Krillen and Gohan were told to search the planet as they walk on and ended up getting lost. Later they saw someone and rushed towards them. "Do you think you could help us out we need to find some friends of ours", said Gohan .The person nodded and stated to walk past Krillin and when the person bumped his shoulder he thought they had a huge amount of Kai.

Krillen whispered to Gohan "I bumped the person's shoulder and I thought I sensed a huge amount of Kai. Maybe we shouldn't bother this person, don't seem suspicious that he is wearing a mask on his face. He could lead us in a trap."

"I think you are just over thinking this Krillen. I mean this person doesn't look like he is going to do something to us."

Then he stopped and there stood their friends. "Thanks." Krillen and Gohan said.

Just then then the mysterious person attacked Vegeta and said "I know that half breed boy would lead me to a Saiyan, but who knew he lead me to the bastard himself. You'll pay it's your fault that my planet exploded."

"Impossible you are not Luna. Luna died and know because I watched died and I couldn't save the stupid woman's life." Said Vegeta

"Your wrong I am still alive." said the person as they removed the mask.

"How is it possible?" said Vegeta

"Do you really think I would die in such way." said Luna.