Hey guys! This is my first story published here, so...

yeah. Please tell me what you think, because I honestly have no idea what I was thinking. Or if I was even thinking at all.

This fic is based off of "Last Night" by Good Charlotte

Summary: Gin takes a few of the Espada out to the World of the Living, but loses them in his drunken idiocy. Will he be able to recover Aizen's precious babies before something terrible happens to the suckers? Probably not, but oh well.

"All that I remember

Is that you had me at hello

I knew right when I met her

That I wouldn't take it slow"


Silver hair ruffled as a pale man rolled over. Ice blue eyes slowly cracked open. Gin rolled a little more, and proceeded to fall onto the floor.


Gin swore as his headache exploded when he made contact with the… floor of a car? He sat up a little and took in his surroundings.

'Seems like a cop car from the World of the Living… why would I be here?'

Gin started to stand up, when he noticed a photo slipping from his sleeve. He plopped down onto the seat of the police car and pulled out the photo. It was of him and Nnoitra, Szayel Aporro, Ulquiorra, Starrk, and Grimmjow standing just outside of a gargantua. Each was decked out in street attire. None of the Espada looked too pleased with their current state, whilst Gin was grinning and pulling off a peace sign.

Gin suddenly sat straight up.

'Oh damn' he thought, as he remembered how and why he was in the cop car. Just last night, he had outfitted each of the Espada in the picture he now clutched in reiatsu-limiting gigais, and pulled them into the World of the Living. Why, you may ask? They all seemed stressed, and they were no fun to prank while they act so serious. So Gin decided to take them out clubbing without Aizen's permission. It's not like anything bad could happen, right?

Wrong. Apparently, because there was no alcohol in Hueco Mundo, each Espada got hammered extremely quickly. Gin had lost them somewhere along the course of the night, and decided in his drunken stupor that it would be awesome to go look for them in a police car. It wasn't that hard to find one, due to the fact that he was a shady looking drunk wandering the streets at around one in the morning. After he was confronted by the cops, he then proceeded to beat them within an inch of their lives with what seemed to be a baseball bat (Gin really couldn't tell through his beer goggles) and stole their car. After driving around drunk for a bit, miraculously avoiding crashing the car and killing himself, he found a particularly shiny street light and stopped in front of it, staring for a while before passing out in the back of the car.

Gin, now more coordinated, tripped out of the car. Where were the Espada? If he lost them, Aizen would totally screw him. Damn, he was like their babysitter. Gin rummaged through his pockets, trying to find anything that could clue him in to the whereabouts of any of Aizen's precious babies.

His finger brushed against something, and he pulled out another photo.

'Score!' Gin grinned, but it quickly faltered when he looked more closely at the picture. This must have been the last time he had been with the drunken idiots before getting lost. Nnoitra was up on a bar counter shirtless, dancing his ass off with a bottle of vodka in each hand. Gin could also see Starrk and Ulquiorra in the background stumbling out of the bar, completely wrecked. Gin squinted at the store reflected in the mirror behind the counter.

'Victoria Secret, eh? Sweeet. But there's only one of those in this area. I'll check there first.'

Gin, being the hungover fool he is, started walking back to the shopping district of town, seeing as he was crashed against a lamp post outside of some apartments in the residential zone. This was gonna be a long day.

"The more we heard the music

The more we got in sync

The more I kept you laughing

The less I stopped to think

The last thing I remember

You said this place is beat

It must have gotten crazy

Cause I can't recall a thing"