Anorexia, bulimia, self harm, domestic, abuse.

Sad story isn't it?

Just a kiss

How could i be so stupid? We were happy everything was perfect. Breathe, breathe. Ok back to the beginning where it all started.

"Get off me you nut!" I laughed as Louis straddled me tickling me.
"What's the matter Niall?" Louis teased attacking my chin
"You bloody know now get off me before i kill you!"
"Say Louis Tolminson is the smartest, best looking, coolest bloke you've ever met and I'll get off."
"Get stuffed!" I laughed.
"Are we interrupting you guys?" Zayn asked from the door. Louis glanced over his shoulder. I couldn't see who Zayn was with 'cos Louis had me pinned behind the sofa. "You're welcome to join in" Louis grinned.
"Yeah" I realized it was Zayn's hot new girl friend Ali.
"Get his feet!" Louis shouted attacking my sides. Ali wrestled my trainers off my kicking legs and tickled my feet mercilessly. "Stop it you evil bastards!" I laughed in hysterics.
"Say it!" Louis teased.
"Ok ok Louis Tolminson is the smartest best looking coolest bloke I've ever met now get the hell off me." Louis rolled off me grinning.
"Ah I was enjoying that." Ali muttered, sitting on Zayn's lap.
"Well babe we could always go to my flat." He whispered, into her ear thinking we couldn't hear him.
"Dude we can hear you." I grinned.
"But I'll take you up on that offer." Louis giggled.
"Ha ha ha funny." Zayn muttered.
Just then Liam and Harry came in. Although he tried to hide it, i saw the questioning glances Liam sent my way. I was surprised a bit but thought nothing of it. I mean i wouldn't want Liam sitting on Louis's lap. "Niall can I talk to you please babe?" Liam asked. It had been a while since me Louis Harry and Liam had all come out as bi-sexual and were dating each other. "Sure babe." I put a hand on Louis's head and pushed down on him to help me up. "Ow moron!" Louis laughed. I poked my tongue out at him. I followed Liam out into the corridor. "What you want honey?" I asked. To my surprise Liam grabbed my shoulders and shoved me against the wall. "What the?" Liam shoved a hand over my mouth and gave me a full on death glare.
"What were you doing sitting in his lap like that all touchy feely?" He demanded. I shook my head trying to get his hand off my mouth because if anything he was covering my nose and I couldn't breathe to well. "Mm mm" I mumbled into his hand. "Do not, go cuddling up to him any more Niall, do you understand?" I nodded and he let go of my mouth and i gasped in relief.
"Why are you so worried it's not like I'll run off with Louis is it?" I asked. He'd been walking away but turned round and pulled me into our flat. "Shut the fuck up!" He shouted throwing me in. I leant against the table in shock, what on earth was wrong with him? "Liam," I whispered, "What's wrong babe why're you so worked up over me messing round with Louis?"
"i'm scared you'll leave me." He sighed.
"Pushing me around and shouting won't make me wanna stay either." I pointed out rubbing my wrist after he'd left a mark with his grip.
"Niall please babe i'm sorry!" He came over to me and hugged me. "I'm sorry Niall i'm just so scared you'll realize you can do better."
"Hey, hey you're the best i could ever have," I whispered into his ear rubbing his back.
"Can we please not mention this to the others?" He asked pulling away and looking me deep in the eyes.
"Sure let's get back." We went back to Louis and Harry's flat, Larry land, we called it, to see Ali and Zayn snogging and Harry and Louis playing tonsil tennis. "Whoa couple mania," I grinned.
"Why don't we join in?" Liam whispered. Before I could answer his lips were pressed against mine and i was backed against the wall. As he ran his tongue against my top lip asking for entrance that i didn't hesitate to give, i thought what happened out there was a one off, it wouldn't happen again.

First chapter hope you like