping into one of cold certainty. "I am ashamed of you both, and if you ever try something like this on any of us, I will make sure that you never succeed in any of your goals, no matter what they be!"

It made a rude noise, then there was a large bang.

Fred and George descended the stairs two at a time, looking sheepish. Their hair was singed from the blast.

Molly was standing by the table, hands on her hips. "What exactly is this about you testing your 'products' on your younger brother?" she demanded sharply.

The twins gave each other a look.

"It was harmless, really, Mum..." Fred began placatingly, but quickly shut up when a finger was waved in front of his face.

"Don't, 'it was harmless' me, Frederick Weasley. I know you haven't been working on these long, so they must have been the first trials. What have I told you about experimenting on your brothers?" she demanded.

George cringed. "Not to do it." they both said mechanically.

"And what did you do?" Molly asked, in a deceptively quiet voice.

Fred and George cringed further. "Sent Ron samples of our mood enhancers without telling him what they were..."

Molly turned red, and her eyes narrowed. "Frederick and George Weasley, I am ashamed of you both! For the next three weeks consider yourselves grounded. You will not leave the house, except to degnome the garden."

'Well,' thought Fred along the twin-link to George. 'At least she didn't confiscate our lab.'

"And, I'm confiscating this equipment you used to make this awful stuff." Molly said.

Eyes wide, Fred and George turned and walked jerkily up the steps.

Their Mother was definitely psychic.

Did all inventors have these problems?

Could this day get any weirder?


Could this day get any weirder? Ron asked himself, looking out the window as his sister left. She had filled him in on everything that had happened since he first started acting 'strange'.

Funny though, he couldn't remember any of the events that had happened. Just eating some sweets, and then there was a huge blur.

Oh, and the nightmare that Harry and Hermione had been seduced by Slytherins.

His hands tightened on the window frame as he saw two familiar figures, blond and brunette passing beneath the window.

He cringed as realisations cruelly crashed over him.

It wasn't a nightmare.

He let out a girlish shriek, and then felt quite embarrassed.

Thankfully, no one heard him.

Of course, if that was true, the Harry/Pansy thing probably was too.

And he could deal with that...

...Just as long as he didn't actually have to see them together any time soon.


Millicent fumed.

Someone had turned her in to Professor Snape, and now they were going to pay.

She had received her return letter from the Parkinsons, after she had sent them a note entailing all Pansy's exploits with Potter.

It was all Pansy's fault, and now her family was going to get her into trouble.

Ripping open the seal with a savage joy rising, she scanned the letter, to almost fall over in shock.

"overjoyed... most advantageous... very good match..."

The strange phrases passes before Millicent's eyes, until, unable to take anymore, she fainted.

Only to be kicked when Draco found her unconscious and took her to the Hospital Wing for all the rumours she had spread about himself and Hermione.



Oh yes, Draco was feeling very good about himself.

With Hermione on his arm, and his previous ardent admirer otherwise attached in a serious relationship, life was good.

With Hermione going to help him with Affaire d'honneur, it was even better.

That his father had had an apoplexy when he found out his only son was in a serious relationship with a Muggleborn, and no longer under his control (and had his own fortune) was just amusing.

And of course the fact that Weasley looked like he was going to faint every time he saw either of the couples was just a bonus.

From all angles, life wasn't just good.

It was fantastic.



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