Chapter 2: Survival

Slowly I came around again & opened my eyes. I looked round wondering what happened & seeing Roach's body burnt & shot brought it all back. "Roach… I'm sorry…"

Slowly I turned my head to find Shepherd. I didn't have to look far, he was a few feet in front of me shooting at something. Or someone.

"You bastard Shepherd!"

"What have you done with ghost & Roach!"

I guess that answers that, Soap & Price.

"You're too late, they're both dead!"

Shepherd ran out of ammo & turned round to retreat as he reloaded. Is hut my eyes quickly & breathed deeply hoping he still thought I was dead. I heard his gun click inches from my face & I opened my eyes wide to find his gun pointed at my head.

"Say goodbye to Ghost!" he shouted behind his shoulder at the advancing figure. Wait… there was only one there, where was the other?

"Noo!" Soap came running out the trees gun firing catching Shepherd in the shoulder before he too ran out of ammo. "I'm out Price!" Shepherd stood up & got his knife out.

"Soap! Look -" Price shouted across the clearing before he was cut off by Shepherd shooting. He looked up & saw the knife dodging in time, but the blade still hit his arm, deeply. Soap fell to the ground clutching his arm as the blood flowed free. Shepherd still had his back to me, completely forgetting what he was about to do.

"You never learn Mactavish." He said before pulling his gun on Soap. Anger coursed through me, I grabbed the gun in my uniform & levelled it with Shepard's head.

"Hey Shepherd! You forgetting something!"

He turned his head towards me.

"This is for Roach!" I pulled the trigger & the shot echoed around the surrounding mountains as his body fells to the ground finally dead. I pulled myself up into a sitting position so I could see over the bastards body, grateful the pain had subsided enough for me to manage. I called out to Soap. "Are you ok?"

"Better then you mate." He pulled out his bandages & began patching up his wound.

"I'll go & get Nikolai ready to leave!" Price shouted as he turned & walked to the waiting heli they must have arrived in. I crawled over to where Roach's body lay.

"I'm sorry I couldn't save you." I reached over to take his tags & field journal. "I'll get these home where they belong. You will be remembered."

"He was always a good friend."

I turned to see Soap behind me. I held out a hand, "Give us a lift would ya?"

Soap chuckled, "Yeah, sure." He hoisted me up so I was leaning on him & we began walking to the heli. But as we passed Shepherd I remembered something important.

"Wait. Put me down."

"Ok?" Soap set me down next to Shepherd & watched puzzled as I removed the DSM from his pocket & held it up for him to see.

"Roach risked his life for this. We're gunna need it."

"Too right mate." He pulled me up again & we headed for the heli where Price & Nikolai stood waiting.

"Glad to see you survived."

"Thanks Price."

"Yes, well done my friend." Nikolai stepped forward & patted my good shoulder before returning to the heli to ready it. Soap helped me up & patched my wound.

"It'll hold for now."

"Good, let's go." I couldn't stand it here any longer. Something in my voice caused him to frown. But before he could say anything Price walked over.

"We just heard over Shepherds com that the Shadow Company are on their way. We've got to go. Now." He patted us both on the shoulder & joined Nikolai.


"Yeah Soap?"

The heli took off.

"I'm sorry about Roach, I know how much he meant to you. You were like me & Price." He jerked his thumb at the Price standing over the plans.

"Hmm. I'm not sure if I'm to take that as a compliment or not."
He grinned at me, "I know how close you were that's all I'm saying. He was a good man."

"Yeah, well… Shepherds dead. Roach's free. Nothing else to it." I couldn't talk about it now, not for a long time. Soap frowned again but shrugged it off. Knowing I don't talk my problems away he got up & joined Price.

I looked down at the clearing as it got smaller & smaller, as was Roach's body. I took my tags off & added Roach's to mine before putting them back on. "Goodbye Roach…" I whispered so the others didn't hear as we headed over the mountains, heading into our unknown battle with the Shadow Company & Makarov. Leaving that desolate place behind us. Along with a part of me. I was raw with the pain of losing Roach, & I was going to use it all to kill Makarov…