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Chapter 1

It was a stormy day in August when two eighteen year old girls entered Gatwick Airport, both with nothing more than a messenger bag each. Both of them walked with a confident stride, and their faces expressed none of the worry that they felt inside. They went to the correct check in area, and queued up. Every so often, one of them would glance round the area, eyes searching diligently.

When they had both been checked in, they made their way to the security check out. All they wanted to do was get the hell out of the country. The eldest girl had brown curled hair that had once been bushy, but had tamed as she had gotten older, chocolate brown eyes that held warmth, but also a hardened glint, as if she'd seen things she shouldn't have. The youngest girl was slightly shorter than her friend. She had deep red hair, not ginger, red, and a pale face that held emerald green eyes. Her eyes were filled with pain, hurt and anger, but only if you knew her well enough to be able to see it. And the only person left alive to see it was walking beside her. The two girls were Hermione Jean Granger and Midnight Lily Potter. And both of them were leaving Britain for good.

You see, Midnight had been at the heart of a war since she'd been a one year old. A prophecy had said that she was the only one able to defeat the darkest wizard of all time. Lord Voldemort. The wizarding world had wanted her, a teenage girl, to kill the man who'd murdered her parents and attempted to kill her when she was one. Then, when he returned to power, he came after her. In the war that followed, she'd lost all but one of her true friends, and the rest of her 'friend's' had turned on her when Voldemort was truly dead. She'd been declared a dark witch. Had it not been for the assistance of Hermione and the Goblins, she'd have been in Azkaban prison, or worse. So, there they were, leaving the country, just to be able to live.

Once through security the two girls sat in one of the departure lounge's café's and waited for their flight to be called. Out of her bag, Hermione pulled a book and began to read while Midnight just scanned the large area, filled with many people.

"I don't like this." She said. "Why couldn't Ragnok have just sent us with a portkey?"

"Too easy to track." Hermione said. "The others won't expect this."

"Of course they won't. It's extremely muggle." Midnight snorted. "But I don't like being this surrounded."

"Midnight, we're moving to a city. We'll always be surrounded."

"Which is why I wanted to move to that small town. You know- Smallville."

"We couldn't move there. Your mum has a cousin there. They'd look there."

Midnight sighed. "I know." She said dejectedly.

"I know you want to meet family that could care for you, but you can't. Not yet. Not until we have the all clear."

"Yeah." Midnight sighed. "I just… I've always wanted family."

"I know you do. And you will. Just be patient." Hermione said, smiling sadly at her friend.

"And, why where we're going? Especially somewhere with that type of big gun. Knowing my luck, we'll run into trouble, and the big gun, and end up helping out. I bet you ten pounds that'll happen." She didn't say anything more specific. Constant Vigilance and all that.

They spent the rest of the time in silence, and when their flight was called, they boarded the plane, taking their seats in first class. What people wouldn't have noticed, not even at security, were the undetectable extension charms on their bags. They had every thing they held dear in their bags, cancelling out the need for any other bags.

The flight was a long one, especially for Midnight, who hadn't flown on a plane before. But, when the plane touched down at Gotham airport, they were able to make it through customs, and hailed a taxi to take them to their apartment building.

Their apartment was a penthouse apartment that had been very easy for Midnight to purchase with her vast fortune. It was already furnished and had several bedrooms. The first thing they did, was choose their rooms, and unpack. Then, Midnight placed one way silencing charms round her room, so Hermione wouldn't hear her if she had a nightmare.

Then they ordered a take out, and settled in.

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