Stay Safe

To: Ziva David
From: Timothy McGee

Subject: Hey

Hey Ziva. How was your flight? How does it feel being back in Israel? Your father?

It was my first day in my new position down in the basement. It's…different, though the guys down here aren't that bad. I guess it's just going to take some getting used to, especially that I have to go down to the basement and not up to the squad room. Felt odd not seeing Jethro, you, or even Tony when I raised my head from my work. I almost expected to here Tony ask me what I was going to get you guys for lunch, even though it wasn't my day.

Missing you already Zee.

Be safe,

To: Timothy McGee
From: Ziva David

Subject: Re: First day

Hello Tim. My flight was uneventful, though it was…bittersweet coming home. I wanted to come home during my own time, on my free will. But I have to admit that it is nice to feel the warmth of my land again. As for my father…I have seen him once before he went back to work and that is all.

I'm sorry to hear about the basement. I too have experienced what you have. Though, mine was expecting to wake up in our dog pile. :) Or at least to Jett sleeping at my feet, nudging me to wake up for breakfast and a run.

I miss you as well Tim.


Elflord: Ziva?

Gemcitylady: Hello Tim.

Elflord: How is everything?

Gemcitylady: I am fine.

Elflord: Don't lie.

Elflord: Ziva? You can tell me the truth.

Gemcitylady: I want to come home.

Elflord: We want you home too. Tony as well. Jethro's working on it Ziva. I promise, it's just going to take a bit of time.

Gemcitylady: I miss our apartment, I miss waking up to your grumpy self in the morning. :)

Elflord: lol Ziva.

Gemcitylady: I miss Jett, dog piles, Abby's hugs, Gibbs' head-slaps, Tony's never ending talk of movies, and I even miss your babbling.

Elflord: Yeah, miss it too.

Gemcitylady: But you are with the other computer geeks as well.

Elflord: Yeah, and it was fine at first. They understood what I meant and I didn't have to explain it, but now…

Gemcitylady: What?

Elflord: Now, I miss having to explain things. I miss the field; miss getting the call and Jethro to tell us to gear up. I was upstairs yesterday, heard Jethro tell the new ones to gear up and I almost ran to my desk for my bag.

Elflord: I miss correcting your idioms. I miss Tony calling me…Probie.

Gemcitylady: :)

Elflord: McGeek

Elflord: McNosey

Gemcitylady: ha

Elflord: McProbie

Elflord: Probalicious

Gemcitylady: haha!

Elflord: I miss…

Gemcitylady: Tim?

Elflord: It really sucks down here Ziva.

Gemcitylady: I know.

Elflord: …Have you talked to Tony?

Gemcitylady: No.

Elflord: You should.

Gemcitylady: I don't want to talk about it.

Elflord: Ziva.

Gemcitylady: Please, not now Tim.

Elflord: Okay.

Gemcitylady: Thank you.

To: Ziva David
From: Timothy McGee

Subject: Visit from the Bossman

Jethro visited me down in the basement today and heard the guys call me Boss. You should have seen his face when he heard that. It was pretty funny.

Be safe,

Elflord: I don't think I can take much more of this!

Gemcitylady: What's wrong?

Elflord: I'm slowly losing my mind down here Ziva. I'm down in this basement for close to 12 hours, sometimes longer. I'm surrounded by these people who keep calling me boss. No matter how many times I tell them not to. And it's just…I can't take much more.

Gemcitylady: Do you visit Abby or Ducky? Gibbs?

Elflord: I can only visit them during a lunch break and there hasn't been many times when I've been free to go up or they've been free from a case. And Jethro…

Gemcitylady: Yes?

Elflord: Director Vance just keeps giving them more and more cases. I swear he's trying to keep him too busy to keep him from requesting about getting us back.

Gemcitylady: Free time?

Elflord: Barely. Cases keep his mind busy, my work keeps me up sometimes through the night and well into the morning, and by the time we're free, we're too exhausted. Jethro tried to have me over for a date the other night and I barely made it through dinner before I crashed.

Gemcitylady: Tim, what are you doing that's keeping you so busy?

Elflord: I can't say.

Gemcitylady: Why not?

Elflord: Director's orders.

Gemcitylady: Ah

Elflord: Enough about me. How are things with you?

Gemcitylady: Tiring

Elflord: What's going on?

Gemcitylady: My father is so…

Elflord: So?

Gemcitylady: Frustrating!

Elflord: Ah

Gemcitylady: The man is infuriating. I do not even want to be in the room with him.

Elflord: What'd he do?

Gemcitylady: He is trying to… He is trying to "hook" me up with a man that he deems acceptable.

Elflord: You're serious?

Gemcitylady: Of course I am. And what is worse, everywhere I go, he is there, trying to talk to me and "get to know me" since my father gave his approval.

Elflord: Well…don't kill him. Break his hand or nose if he tries to do anything, but don't kill him.

Gemcitylady: :) You know what to say to make me smile.

Elflord: It's a gift.

Gemcitylady: Now you sound like Tony.

Elflord: …Have you talked to him yet?

Gemcitylady: No

Elflord: Ziva

Gemcitylady: What?

Elflord: You two need to talk. He tells me that he sends you emails but you don't reply.

Gemcitylady: If you know that I don't reply, then why do you insist on constantly asking me if we talk?

Elflord: Because

Elflord: Ziva?

Elflord: It's been two months.

Elflord: You know…he still blames himself for Jenny.

Gemcitylady: He is not alone.

Elflord: Then tell him that.

Elflord: Saw Tony today.

Gemcitylady: Really?

Elflord: Yeah, saw him over video chat in MTAC. About cried when he called me Probie. Manfully!

Gemcitylady: :)

Gemcitylady: How does he look?

Elflord: Like I look. Like I imagine you look. He wants to come home. He wants the family back together.

Elflord: We're close Ziva. I know it.

Gemcitylady: You promise?

Elflord: I promise. I promise that Jethro and I will make sure that you guys come back. We're so close.

To: Timothy McGee, Tony DiNozzo, Abby Scutio, Jimmy Palmer, Ducky Mallard, Jethro Gibbs
From: Ziva David

Subject: Miss you

Miss you all.


To: Ziva David, Tony DiNozzo
From: Timothy McGee

Subject: Re: Miss you

We miss you too.

Both of you be safe,

4 attachments

Elflord: ZIVA!

Gemcitylady: What? What's wrong?

Elflord: You can come home!

Elflord: Ziva?

Elflord: Ziva!

Gemcitylady: Don't lie to me.

Elflord: I would never. Ziva, you can come home.

Gemcitylady: Home

Elflord: You get your ninja ass on the next flight and get back here. I want my family back. I want my sister.

Gemcitylady:I'll see you soon.

Eli David sighed as he closed the window that monitored Ziva's computer. He had received the phone call from Leon only a few minutes ago, so he had been surprised to see how quickly the young member of Gibbs' team, Timothy McGee – the same man who's been in contact with his daughter since she came back to Israel – contacted Ziva to tell her the news. No doubt he had not wanted to take the chance of Ziva not being informed and not returning.

He was…surprised with their relationship. When he had looked up the information on Gibbs and his team, and had them monitored, he had been surprised at the relationship that formed between his daughter and the young man. Initially he had thought that they were having a love affair, even feared it when he heard that McGee had moved in with her after Gibbs had left the team.

However…when he put his full focus on Timothy McGee, to find out more about the man that seemed to snag his daughter's attention, he found a surprising and shocking discovery that he wasn't in a relationship with his daughter. No, he was in one with Gibbs.

Eli never saw that coming.

But then a thought came to him and he suspected it to be true. And the last message confirmed it. Sister. They saw each other as brother and sister.

He had been furious at the idea of Ziva replacing her family with such a man, but as he read the emails and even read more on the file of Agent Timothy McGee and what he brought to that team, he understood what drew Ziva to the young man.

Timothy McGee…was like Tali. His youngest daughter that was no longer with them. So innocent, so wide-eyed. He was younger than her, his mind apparently was like a sponge when it came to knowledge, just like Tali. Always looking at life as half full, constantly promising Ziva that she would get to go back to the States. Stubborn, from what he's heard and loyal to a fault.

It was not surprising once he thought about it.


Blinking, he looked up at his daughter and he did not miss that there was a glow about her that he hasn't seen…since before he entered her into Mossad and his brother let her ride his horses. It saddened him to realize that.

"Ziva, perfect timing. I was about to send for you. I got a call from the Director of NCIS."


He could see that she was trying to not show her excitement, stick to her Mossad training. "You are free to return to America if you wish."

Taking a deep breath, she nodded. "I would like that."

Nodding as well, he spoke. "I figured as much. I will arrange for you to be on a flight tomorrow morning. I will see you at dinner."

"…Thank you, Abba."

"You're welcome, Ziva."

Eli watched her turn and head out of his office and he remembered the pictures that Agent McGee had sent to Ziva and DiNozzo after her email of missing the team. One was of Ms. Abby Scutio holding a sign that read We Miss You. Another of the doctor and his assistant, a dog, and one of McGee and Gibbs.

Anger had filled him at the picture of Gibbs, he still hated the man, but he had been frozen at the look on the man's face as he looked at the young agent. It reminded him of the way he looked at his own late wife. He had loved that woman, the mother of his children.

This young man intrigued him. He not only broke though his daughter's Mossad walls and became so important that Ziva saw him as a brother, but he also broke through Gibbs' walls. And that he knew wasn't something easy.

The man was a mystery.

And he did love mysteries.

Ziva walked out of the elevator, for once glad to see the bright orange walls. Michelle greeted her as she went to head for the elevator. "Welcome home, Ziva."

"Thank you, Michelle," she nodded with a small smile. "It is good to be back." She watched Michelle get in the elevator and turned when she heard her name called. She turned to see Abby bouncing on her toes next to Gibbs, Tony and Tim talking across to each other as they sat at their desks. Tony's hands were running over the surface while Tim was…hugging his computer.

She smiled and walked over to get herself wrapped in Abby's bone crushing hug. "You're back! I'm so glad you're back."

Ziva laughed as she returned the hug. "Hi Abby.

Tony pushed past Gibbs and gave her a hug. Her eyes closed for a brief moment as his arms wrapped around her. She really had missed everyone. "Hey Zee-vah. Lookin' good."

Rolling her eyes, she pulled back to be next wrapped in Gibbs's arms. It was so rare, and such a bear hug, especially as he held her tight. "It's good to have you back home, Ziver," he whispered.

Ziva bit her lip to not cry. She never realized how much she had missed hearing him call her that until now. Nodding and taking a deep breath, she pulled back to give him a small smile and turned to Tim who was bouncing on his toes with a silly grin. Chuckling, she opened her eyes and Tim crushed her to him, picking her up and twirling her.

"So happy you're home Zee."

"Me too."

"Me three," Tony grinned.

"Me four," Abby cheered and pulled everyone into a group hug, Gibbs watching with a small smile.

Ducky and Palmer shortly joined to greet Tony and Ziva and Abby was talking a mile a minute. Everything was good.

"Sorry to break the reunion."

They all turned to Director Vance who stood at the opening of their bullpen.

"What can we do for you Vance?"

Vance barely glanced at Gibbs before addressing them. "Welcome back Agent David, Agent DiNozzo."

"Thank you, Sir." They knew their positions and that just getting back to only insult or get on the director's bad side wouldn't be good.

"Unfortunately I have to end the reunion short as Agent McGee…"

Tim looked at the director with wide eyes. "Y-Yes sir?"

"I have another assignment for you."

Ziva didn't miss the soft sigh come from Tim and she again wondered what he had been doing all these months for the director that kept him from getting proper rest. And she could see that his time in the basement had been long because he was paler than he used to be.

"Yes sir?"

"You've been specifically requested to help upgrade someone's network."

They all frowned while Gibbs glared. "Whose?"

"Director David's."

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