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When I woke up the next day my face had thankfully stopped hurting and returned to the same shades. Liam wasn't in bed. I wanted to confront him but as I rolled out of bed I was hit by a wave of fear. Groaning I got up and looked for him. He was cooking breakfast nonchalantly as if he hadn't slapped me and accused me of fancying my mate last night.

"Hello baby cakes," He smiled turning round and pulling me in for a kiss. I pulled away and noticed his eyes darken with anger.

"Liam, what was last night?" I asked nervously. He stood stock still his eyes locked on mine.

"Last night," He began quietly but clearly, "Was me showing you, who you belong to."

"Could've at least done something like tied me to the bed and teased me as punishment like normal couples do," I muttered knowing this was what Louis had done to Harry on the odd occasion he got to handsy at parties.

Liam looked at me with a raised eyebrow. "That's what you want me to do to you? Kinky bastard Niall." He chuckled humourlessly. I blushed not meaning for him to hear me.

"Are you even bloody sorry?" I asked feeling more than a little pissed off. Now don't get me wrong I was pretty scared of Liam after last night but I had assumed that he was drunk or in a bad mood and I'd pushed him. So I was a bit shocked when he turned round and slammed my back into the wall.

"No. No I'm not. You deserved every bit of last night and if you don't shut that bloody mouth of yours, you're gonna get a repeat. Got it?" His voice was quiet but the anger was evident, though the look in his eyes was almost vacant of emotion spare lust.

"L-Liam what?" I whimpered. He ran his finger over my face tracing my features before gently touching my lips.

"Shh, Nialler," He spoke softly but there was a controlling, demanding tint to his voice that forced me to comply. "Now, last night, was nothing. OK? I was worried and scared, and I acted out. I shouldn't have done it, I know, and I am sorry, but what was I supposed to think? Looking across from the bar to see my boyfriend and my flirtatious best mates kissing. I was hurt, and I jumped to conclusions, I just wanted to teach you a lesson Ni. I didn't enjoy it and I really don't wanna have to do it again. OK?" I nodded quietly eyes wide.

On one hand, I was thankful Liam had given me a reason that could be believed for his actions, but, I was still pretty upset and shocked that he would resort to violence as a way to channel his emotions, much more so that he would use as the recipient of his violence. But like an idiot I nodded and smiled.

"I understand babe, I promise I don't have any hard feelings." We smiled and leaned in kissing gently. Then we munched happily on the egg bacon beans and sausage Liam had cooked and went to Zayn's.

Ali was there which made me smile. I adore Ali she's not fabulous, she has her flaws, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying herself. She hates make up and our song WMYB seems to just represent her. No diets no makeup no slutty clothes just her. If I was single I'd totally be scrapping with Zayn over such a fit bird.

"Hey Niall," Ali smiled standing on her tiptoes to give me a kiss on the cheek. It was funny that for such a tough no shit taking girl she was so short only 5'4. Mind those hips definitely made up for it. And that bum...Whoa brain get the memo I'm fucking taken! I blinked and smiled.

"Hello Alissa," I smiled even wider as she glared at me hands on hips.

"How many times, me name is Ali!" She thundered leaping up to tackle me to the floor. "Ali, Ali, Ali compende?" She demanded pinning me to the floor.
"I'm not being beaten by a girl," I growl playfully flipping us so I was on top of her. "Say, my name is Alissa Ann, And I will let you up," I grinned.
"My Name is Ali!" She growled.
"Feisty," I begun to tickle her.
"Ah noo! Niall stop! Mercy mercy!" She giggled.
"Niall! Stop that! You're doing it wrong!" Zayn smirked, kneeling beside me and Ali and taking the shoes off her kicking feet.
"Don't you fucking dare!" Ali screamed as Zayn tickled her feet whilst I tickled her armpits and chin. She was crying with laughter. "Ok! My name is Alissa fucking Ann! Now get off me you pair of evil twats!"
"Paybacks a bitch!" I giggled, running away as Ali got up and screamed.
"You're dead Irish!"

Now the scene I've just told you lovely people doesn't really seem like that of someone whom is in a unhappy relationship, but I was naive, young, and hopelessly in love. But I was eventually brought out of this obliviously happy state. By something so small and yet so vital.