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Out of Mind, Out of Heart.

The Final Battle had ended a few weeks previously, and the wizarding world was finally in it's way to recovery. There had been too many deaths on both sides of the war, and the ministry was left in complete chaos.

Harry Potter's life too, seemed to be filled with chaos, and he did all he could to stay as far away as possible from the ministry. He was currently at Grimmaud Place, alone with his godson, Teddy, and the house elf, Kreacher, because he was prohibited to stay at the Burrow after he broke up with Ginny. It was all still fuzzy in Harry's head, and he wasn't really sure how he ended up in this situation, specially after a visit from Poppy Pomfrey.

You see, days after the Battle of Hogwarts, after all the funerals, memorials and trials were done, life in the wizarding world went back to what it was before Voldemort came back. Meaning every single person in the wizarding world wanted a piece of Harry Potter, the Savior of the Wizard Kind. So, to try and stay out of the limelight Harry had retreated to the Burrow, going out only when he really didn't have another choice. The thing is, staying at the Burrow wasn't as fun as Harry had expected it to be. Specially because every room he entered, Ginny Weasley was right behind him, trying to get his attention. Including his room and even the bathroom, once.

Why would that be a problem, one might ask, well, if anyone had asked that two years before, there wouldn't be a problem. Bar that one time she had entered the bathroom when he was there. Two years before, Harry would have been happy that the girl wanted to spend time with him. The thing is, that was two years before. When he still fancied himself straight. Now? Well... now Harry knew better. He had realized while on the search for the Horcruxes that the type of person he wanted to be with was someone strong, someone who would be able to take the burden off of his shoulders, even if just for a little while, and Harry knew – from his experience two years before – that Ginny simply wasn't the person to do that. She was the exact opposite. Ginny Weasley was an alright kind of girl, but after breaking up with her at Dumbledore's funeral she became clingy, she still saw Harry as her knight in shinning armor that would protect her from all the evil's of the world.

And Harry simply couldn't be that anymore. Not after so many years fighting. He was tired of fighting, he just wanted to curl in someone's arms and feel safe and loved. And Ginny Weasley wasn't the person to do that. So you see, life at the Burrow just wasn't as peaceful as Harry was hoping it would be. The fact that he was kind of heartbroken didn't help either. As you might have noticed, two years before the Hogwarts Battle, Harry fancied himself straight, but he didn't anymore. Now he had realized that hardly any girl would be strong enough to share his burden with him, another man, on the other hand, could be strong enough not only to share the burden, but to actually take it for a while. And Harry had had a little taste of what that felt like a few weeks before the Last Battle. And then, after everything was said and done, he was alone again, and the one person who had made him feel completely free for the first time in his life was gone. Not dead, just gone. And that seemed even worse then if he had died.

So, when Harry had finally had enough of Ginny's whining and begging, he had told the Weasleys the partial truth. That he wouldn't be getting back with Ginny because he wasn't into girls. Chaos followed that statement, Ginny the loudest of all, telling everyone who would listen – and the ones that didn't want to, as well – that Harry Potter had lead her on, making her believe that they would marry and Merlin knows what other nonsense she sprouted. In the end, Harry had left the Burrow with instructions to not go back unless he had seen the wrongs of his ways and realized that Ginny was the one and only person for him.

Needless to say, two weeks had passed since then, and Harry still couldn't stop thinking about the man that had just left when the war was over. He was just lucky that he had his godson to take care of now, so he had something to focus on other then his broken heart.

Teddy Lupin was Harry's priority in life now. Andromeda Tonks had moved in with Harry, when he left the Burrow, seeing as she was still mourning the lost of her husband, daughter and son-in-law, so, when Harry talked to her about wanting to help her in rising Teddy, they decided the best way to go would be living under the same roof. This way Andy could mourn and care for Teddy at the same time, and Harry would have help in learning how to care for a baby that was just two and a half months old. They decided to live at Grimmauld Place because Andy's house reminded her too much of her lost family, and Harry actually felt closer to his lost family – mostly Sirius – by being in that house.

And that's where this story begins. Harry had asked Poppy Pomfrey to came to his house and have a look at Teddy, because he was a little too hot for Harry's liking, and the nurse agreed that a visit to Saint Mungos wasn't what Harry and Teddy needed, so she went to the townhouse. Andromeda had left to do something in the ministry – she was Harry's proxy, and did cared for most of the things Harry was expected to take care of - and Harry was with Teddy waiting to hear what the nurse's verdict was.

"He's just teething, Harry." said the nurse "it's a bit early, but noting to worry about."

Harry sighed relived. He had barely slept that night, because Teddy wouldn't stop fussing, and he had a little bit of a fever, so Harry had been worried for his godson. If anything happened to the little boy, Harry didn't know what he would do.

"How are you?" asked Poppy after applying a lotion to the baby's gum to help sooth him "you look tired."

Harry looked to the woman that had helped put him back together after every one of his nearly death experiences "I am tired. Teddy wouldn't let me sleep." after a second of silence, Harry decided to confide in her "and I think I'm down with some stomach bug or something..."

Poppy looked surprised for a second. Harry normally did everything in his power to stay as far away from the hospital wing as he could while a student, but then she looked back at the baby she had just treated, and knew that the young man in front of her wouldn't dare to stay silent if he could make his godson sick. "Let's have a look at you then." she said gently, gesturing for him to lie down on the couch "what are your symptoms?" Harry did as he was asked and then answered "I'm exhausted most of the time... even before Teddy started to not let me sleep. And noting stays in my stomach... I've been puking for three days now... Andromeda doesn't know..."

The nurse made a sound of discontentment about the last information, but didn't said anything, just started to cast diagnoses spells. After a few spells, she gasped

"Oh my!" Harry looked at her worried.

"Is it that bad? Am I a risk to Teddy?"

"I'm not sure how to tell you this, Harry." her tone was one of incredulity, and it just made Harry even more antsy

"What is it?" he asked "What is wrong with me?"

Poppy looked in his eyes and said "Did you use any kind of contraceptive when you last had a sexual relation?"

Harry's face rivaled the red in the Weasleys hair.

"What does that have to do with anything?" he managed to say "I haven't been sexually active for more than two months now... I don't have a... sex disease, do I?" Harry's mind took him back to the few days he had spent with the man that broke his heart, the man to whom he gave his virginity, the man he was completely in love with, even after being left by him.

"No, Harry." said the nurse sad "it's not a disease. You're a powerful wizard, Harry. No, let me talk!" she said when she saw he wanted to interrupt her "It's not unheard of, but it's rare enough that it's not exactly common knowledge either. You see, Harry, when a wizard is powerful, and have a homosexual relationship, it's possible for the... bottom of the relationship to became... pregnant."

Pregnant. The word ringed in Harry's ear. Pregnant. A powerful wizard could became pregnant. And the nurse had said he was powerful. And he had been involved with another wizard. And he had been the bottom... which had to mean... he was capable of getting pregnant. That he WAS pregnant, otherwise, why would the nurse tell him about the possibility?

"I'm... pregnant?" he asked, needing to hear a confirmation.

"Yes, Harry dear. You are pregnant."

Everything after that was fuzzy in Harry's head. All he could think was that he was going to have a baby. His baby. His baby that was growing in his belly right at that moment. His baby with HIM.

When Andromeda came back home, she found Harry sitting in the drawing room, Teddy asleep in his arms, and the young man looking lost at the empty fireplace. The longing in the young man eyes was the strongest she had seen so far, and she had been privy to a few moments of Harry looking longingly trough a window. "Harry?" she called "is everything all right?"

Harry moved his eyes from the empty fireplace to Andromeda's face, unshed tears giving his eyes a glassy look.

"I don't know what to do." he said brokenly "I just don't know what to do anymore, Andy."

She went to him and sat beside him, hugging him "What happened Harry? Did Poppy came to look at Teddy?" Harry let himself be hugged, let himself be consoled for a moment before steeling himself for rejection.

"Teddy is fine, just teething." Andromeda could see that there was more to it, and that it was something Harry was afraid to tell her.

"What else did Poppy had to say, dear? You know you can count on me." Harry looked her in the eyes, and Andy had never seen so much despair in those green eyes, not even when he was banned from the Burrow.

"I'm... I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant, Andy, and I don't have a clue what I'm going to do now!" the tears started to fall down his cheeks, and Andy could just hug him to her, trying to calm him and pass some strength to him.

Almost half an hour had passed before Harry calmed himself. When he finally stopped crying, he had completely exhausted himself, and had fell in a deep slumber. Andromeda took Teddy, that had slept trough all the crying and took him to his crib, then she went back to Harry and levitated him to his own bed. She didn't have the will to leave him, though, so she sat in an armchair and stayed there, looking after the boy she was beginning to see as a son.

A few weeks had passed since Harry had received the news of his pregnancy. He still hadn't told Andromeda the name of the other father, and she hadn't pressed him for the name. But every time Harry went out of the house he would be stalked and harassed by the adoring public, whenever he went to Diagon Alley he would see at least a glimpse of red hair, and the fact that he was still banned from the Burrow and that none of his friends had talked to him since that day only made him feel worse and worse. He got so depressed, that he didn't go out of the house for days, not even to the backyard.

"Harry! You have to stop this!" Andromeda Tonks was beyond worried "I know that your situation is not an easy one, but becoming a recluse won't help you!" Harry was currently lying on his bed, he hadn't eat anything all day, nor had him changed from his night clothes. "Harry, this isn't healthy! You have to take care of yourself! Think about the baby!"

That did the trick. He couldn't consciously do something that would harm his baby, so Harry did what he had to do, ate, changed, and went outside to play with Teddy for a little while. When he came back into the house, he found Andy in the kitchen and decided to tell her about what had been in his mind for the last few days.

"Andy?" he called, and when she turned to look at him he continued "I... I can't stay here anymore. It just... hurts to much. I... would you... go with me? Somewhere... else? You and Teddy are all I have. You, Teddy and my baby..."

Andy looked at him for a long time without saying a word. She took in the darkness under Harry's eyes, the pale face, the longing and despair in his eyes. Her heart bleed for him, and there was only one thing she could do then, her only choice was to help Harry the only way she could, by staying with him no matter where.

"Of course we'll go with you, Harry. But where are you thinking of going?" Harry gave her his first true smile since they started living together, since the day he was banned from the lives of his friends.

"I'm not sure..." he said "I was thinking about going to Gringotts... they must have a list of the Blacks and Potters properties, maybe there is one somewhere we can go to... what do you think?"

Andy smiled back to him "I think it's a great idea."

So, that's how Harry, Andromeda and Teddy ended up in one of Gringotts' private offices, with the goblin responsible for the Potter and Black family accounts. Hours later, the small family decided for a Potter manor on the outskirts of Norfolk, in the United States. The manor was a favorite of Harry's grandfather, apparently, so Harry thought he could at least learn a little more about the family he never met.

Two weeks latter, Harry, Andy and Teddy had moved in to their new home. The fact that the house was maintained by three house elves was a plus, but the best surprised Harry found in the manor were three portraits, one of his grandfather, Charlus Potter, one of his grandmother, Dorea Potter nee Black, and one of his father, James Potter. That the James in the portrait was only ten years old didn't fazed Harry at all. And it became a favorite past time of his, talking to the portraits and helping his child father to come up with pranks ideas he could pull on his parents portraits. Life was finally starting to look good for Harry, and the happiness of having his own baby was only dulled by the fact that the other father wasn't with him, that HE had just left, without a word.

Almost a year passed since the day that Harry had last talked to one of his friends. Andromeda now occupied the place Molly Weasley once had in Harry's heart, that of a mother. Teddy Remus Potter – Harry had adopted the little boy after they moved out of Britain – was a happy baby of one year old, and Harry's own baby, named Charlus Evan Potter, was three month old. The day was a holiday, at least if Harry had stayed in Great Britain it would be. It was the anniversary of the day Harry had ended the war, but it also was the day Teddy's parents died. So, while half the wizarding world – not only in Britain – was celebrating the defeat of the worst Dark Lord ever, Harry, Andy, Teddy and Charlus were quietly mourning the loss of family and friends. Well, Charlus not so much, he was still to young to really understand why every one was so quiet that day.

In the year that had passed, Harry had barely talked to any magical people other then his family. While he wasn't showing, he liked to go out in the muggle world, walk the streets without being noticed was a huge relief for him. After Charlus were born, he decided to look into stating a career, so he went to the american minister for magic and had his school results turned into something usable to get into a muggle university, he was now planning to become a forensic specialist, and had already applied to and passed his tests to start his courses in September.

But, even with his projects to star a new life, Charlus and Teddy were the reason Harry was still trying to be happy. Teddy reminded Harry more and more of his father Remus, the man that was the last link to Harry's own parents. Charlus, on the other hand, was very similar to Harry himself. Not exactly in his colorings, but in how he got his colors. The baby had auburn hair, just like his father, and the eyes were the same emerald green as Harry's his 'mother'. The baby's name was also a link to his father, the man that had made Harry feel alive for the very first time in his life just to leave him after the war without a word. But if anyone asked, Harry would say that the he had named his child after his grandfather, the man who provided him with a safe heaven away from the British islands.

You see, it was a few days after their escape from Malfoy Manor that Harry realized that he saw that man as something more than just someone he knew. They were at Shell Cottage, resting and planning when HE showed up. At the time, Harry was at the beach, trying to figure out where else Voldemort had hidden his horcruxes and then HE was there, talking to him, trying to get Harry to tell HIM what he was planning. Harry didn't fell for it, but HE came back again and again, and Harry began to wait anxiously for the time they spent together, because when they were together nothing else was important, just those moments they shared with each other.

And then, one day, HE had kissed Harry. And Harry kissed HIM back. And the next thing he knew, he was lying on the sand with a hot redhead on top of him, kissing him like there was no tomorrow. Things progressed fast, and by the end of the day Harry was shouting his lover's name at his climax.

They continued to met in the beach after that. And the encounters continued to be filled with talks and love making in the sand. 'Till the day come that Harry, Ron and Hermione had convinced Griphook to help then break into Gringotts. Harry's last afternoon with his lover was a sad one. Even without saying that he had to go, the redhead seemed to know it would be the last day they had together. Harry had it in good faith that Charlus had been conceived on that last day, since their love making was the best thing Harry had ever done in his life.

But then, everything had gone downhill. All right, so he had defeated Voldemort, so what? By doing so he had lost everything he held dear to him. His privacy, his peace, his friends and the most sad of all, his Charlie.

But now Harry had his little boys, and with Andy's help he was in the way to recovery. The only thing that really made Harry sad these days was when he read the name of one of his former friends in the newspaper. And with the holiday, all of their name was on the paper.

It was on that sad day that Harry received the first letter from one of them. George Weasley was the first to try and contact Harry. Almost a year after the last time they had talked. Harry almost didn't want to read the letter, and in the end, maybe not reading it would have been better. It was a business letter. A letter to tell Harry that his first investment in the joke shop had been very appreciated, but that now they were able to pay him back with interests.

Harry tore the letter apart, not in the least interested that the joke shop was doing really well. Nevertheless, he wrote back, telling George that he didn't needed nor wanted the money and that they shouldn't bother to contact him again to talk about their shop. He was rather rude in the letter, but it had hurt him badly to finally hear from them just to discover that all they wanted was to pay him back, like they were paying him so they wouldn't need to talk to him ever again. If that was the case, Harry really didn't want to hear from any of them.

To Harry's delight, though, not even a week latter he got another letter, this time from Fred, apologizing for the way they had worded the other letter and for taking so long to write to him. After that Harry started to correspond with the twins, but even if he told them about his muggle graduation, he not once mentioned his Charlus. He wasn't sure why he didn't told them about his son, but he just didn't want to risk the news getting to Charlie. The man had just left him, after all, and Harry wouldn't risk a custody battle in case the redhead decided he wanted to rise their baby.

It was years later, seven, to be precise, that Harry had a reason to go back to England. But it was just for a visit, one he wasn't sure he wanted to do, but he had already promised to go, so he couldn't back down now. Hermione and Ron was going to get married. Hermione had started writing to Harry about a month after the twins, and with the passing of time, Harry had forgiven all three of them for not standing up for him. He was still in the black books of Molly and Ginny, but Ron had apologized too, and both his friends had asked him to be there at the wedding.

As the wedding ceremony was going to be in a chapel, Harry had said he would go. Seeing as the party would be at the Burrow, he had decided that he was just going to the ceremony, so, his boys had convinced him to take them with him. Both of them had grown up hearing Harry tell stories about his days at Hogwarts, and both Teddy and Charlus wanted to actually meet the protagonists of those stories. Long puppy dog eyes later, and Harry was taking both children with him. Andromeda decided to stay at home, she was getting a little sick, and the English weather was known to be wet.

This is how Harry found himself looking into the blue eyes of Charlie Weasley for the first time since those distant days of love making in the sand. The shock of all the redheads at seeing him with two black haired and green eyed children almost made Harry laugh. You see, Teddy had inherited his mother's ability to change his appearance, and Charlus being the son of a very powerful wizard, had tried to copy his big brother and, after long hours trying, he had managed to change his hair to match the color of Teddy's. Now, it was almost second nature to Charlus and the little boy could change his hair color to any color he wanted, just not as fast as Teddy could. So, it was almost a rule that, which ever color Teddy had decide to use that day, Charlus would have a matching hair color. This day both children was copying Harry. Charlus already had Harry's green eyes, and Teddy was capable of changing his eyes color, so all three of them had black hair and green eyes, making they look even more like a family them they already were.

Fred and George tried to go and talk to Harry when they saw him entering the chapel, but their mother gave them a look that made them stay where they were, at the altar, beside Ron with the rest of the redhead family. Harry smiled at then, and sat with his sons at a bench at the back of the chapel, he just couldn't take his eyes off of the blue eyes of his ex-lover.

The ceremony was beautiful, Hermione was amazing, and the look on Ron's eyes when she walked down the aisle made Harry smile, happy for his friends happiness.

When the ceremony was over, the happy couple waited at the entrance of the chapel to receive the congratulations. The Weasley family was the firsts to go and hug the couple, and Harry decided that it would be better to wait a little, so the rest of the family wouldn't be so close. The glare Molly had given Harry made it clear that, even after all those year, the woman hadn't forgiven Harry for not marrying her daughter.

Harry, Teddy and Charlus were the last to leave the chapel. The kids were excited about actually talking to the biggest two personages of their dad's stories. When Harry left the chapel, most of the guests had left already, only Ron, Hermione, Fred, George and, unfortunately, Molly and Charlie were still there, all waiting for Harry and his mysterious children. Harry pretended he hadn't saw Molly was there, and went to hug and congratulate his firsts friends.

"It was a beautiful ceremony." said Harry smiling to his friends "you look lovely, Hermione, and I never saw Ron so happy as when you were walking down the aisle."

The newlyweds hugged him back, smiling. "Thank you Harry." said Hermione "It's really good to see you again. But... who are they?" she asked pointing to the two kids hiding behind Harry's legs.

Harry's smile became wider, and he made the boys came to stand in front of him. "Ron, Mione, this are my sons, Teddy and Charlus."

"Ah! Little Teddy!" exclaimed a voice from Harry's right, two arms draped over his shoulders "We were trying to figure out who they were." completed a voice from Harry's right.

"Teddy, Char, this are my friends, Ron, Hermione, Fred and George." the green eyed man said "and the two of you stay away from my children! They get in enough trouble as it is, I don't need you two filling their heads with your dangerous ideas."

"Oww, Harry!" said Fred "you wound us!" completed George. The little boys giggled hearing the twins talking.

The group would probably have bantered for longer, but Molly Weasley left Charlie's side and came to talk to them. "Your guests are waiting for you at the Burrow! It's time to go."

"But we didn't even asked Harry about little Charlus mother, yet!" complained George. "Then you can stay with him!" was Molly's answer "but then don't bother coming to the party. It's bad luck to arrive after the bride and groom."

"I have a better idea." said Ron "You'll came with us Harry, and then you can tell us all about your life in America!"

"That will not happen!" growled Mrs Weasley. Teddy and Charlus went back to hiding behind Harry's legs, afraid of the redhead woman. "Please refrain from yelling in front of my children, Mrs. Weasley." Said Harry coldly "They're well behaved, and not used to people yelling at them. Now, Ron, Mione, I'm sorry, but I'm not taking this two somewhere we're not welcomed. You're curiosities will have to stay unanswered. Maybe the two of you can come for a visit after your honeymoon..."

"No." said Ron, looking at his mother "Harry is my friend. My best friend. And I let you drive him all the way to the other side of the ocean once. Now that he is here I'm not going to let you drive him away from us again, mother. It's MY wedding, OUR wedding" he said looking Hermione in the eyes "And we both WANT Harry to be at the party. And if YOU can't stand to be in the same place as him, you can stay inside the house."

"Ron, please! I don't want to make a scene!" Harry tried to make his friend see reason. "You're not the one making a scene, Harry, she is. And I'm not going to let her ruin this day. Come on, we have a party to go. Come on, kids, Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione will take you, okay?"

And without giving Harry the chance to escape, Ron and Hermione took the boys with them by apparition. Fred and George smiled evilly at Harry before grabbing his arms and apparanting him straight to the Burrow's garden, where a tent had been erected for the party. With their arms still around Harry, George leaded him to the table where the family would sit, Teddy and Charlus were already there, being introduced to Arthur and Bill.

"Your children are great, Harry." said Mr. Weasley "And I'm sorry I let Molly drive you away from us. I should have stopped her." Harry looked at the man. For a long time he had wanted him to be there for him, to be a father to him, but he had let Harry go, he had chosen his wife over him. But then again... She WAS his wife, so, over the years Harry had forgiven all of the male Weasleys. "It's alright, Mr. Weasley" Answered Harry "I understand why you did it."

"Now that you're here" Started Fred "you can tell us where is the lovely mother of your Charlus!" finished George.

At that point, Ginny – who had glared at Harry since he put a foot in the tend – looked on interested. He had broke up with her pretending to be gay, after all.

"You seem to have forgotten why I had to leave, Georgie... I'm gay, remember? I give birth to Charlus."

That caused the table to stare at Harry, mouths open.

Incredibly, it was Ginny who was able to talk first. "YOU? You got knock up?"

"Yes." was Harry's firm answer "I'm the one who got pregnant. Charlus is my son with another man."

"But that... is really rare Harry!" said Hermione anxious "There all kinds of criteria that needs to be fulfilled for a male pregnancy to happen!" Now Harry was getting confused. Madam Pomfrey had only said that the 'mother' had to be powerful, nothing more!

"What do you mean, criteria?"

"How came you don't know? You HAVE to know!" Now it was Hermione who was confused.

"I... didn't try to get pregnant, Mione. It just... happened." the look on his old friend face was of pure incredulity, and Harry was just glad Charlie hadn't show up yet.

"Are you telling me that you just found out you were pregnant one day?" now it was Ron who asked.

"Well... yeah. I wasn't feeling well, so when I asked Madam Pomfrey to came to look at Teddy, I asked her if she could see what was wrong with me, and I was told about Charlus. I didn't even know men could get pregnant."

"Were is he, Harry?" asked Mr. Weasley "Why didn't you bring him? We would love to meet you other half." Harry looked at his children, they were happily playing with the swan shaped napkins.

"He left." Harry answered without looking at them "He just left, before I found out about the pregnancy."

"But that doesn't make any sense!" Ginny said "He had to love you a lot! And you had to love him a lot! The two of you had to be perfect for each other! Otherwise you wouldn't get pregnant!" Harry looked at her astonished, it seemed like she finally understood why he couldn't be with her all those years ago.

"I know I love him, Ginny, but apparently, he didn't. Not the way I do."

"Love who?" said a voice behind Harry that made him freeze. He knew that voice. The voice of the man he was still in love with.

"Charlus other father." was Hermione's answer "the bastard that left Harry after knocking him up."

"I think we should change subjects." said Harry "it's your wedding! We should be celebrating, not telling stories of so many years ago, let's have a toast! To Ron and Hermione! That they be happy together for many, many years to came!"

The Weasleys were distracted by the toast, and Harry sighed relieved. What he didn't saw was two redheads looking at him, one wondering and the other with jealousy.

The party was great, and Ron and Hermione danced in each others arms, and Harry was able to say good bye to them before they were off to their honeymoon – that he, with the help of Fred and George had upped a little bit. When it was time to go, though, Harry was trying to sneak out of the Burrow without being seen by the others redheads. And he would have made it, if Teddy hadn't forgotten a teddy-bear Ginny gave him.

Harry, with an asleep Charlus in one arm and a tired Teddy by his hand, had to go back to the tend, were the little metamorpho had left his gift. Neville and Hanna were still dancing, and Luna was at a corner, a gnome near her. Arthur and Molly were at the dance floor as well, the woman having finally accept the fact that Harry would stay there after Ginny told her to stop being a hag. At the table were the bear was left, only one other person was still sitting. The only one other than Molly that Harry didn't want to talk alone with: Charlie.

"Go on." said Harry to Teddy "Go get your bear." Teddy looked at him, then at the table "I'll be here, go on." and Teddy went, he spoke to Charlie for a little while and then went back to Harry, the bear in his hands.

"Charlie wants to talk to you, daddy." Harry looked at the table, and saw the redhead looking straight to him.

"I'll talk to him another time, Teddy, now I need to put you and your brother in bed." the brunet looked one last time at the table, shook his head and turned to leave. The three of them were already at the gate, from where Harry would be able to apparate back to Grimmauld Place when a hand grabbed his arm.

"Harry wait! I need to talk to you!" the green eyed man didn't need to look to know it was Charlie.

"I have two tired kids I need to put to bed, Charlie, I can't talk to you right now." but the redhead was stubborn, just like Harry remembered him being when they had last seen each other. It was his stubbornness that had won over Harry's insecurities then.

"Here, I'll take Teddy, he can barely stand." and without waiting for permission, he took Teddy in his arms and looked at Harry's eyes "where are you staying?" Harry was baffled and not knowing what to do...

"Grimmauld Place" he answered. And so, the four of them apparated to the old headquarters of the order of the phoenix, and the house where Harry found out he was pregnant by the same man that was there with him and his children at that moment.

Kreacher had the beds ready for the kids, so all Harry and Charlie had to do was put them in bed, and seeing as they were already asleep, Harry didn't have to tell them their bedtime story, so he just tucked them in, kissed each of their heads and left, turning the lights off and leaving the door just a bit open. Charlie had watched all the process with a curious and sad eye. The one thing that made him even more curious and gave him a bit of hope, though, was the fact that Charlus hair was changing color, the black given up slowly and the red appearing.

When Harry turned around to face Charlie, he was nervous. What could the other have to say to him after all those years? Without a word, Harry lead the way to the drawing room, the fire was lit, and Harry sat heavily on the armchair by the fire. Charlie took his example and sat opposite him, in the other armchair. The silence was awkward, but neither new what to say now that they were alone.

"Why are you here Charlie?" Harry finally broke the silence. "You said you needed to talk, so say what you have to say and leave. I'm tired, and those two will be up at dawn, like always."

"Who's Charlus other father?" the redhead asked, his eyes and voice full of jealousy.

"Charlus turned seven this January, you tell me who his other father is." Harry was getting anger by the minute. He wasn't the one who just left after the final battle. He, Harry, had stayed for months, waiting, heartbroken. What right did Charlie had to demand this of him?

"January?" Charlie asked trying to calculate when he was conceived. But when he came to the conclusion that that made it possible for him to be the other father he just couldn't believe. "Who's Charlus other father, Harry?" he asked again, this time with anger in his voice "To whom else did you spread your legs for during the war?"

Harry was up in a fraction of a second, he forgot he was a wizard, mad with rage and slapped Charlie. Hard. Hard enough that all five of his fingers were visible on the other man's face.

"Get out of here Charles. Get out of my house and stay away from me and my family!" Harry had his wand out now, and a threatening fire in his eyes. But Charlie was stubborn, and didn't move at all, just looking at the irate face of the man he had loved for all those years. The man he had thought was dead till a few hours before. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Harry screamed when Charlie wouldn't move.

And then, Charlie moved. Just not in the way Harry was expecting. The redhead man got up from the armchair, walked the two steps that separated him from the brunet man and giving the wand in Harry's hand no mind, grabbed Harry by the neck and kissed him. Harry tried to struggle, to get out of the hold the other had in his neck, but every second their lips were touching made his heart jump in his chest, his soul seemed to be flying and so he gave in. And the kiss got needy, Charlie's tongue going inside Harry's mouth, tasting, mapping, relearning every nook of it.

Harry let the wand fall to the floor and his hands entangled in the redhead's hair, pulling him closer. Charlie's other hand came to rest on Harry's waist, and they kissed till air became a necessity and they had to let go of the other's mouth. Panting hard Harry looked up at Charlie's eyes, his hands still intertwined with Charlie's hair.

With a huge sigh Charlie put their foreheads together. Looking deeply in the green eyes of the love of his life. "I love you." he said.

It was the words that made Harry realize what he had done. He had let Charlie kiss him again. After all the older man had made him go through, he had just let him kiss him again, after all the hurtful words he had said just a few minutes before.

Harry stepped out of Charlie's arms. He summoned his wand back to his hand and said "Get out of here Weasley." this time his voice was cold and steely. "Get out of my house, get out of my life. I don't want to see you ever again." and without a last glance at Charlie, Harry got out of the drawing room, closing the door behind him and sealing it, so Charlie's only option was to floo away. Out of Harry's house. Out of Harry's mind. It was just a shame, Harry thought, that he couldn't get him out of his heart as well.